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Are you tired of boring marketing campaigns that make you want to snooze instead of engage? Get ready to level up your marketing strategy by adding a leaderboard to your campaign.

Picture this: you’re scrolling through your social media feed and you come across a post for a new brand offering a chance to win a prize by participating in their custom wordle game challenge. You click through and find yourself competing against other players on a leaderboard, racking points and earning your place at the top.

Suddenly, you’re hooked. You keep returning to the game, checking your progress and engaging with the brand like never before. That’s the power of a well-designed leaderboard!

In this article, we will take you on a journey through gamification marketing and show you how to add leaderboards to your games with Adact. We’ll share tips and tricks to make your campaign stand out and keep your players engaged.

And don’t worry, we’ll try to keep it light and fun – after all, Adact is all about making marketing campaigns that people actually enjoy. So grab your joystick (or your mouse, we don’t judge) and let’s get started!

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What is gamification marketing?

Gamification marketing is a strategy that uses game design elements to encourage and enhance user engagement with a product or service. This could include anything from designing quizzes for marketing or creating a custom guess-who game to developing your company’s own branded game.

By integrating game-like features into a marketing campaign, businesses can create a more enjoyable and rewarding consumer experience. This approach is especially effective in today’s digital world, where people are increasingly accustomed to interactive and immersive user experiences. Research shows that interactive content drives 52.6% more engagement than non-interactive content.

Using games in marketing can increase sales, raise brand awareness and heighten engagement and interaction among users – especially when you create a leaderboard page to accompany them.

Leaderboards: what are they & their benefits

A leaderboard is a visual representation that ranks participants in a competition or contest. The player with the highest score is rated #1 followed by the second-highest score at #2 and so on.

You can launch competitive games without leaderboards, but you would be missing the excitement and motivation element a leaderboard can add to your game because players like to see their results quickly and compete.

As such, leaderboards are a popular tool in gamification marketing because they provide a clear and motivating way to encourage users to engage with a campaign. As one example, learn how to make a trivia game and attach a leaderboard page to it all in a few simple steps.

By displaying the rankings of participants, businesses can create a sense of competition and motivate users to earn points for a higher position on the leaderboard. This can lead to increased user engagement, social sharing and, ultimately, better results for the campaign.

Benefits of creating a leaderboard page for your campaign

There are several benefits of having a leaderboard in your marketing campaign, including:

  1. Increased engagement: Leaderboards are a powerful tool for driving engagement in your marketing campaign. Adding a competitive element to your campaign makes players more likely to engage and participate to rank higher on the leaderboard.

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  1. Improved motivation: Having a scoreboard can help motivate a player to take specific actions or achieve certain goals. Offering rewards or recognition to top performers on the leaderboard can incentivize participation and encourage players to continue engaging with your brand.
  2. Heightened brand awareness: Leaderboards can increase brand awareness by encouraging the top players to share their progress on social media platforms or invite their friends to participate. This can help spread the word about your marketing campaign and increase its reach.
  3. Valuable data insights: A scoreboard can also track user data and provide valuable insights into player behavior and preference. By analyzing the data collected through the leaderboard, you can gain insights into which users are most engaged with your brand and what motivates them to participate.
  4. Higher conversion rates: The board can also help improve conversion rates by inspiring users to take specific actions, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. Offering rewards or recognition to top performers on the leaderboard encourages players to take the steps you want them to take.

Overall, a leaderboard can be a highly effective tool for driving engagement, motivating players, increasing brand awareness, tracking data and improving conversion rates in your marketing campaign.

Creating a leaderboard

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What makes a good leaderboard?

There are a few default variables that good leaderboards have in common. A good leaderboard should be visually appealing, easy to understand and motivating for players.

It should also clearly display player rankings and provide an obvious path for users to improve their position on the leaderboard.

A good leaderboard is always relevant to the theme and purpose of the organization and its campaign.

Consider the following elements when designing your leaderboard:

  • Clarity: Ensure that the rankings are easy to understand so that participants can easily identify and track their progress and performance on the leaderboard.
  • Design: Use colors, fonts and images that align with the theme of your campaign and are visually appealing to players.
  • Motivation: Create a sense of competition and motivate each person to earn a higher position on the leaderboard. Consider offering fun rewards or performance recognition to the top performers on the leaderboard as an incentive for participation.

Creating a leaderboard with Adact: a step-by-step guide

Adact is a leading gamification software that allows you to add a leaderboard to any of its competitive games.

Here are a few specific reasons why Adact is the best solution for creating a leaderboard:

  • Easy to use: The software provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to add a leaderboard to your campaigns, even for those without technical expertise. It’s a simple no-code tool to help form quick and productive marketing campaigns.
  • Customizable: It offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to design a leaderboard that fits your brand’s style and messaging. You can add your logo, incorporate a specific image, customize the colors and fonts and choose from various board layouts.
  • Real-time updates: Adact provides real-time updates on leaderboard rankings, making sure customers are always aware of their progress and motivated to continue engaging with your campaign.
  • Mobile-optimized: This software is mobile-optimized, making your leaderboard accessible and easy to use on different devices, including smartphones, tablets or a desktop.
  • Robust analytics: The system provides powerful analytics that let you log player behavior – including participation rates, engagement levels and more. This data can help you optimize your leaderboard and other gamification strategies to maximize engagement and drive results.

Overall, Adact is the best solution for creating games with a leaderboard because it offers a powerful, easy-to-use gamification platform that is customizable, mobile-optimized and provides real-time score updates and robust analytics.

Creating a leaderboard with Adact

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create, edit and test a leaderboard with Adact:

1. Add a field “Leaderboard name”

The first step to adding a leaderboard to your Adact game is adding the field “Leaderboard name” to the registration form. This will help each player later identify themselves.

Adding a leaderboard name

2. Add a new element “Leaderboard”

Next, add a new element to the endscreen of your campaign called “Leaderboard”. This will create a space to display the scoreboard rankings. 

3. Design your leaderboard

Now it’s time to design your leaderboard. Adact provides a range of customization options – such as background colors, fonts, labels and images – to help you create a leaderboard that reflects your brand and the goals of your campaign.

You can also choose how to display the rankings, ranking players by scores, time or other variable metrics. Consider your campaign’s overall theme and purpose when designing your leaderboard to ensure it aligns with your goals and values.

Leaderboard design elements

4. Publish your campaign

Once you’ve designed your leaderboard, you can now publish your game! Adact makes it easy to integrate your game campaign into your website, social media or other marketing channels. You can also set up notifications to inform participants about their progress, scores and rankings on the leaderboard.

Publishing your campaign

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In today’s digital landscape, gamification marketing is becoming an increasingly popular strategy for engaging consumers. One effective tool for gamification marketing is adding leaderboards to your games.

Leaderboards can help businesses incentivize and motivate users to participate in their campaigns. With Adact, creating a leaderboard for them has never been easier.

Sign up and follow the step-by-step guide outlined in this article to create an engaging, fun and effective leaderboard for your team or next marketing campaign. Happy gaming!

Creating a leaderboard: FAQs

How do you create a leaderboard?

To create a leaderboard, you will need gamification software or a platform that offers the option to add a leaderboard to your games. Adact is one platform that makes creating engaging scoreboards for your marketing campaigns easy in four simple steps.

What makes a good leaderboard?

A good leaderboard should be visually appealing, easy to understand and motivating for users. It should display participants’ rankings and provide a clear path for users to improve their position on the leaderboard. A good scoreboard should also be relevant to the theme and purpose of the campaign.

What is a leaderboard design?

Leaderboard design refers to a leaderboard’s visual and functional elements, such as colors, fonts, images and how a player’s or team’s rankings are displayed. A well-designed team leaderboard should be visually appealing, easy to understand and motivating for users.

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