Game-based Lead Generation Form: Why & How to Create One

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Creating a successful lead generation form isn’t easy. Rebecca Kowalewicz, Vice President of Clearbridge Branding Agency, advises sticking to three steps – compelling visuals and copy, keeping it short and having a clear CTA.

That’s what most companies are doing. If you want to stand out from the competition and get more valuable information from your leads, you need to go a step further. A gamified lead gen form is your answer.

Gamifying your content creates a sense of pleasure, joy and excitement that potential customers will associate with your company. This, in turn, makes people more willing to leave their personal information and spend more time and money interacting with the company.

Keep reading to learn how to set up your own lead generation form with Adact – the number one gamification platform facilitating lead generation.

What are lead generation forms?

A lead generation form is a web form for capturing information from potential clients.

You can typically find these contact forms on a website or landing page. They include fields where visitors can enter their contact details, such as name, email address, phone number and other relevant information.

Lead generation form example

The most common lead generation form examples are simple contact forms, registration forms and newsletter signup forms. When browsing the web, you’ll come across more complex and interactive lead generation forms, like games or chatbots.

Based on this data, businesses can initiate communication, nurture relationships and ultimately convert website visitors into buying customers of your online services or any other product type you offer. This is most frequently done through email campaigns.

A lead gen form is incredibly effective for gathering information about site visitors for targeted marketing and successful sales efforts.

See also: Email lead generation

Why implement a game-based lead generation form?

In the words of Gabe Zichermann, co-author of “Gamification by Design”,

“Gamification is the process of engaging people and changing behavior with game design, loyalty and behavioral economics. It’s taking what’s fun about games and applying it to situations that maybe aren’t so fun. It’s about applying that feeling of flow to everything from employee motivation to research studies to marketing campaigns”.

Increased user engagement

A gamified, effective lead generation form enhances user engagement by incorporating interactive and entertaining elements, making it more enjoyable for visitors to participate – but that’s not all.

A study published in the Journal of Business Research shows that game-based marketing is highly effective for boosting user engagement. This is because interaction with game elements facilitates the basic human psychological satisfaction needs.

💡 Our client Orkla is a case in point – they launched a Match 3 campaign and achieved a 16-minute average engagement!

Higher conversion rates

By using points, leaderboards or Wheel of Fortune prizes, lead gen forms become much more enjoyable and rewarding. Web visitors are more likely to provide their information willingly when they get something out of it – even if it’s just a bit of fun.

💡 The CreditStar holiday campaign for Halloween is an excellent illustration of this. The premise was simple enough – a pumpkin-smashing game with a final page including a CTA button and current offer information. Their conversion rate saw a 5x increase, from about 4% to 20%.

Data collection

A good lead generation form template can show your potential leads’ preferences, interests or demographic information for successful targeted marketing strategies and personalized communication.

Personality quizzes, swipe polls or forms with conditional logic are great here. When a longer lead generation form isn’t gamified, you’ll risk your audience getting bored and quitting halfway through.

Personality quiz

Viral marketing

Consider incorporating a competitive element or offering incentives for sharing the game. This way, users are more likely to spread the word or their results on social media.

Organic sharing can generate broader visibility, attract more participants and reach new leads who wouldn’t normally visit your site. This amplifies the reach and impact of your campaign. At the same time, it serves as free social proof of your brand.

Competitive advantage

Offering a unique and engaging experience, you’re not only getting yourself higher quality leads. Gamified lead generation forms set you apart from competitors using traditional methods to collect information.

An innovative approach makes a lasting impression on users, increasing brand recognition. It paints an image of your brand as forward-thinking and customer-centric.

How to add a lead generation form template to your Adact campaign

Start by considering your target audience and effective marketing tactics specific to your brand. Pick any campaign type you wish from Adact that would fit the needs and interests of your potential lead. This can be anything from a trivia quiz to a drop game.

You can add registration form fields before or after the game. To do this, follow these simple steps:

1. Go into the Campaign tab.

Campaign tab

2. Add another screen after the game by clicking on the Wrench icon and choosing the option “Result”.

Wrench icon

3. Decide where you want to place your Result page.

Result page placing

4. Set up your Result page. Here you can add images, text and the “Registration Form” element.

Setting up the Results page

5. Change the design and select the form fields you want. The basic setup includes the visitor’s email address, but you can also opt for longer forms with more elements for the potential leads to fill in.

Adding branded images and copy is extremely important in this step (especially if you plan to embed the game on a third-party service) so your potential customer knows who they are interacting with.

Lead generation form field types

6. Add a clear call to action so each website visitor knows what you want them to do.

Adding a call to action to a lead generation form

You’re all set! This is what the finished lead generation form can look like inside your gamified campaign:

Lead generation form: Final result

Adding long forms may be tempting since such multi-step forms allow you to get more information from potential leads.

However, if you want to get more leads and increase conversions, try to avoid them. Short, quick-to-fill-in fields will boost your form conversion rates.

Lead generation form examples: Adact results

Here are just a couple of examples of how Adact lead generation form templates can help you effectively get more leads from your website traffic:

  • A1 Slovenia and their app Moj A1 – With the help of Adact, the business created three trivia games, with 11 winners every week. The prizes included an HBO MAX subscription, blankets and an LG soundbar. This initiative allowed them to increase their monthly active users by 10% and gather 20k unique leads.
A1 Slovenia trivia
  • Euronics – They used a Candy Crush-like game, which used four different colors of JBL Live Pro 2 headphones instead of candies. This simple Match 3 campaign led to over 6,000 unique page visitors, 54k started games and over 3,300 new leads, with an average engagement time of 16 minutes!
Euronics Candy Crush

With Adact, you can create similar branded games to improve your marketing. You’ll easily add images that match your product, all drag-and-drop and no coding.

  • Swedbank – Swedbank created a digital advent calendar with 24 different games for each day. It took them just three days to create this campaign with Adact. It got them 100x more engagements, over 140k gameplays and a whopping 24k new potential customers. Now that’s a real lead magnet.
Swedbank Advent calendar
  • Tele2 Estonia – This company launched a simple Wheel of Fortune game based on luck with prizes and coupons for each player or spin. It’s incredibly easy to create a branded one with Adact in just a couple of hours. Tele2 collected over 10k leads and 18.6k gameplays in just two weeks.
Tele2 Wheel of Fortune
  • Tallink Grupp – This is another example of a highly successful spin-and-win type of game. The sales team noted over 3,000 unique leads and an impressive 98.81% click-through rate.
Tallink Grupp Wheel of Fortune


A game-based lead generation form combines elements of entertainment and engagement with data collection. As you can see from our case studies, this leads to increased user participation, higher conversions, viral marketing potential and a competitive edge in the market.

Want to create your own effective lead generation forms and transform website visitors into potential customers?

Although coming up with the right tactics may seem daunting, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. With Adact, it can take you as little as two hours to build your own game or multi-step form.

Sign up here for a free consultation, a personalized tour of Adact features and a 14-day zero-commitment trial. During the trial period, you’ll get to create a free lead generation form and discover the vast audience engagement options.

Lead generation form: FAQs

What is an example of a lead generation form?

This can be a form embedded on a company’s website offering a free e-book or whitepaper. It may include fields such as name, email address and company name, with an option to provide additional information.

How do you create a lead generation form?

You typically start by identifying the necessary fields for capturing relevant customer information.
Using the Adact form builder, you can design and customize the form’s layout, fields and style to align with your brand. Next, integrate the form into your website or landing page, ensuring it’s easily accessible to visitors.

How do lead forms work?

These forms typically involve a simple online submission process. Potential customers provide their contact information and other details.
Lead gen forms are embedded on a website and designed to capture leads’ information for future engagement.
The submitted data is collected and stored in a database or CRM system. This allows businesses to follow up with qualified leads.

Why use lead gen forms?

Lead generation forms serve as a direct gateway to capturing customer information. Companies collect data from potential customers and use it for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized communication.

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