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Adact helps you to stand out and become memorable.
Dare to gamify your marketing.

Creating campaigns

Over 30 campaign types

Define your campaign target and select one of the attention-locking games. Are you after customer opinion or would you prefer luck-based high conversion campaigns? Launch any in 30 minutes.

100% customizable - fully branded

You have full ownership over the final look.
Use your custom fonts, colors and visuals to make the campaign your own!

Reaching the audience

Embedding and integrations

Everybody wonders about this - how?
It's easy - and we are here to help anytime!

1. Landing page - Each campaign comes with a landing page that you can direct your traffic to

2. Embed to your website - 1 line of code and the campaign appears in your own website or application!

3. Interactive banners - use campaigns in banners and spread them via any advertisement tool!

Preparing for big gains

You are in control

Collect leads before or after the game?

Limit gameplays per player once per day/week/total?

Link to your e-shop or social media?

All these options and more – you can define anything!

Win, email, share, translate

Define prizes, assign codes from your e-shop, set automatic emails.

3 clicks to launch in over 100 languages.

Automate your workflow with integrations

and handle tens of thousands of new leads with smart tools that work on your behalf

We are improving the platform for you day by day

New features, new interactive campaign types , tutorials - all is in works to make your gamification marketing experience as positive as it can ever be. Don't be shy to tell us what you'd like to see!

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