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No technical knoweldge required

Most of our users say they have minimal technical skills

We have found new ways of engaging our clients - testing their knowledge, asking their opinion about different topis etc and all this in a fun way I like how easy it is to set up games, anyone could do it. And it does not take as much time as one would imagine. And the team is so helpful, i love their customer support, they answer right away and try to find us the best solutions.
Keit Ausner
Head of Marketing at Äripäev

Every feature of our platform is designed for you to achieve better results

Launcing gamified campaigns in 1 day and getting better engagement really is that easy

Step 1

Choose any experience

Step 2

Upload Brand fonts, colors and images

Step 3

Direct Audience to the Campaign

Step 4

Monitor with World Leading Analytics

Every functionality you would ever need

We are so confident that we have all the functionalities covered, that if you require additional functionality – We will develop it for free!


Lead Capture Forms

Full control over registration form data collection. Create campaigns without registration forms or have them at the end of the experience


Prize Management

Award prizes instantly or with sweepstake. Create rules and conditions how a prize can be won.


Integrate data

Send collected data automatically to your CRM with built in integrations. Use Webhooks to transfer data to your solution


Multi-Language Campaigns

Adact automatically translates the campaigns into 100+ different languages. Include a language changing button


Embed campaigns

Use the campaigns in your own domain, subdomains, applications, landign pages, popups, widgets etc.


Real-Time Analytics

Get a complete overview of your campaign performance in real-time including Bounce Rates, Conversions and Visitors.


Detailed Survey Analytics

See exactly how your audience answered your questions and analyze the answers with a built in dashboard


Custom Fonts and Design

Upload your own fonts and design materials to Adact and reuse your saved designs!


Automated E-mails

Connect your e-mail domain and send e-mails automatically to participants with their prize or any other information

50+ no-code games to choose from that keep your
customers hooked

Our team has spent over 24,800 hours creating fun and engaging gamification experiences for any event so you can easily launch campaigns without needing to write any code.

Trivias & Questionnaires

This category of experiences revolves around asking questions from your audience and getting responses.

There are dozens of unique ways to ask questions and Adact enables all of them.

Regardless if you want to launch a Trivia and award the smartest people or create a Personality Test to promote your products – Adact has all of the unique gamified marketing approaches!

Branded Minigames

Adact enables you to enter a brand new world of marketing – Game based marketing.

You can use popular games but fill them with your own branding and have users compete for prizes or top spots in the leaderboards.

Average engagement length can exceed 30 minutes per person on your website!

Each game can be designed and created in 10 minutes or less!

Lotteries & Raffles

Gamified Lotteries produce much better results compared to just handing out discounts.

Winning a prize feels good and people are more likely to redeem the prize if they won it. 

This enables interesting raffle mechanics where users are invested into the prize they received!

Gamified Surveys

Adact comes with arguably the best survey tool on the market.

There are 13 unique questions types which are all filled with unique and interesting mechanics which other popular platforms do not offer.

On top of that the entire survey landing page and content will be your branded!

Our survey response rates exceed 80% regularly!

Customers are saying​

I love that this software is keeping up with all the new trends, this is exactly what a customer needs. Adact is a wonderful tool to keep customers engaged MUCH longer than other tools available in the market. All the games can be customized and you don’t need to be a professional in design to make it fabulous!

Capterra Verified Review

We were very, very satisfied with the results. The time spent in the gamified ad was long, repetitive, and the traffic was very high quality. People also clicked to the e-store, where the conversion rate of purchases was a surprising 1.27%!

Mari Liis Kullamaa

Mari-Liis Kullamaa

The team at Adact Customer Success is amongst the most committed groups I have had the pleasure of working with. I had an urgent issue, and they quickly sprang into action, going beyond simply offering a quick fix. Instead, they collaborated with me to tackle not only the immediate problem but also the root cause of the issue.

Morteza Alamalhoda


How can people play the games I create?

You would direct people to where you decided to place the game just like with every other social media campaign.

Usually it means creating an advertisement or banner in social media that directs people to the game.

No – Facebook nor any other social media channel does not enable games to be played directly in their feed.

Even if they would, we would advise against it because of reasons.

Yes! All the games can be used directly on banners as well if you wish. Most of the time we would still advise to place it to a dedicated website because users are less likely to not complete the entire interaction through an interactive banner as they are used to scrolling past it.

We are fully compliant with all GDPR requirements which is also illustrated by the fact that European Parliament have been using Adact for over 3 years so we have defeated the last boss of GDPR compliance

Yes! We have active users in all of the following fields: Banking, Political organizations, FMCG, Telecom, Entertainment, Media and Newspapers, Grocery Stores, E-commerce and even the entire cities of a country!

Because every single organization wants to convey a message to their audience. 

Gamification is a more effective way to spread your message!

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