Trivias & Questionnaires

This category of experiences revolves around asking questions from your audience and getting responses.

There are dozens of unique ways to ask questions and Adact enables all of them.

Regardless if you want to launch a Trivia and award the smartest people or create a Personality Test to promote your products – Adact has all of the unique gamified marketing approaches!

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Trivias and Questionnaires

Adact features a large variety of unique solutions for creating trivia games that you can use for marketing!

Word Search

Word search games offer a unique and engaging way to connect with your audience, making them an excellent tool for effective marketing campaigns. These games

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Multiple Video Trivia

Incorporating questions into the middle of a video is an effective marketing strategy as it actively engages the viewer’s attention. When a question is posed,

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Prediction Game

Utilizing a prediction game where users forecast future events can be a highly engaging and innovative marketing strategy. This interactive approach capitalizes on the natural

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Multiple Path Quiz

Multiple Path Quiz is like a “Build your own adventure” where the next question depends on how people answered the question before. Eventually they will

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Trivia Builder

Trivia Builder is an exclusive solution to Adact and no other software allows you to build a more comprehensive and unique Trivia experience. With a

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Picture Reveal

Players will slowly see a more complete image as time ticks down and they have to guess what is behind the image. You can have

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Hidden Object

You can now use Find Waldo as your own branded marketing campaign! Players have to find a specific object on an image that you can

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Video Trivia

In Video Trivia you can upload videos that ask your questions instead of text. Once the video finishes playing the users will have to answer

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Create a Word guessing game where your you ask your audience questions and they have to guess what’s the correct word. Use the game to

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