Branded Minigames

Branded Minigames are extremely high engagement creative solutions that makes you stand out from the competition!

With Adact you can 100% personalize a fully functional game where each element in the game is your branded. It takes just 5 minutes to create your own game!

4.8 / 5

Branded Minigames Selection

Each game is designed by our game designers to be optimal for marketing campaigns while enabling you to change all the rules and visuals without any coding!

Sliding Puzzle

This engaging new game is a seamless blend of fun and engaging puzzle. We are continuously enhancing our toolbox for gamification marketing opportunities and enable our users

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At its core, Tic-Tac-Toe is a symbol of simplicity and universal appeal, making it an extraordinary tool in the realm of marketing. This game transcends

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In this game Players try to stack the highest tower by clicking on the screen and allowing objects to fall down. At first there are

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Tapping is an interactive game designed to boost your marketing efforts. This engaging game challenges users to click or tap on rapidly changing images as

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Stick Ninja

Integrating a Stick Ninja Game into branded gamification marketing can be highly effective due to its simplicity and broad appeal. The straightforward and engaging mechanics

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Bubble Shooter

In Bubble Shooters players will shoot bullets to dropping targets to get at least 3 in a row. The more you combine the more you

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In Memory game your players will try to find all the matching pairs before the time runs out! Just upload any number of images you

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Your players will solve a puzzle that is shattered into several pieces! You only need to upload an image and say how many pieces should

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Tower Building

In this game Players try to stack the highest tower by clicking on the screen and allowing an object to fall down. The more you

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