Adact pricing plans


Suitable for lower budget and to test out with the small audience.
per month
  • up to 5000 unique players each month
  • Access to 3 freely chosen games
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Branded campaign domains
  • Real-time Analyitcs
  • Button click and traffic measuring
  • 2000+ Zapier Integrations
  • Email Support
  • Embed to any site


Most popular choice! Suitable for larger scale campaigns.
per month / billed annually or half-yearly
  • Up to 100 000 unique players each month
  • Access to all games
  • Multi-language campaigns
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Export Case Study
  • Chat support
  • Branded campaign domains
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Button click and traffic measuring​
  • 2000+ Zapier integrations
  • Embed to any site


Suitable for enterprises that will run several large scale campaigns.
per month / billed annually or half-yearly
  • up to 500 000 unique players each month
  • Manage unlimited number of brands
  • Custom game requests
  • Everything Silver plan offers

Features explained

1 Unique lead is 1 unique contact information filled in your campaign registration form. If a person plays your campaign 10 times, that still counts as a single unique lead!

Adact continuously launches new interactive campaign types and each user gets access to all new games launched immediately with no extra charge

Adact hossts all of the campaigns and adds your brand name to the URLs. If you have the Proffessional or Agency plan then You can own several different URLs for different brands

As soon as you publish the campaign we start tracking exactly who, when and how long participated. We also measure Bounce rates, Landing page visitors, completion rates, time spent on page and much more

Without any integration our Analytics also measures all different banner and button clicks, where were the participants redirected to and most importantly exactly where they came from – Everything with out of the box Adact solution

Using Zapier you can setup integrations between Adact and over 2000 different platforms! Adact is happy to assist you setting any integration up!

For Professional and Agency plan users you can create a single campaign and launch it in several different languages! Not only that but we even automatically translate the entire campaign for you!

With a single button click Adact will generate a presentaable PDF which concludes the entire campaigns results and perforamance with graphs and scores!

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