Gamified Surveys

Adact comes with arguably the best survey tool on the market.

There are 13 unique questions types which are all filled with unique and interesting mechanics which other popular platforms do not offer.

On top of that the entire survey landing page and content will be your branded!

Our survey response rates exceed 80% regularly!

4.8 / 5

Create Surveys that people like to fill out!

With a gamified approach we introduce question types no other platform enables – and everything fully your branded!


Adact features the best survey tool on the market. Firstly you have a range of unique questions types you can answer. From original questions like

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Swipe Poll

Tinder is the most easy to use app to solve some of the toughest challenges with a fun interaction. You can now create your own

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In a battle game you can upload any number of images to compete against each other! During the game players will see pairs of 2

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