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Case Studies

How Euronics’ Candy Crush engaged customers for over 15 minutes

Studies have shown that games can be up to 80% more effective at getting people to engage with your brand than traditional advertising methods. Euronics got inspired by Candy Crush and decided to use it to engage its customer for over 15minutes!

Matthias Merelaine

Customer Success Manager

How Coca-Cola engaged visitors at their exhibition booth?

Coca-Cola has long been known for its innovative marketing campaigns. But recently, the brand took its marketing strategy one step further by leveraging gamification!

Kalev Kärpuk


How Ādažu increased with customer engagement campaign

Customer engagement: a term that is so widely used in the marketing industry but a few only do it right. This is not the case for a Latvian chip brand called Ādažu. We’ve said that gamification marketing is the unicorn of modern marketing and as time goes on, it really seems like it. But this…

Kalev Kärpuk


FMCG: Maks ja Moorits’ Gamified Approach to Promoting New Grilled Meats

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies strive to captivate consumers’ attention and foster deeper connections with their brand. Gamification marketing, a powerful strategy that leverages interactive elements and game mechanics, has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of customer engagement. By infusing fun and excitement into marketing campaigns, businesses can influence consumers’ purchase behaviour while…

Matthias Merelaine

Ninja Casino Bubble Shooter Booth concept at the event to attract customers and engage them

A new standard for booth concepts: Ninja Casino Case Study

Ninja Casino’s gamified booth concept revolutionized event marketing, captivating attendees and elevating brand recognition at We Love the 90s festival. Witness the results as the Bubble Shooter game engaged festival-goers and left a lasting impact on the event’s success.

Matthias Merelaine

Tallink Club One Customer Loyalty Program Gamification Marketing solution Christmas offering prizes successful

Gamifying Tallink’s Customer Loyalty Program During Christmas

There’s a saying in business that two-thirds of the company’s revenue comes from its loyal customers. So… It makes sense to treat your customers well and take care of them. Right? Taking care of your loyal customers doesn’t mean feeding them or cleaning their clothes as parents do for their children. It can be as…

Matthias Merelaine

Engage Moj A1 app users to increase the number of monthly active users

A1 Slovenija Scoring Big With Engaging Moj A1 App Users

A1 Slovenija, a prominent telecommunications company in Slovenia, decided to embark on an exciting marketing journey during the FIBA World Cup 2023. Recognizing the unwavering love for basketball, especially in Slovenia, the home of global sensation Luka Dončić, A1 Slovenija saw an opportunity to connect with their Moj A1 app users in a unique and engaging way.

Matthias Merelaine

Customers are saying

Birgit Karus

The brand stays in the consumer’s consciousness for a longer time, leading the consumer to consciously prefer the given brand in a buying situation. Games are also very effective to generate leads for remarketing. Thus, Adact is not a one-time thing but a tool for your whole marketing lifecycle. I’ve been very satisfied with the results and will continue using Adact.

Birgit Karus

Digital strategist, NOH Productions

I had a fantastic experience using Adact’s platform for our nationwide campaign. The platform’s various functionalities and intuitive interface allowed for a quick and effortless game setup, while the customer success team’s support and advice were invaluable in enhancing the overall campaign experience. Their expertise in advising on game logic and in-platform functionalities helped us achieve our marketing goals and create a viral and memorable experience for our audience.

Sandra Liepa

Brand Manager, Orkla LV

Adact’s tool not only has a user-friendly interface but also many customizable features, which enable us to create personalized and engaging campaigns for our target audience. As a result, we witnessed a notable increase in Go3 customer engagement and brand awareness. Adact’s customer support team was also exceptional as they were always available to provide us with prompt and helpful support whenever we needed it. Their assistance ensured that our campaigns ran efficiently, and we were able to achieve our marketing goals seamlessly.

Vladas Sapranavičius

Head of Ecommerce, Go3

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