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Adact is a marketer’s paradise. One platform for management and analytics of highly engaging marketing campaigns.


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Top Companies. Top results.

Will you be the next successful Adacter?

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We were very, very satisfied with the results. The time spent in the gamified ad was long, repetitive, and the traffic was very high quality. People also clicked to the e-store, where the conversion rate of purchases was a surprising 1.27%!
Mari-Liis Kullamaa
Digital Media Specialist Initiative
The brand stays in the consumer's consciousness for a longer time, leading the consumer to consciously prefer the given brand in a buying situation. Games are also very effective to generate leads for remarketing. Thus, Adact is not a one-time thing but a tool for your whole marketing lifecycle. I've been very satisfied with the results and will continue using Adact.
Birgit Karus
Digital Strategist NOH Productions
We started using Adact in the summer of 2020. The games we created, caught the eye and served as good entertainment, which helped to establish the Mamma brand. Adact's customer support team acts quickly, offering appropriate ideas when needed. I recommend testing gamified solutions with Adact.
Taavi Rehepapp
Marketing Manager Saarioinen
Adact campaigns enabled to reach several new target groups, which had previously been challenging as a conservative public organization. Customer support of Adact is also super helpful and has always managed to find solutions for all our wishes.
Andra Heinat
Communication Specialist Nordic Council of Ministers

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