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Create Lotteries, Quizzes, Prediction games, Branded Mini Games and much more without writing a single line of code and achieve 80% better conversion.

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Higher conversion

Through gamification marketing, we are awarding prizes which people win. Due to loss aversions people are more likely to redeem the prizes because otherwise they would lose their winnings.


Longer Website Visits

Instead of briefly skimming through your content, with Gamification Marketing expect to have over 20 minute long sessions per person on each engagement!


Higher Click Through Rates

Gamified marketing enables you to use call to actions such as “Play and win!”, “Challenge your friends” or “Can you beat our score”? for example. Such call to actions show 2.5x higher Click-through-Rates compared to “Click here to learn more”


Longer brand memory

On average people remember a gamified campaign over 1 month after participating and 15% of participants can recall the brand and the experience even after 6 months!

Create 50+ unique gamified solutions with Adact

Our team has spent over 24,800 hours creating fun and engaging gamification experiences for any event so you can easily launch campaigns without needing to write any code.

Trivias & Questionnaires

This category of experiences revolves around asking questions from your audience and getting responses.

There are dozens of unique ways to ask questions and Adact enables all of them.

Regardless if you want to launch a Trivia and award the smartest people or create a Personality Test to promote your products – Adact has all of the unique gamified marketing approaches!

Branded Minigames

Adact enables you to enter a brand new world of marketing – Game based marketing.

You can use popular games but fill them with your own branding and have users compete for prizes or top spots in the leaderboards.

Average engagement length can exceed 30 minutes per person on your website!

Each game can be designed and created in 10 minutes or less!

Lotteries & Raffles

Gamified Lotteries produce much better results compared to just handing out discounts.

Winning a prize feels good and people are more likely to redeem the prize if they won it. 

This enables interesting raffle mechanics where users are invested into the prize they received!

Gamified Surveys

Adact comes with arguably the best survey tool on the market.

There are 13 unique questions types which are all filled with unique and interesting mechanics which other popular platforms do not offer.

On top of that the entire survey landing page and content will be your branded!

Our survey response rates exceed 80% regularly!

How it works?

First choose an experience you
want to create

Adact features over 60 unique campaign types. Feel free to create any number of them to brainstorm and see which suits your current goal the best.

Our team is available 24/7 to help you guide through the options and suggest appropriate game mechanics for your current need!

Then make it your own

Every experience can be 100% customized to include your branding – everything from FontsColors, Logos, Videos and the entire website design can be crafted with ease without writing any code.

You can save designs as templates to reuse later or use Adact readily available design!

All ready? Now publish it where you want to engage your customers

All options available straight from Adact

Create a Widget

Create a custom subpage

Add anywhere on your site

Use Adact provided domain

Customers are saying

I had a fantastic experience using Adact’s platform for our nationwide campaign. The platform’s various functionalities and intuitive interface allowed for a quick and effortless game setup, while the customer success team’s support and advice were invaluable in enhancing the overall campaign experience. Their expertise in advising on game logic and in-platform functionalities helped us achieve our marketing goals and create a viral and memorable experience for our audience.

Sandra Liepa

We were very, very satisfied with the results. The time spent in the gamified ad was long, repetitive, and the traffic was very high quality. People also clicked to the e-store, where the conversion rate of purchases was a surprising 1.27%!

Mari Liis Kullamaa

Mari-Liis Kullamaa

We started using Adact in the summer of 2020. The games we created, caught the eye and served as good entertainment, which helped to establish the Mamma brand. Adact’s customer support team acts quickly, offering appropriate ideas when needed. I recommend testing gamified solutions with Adact.

Taavi Rehepapp

Taavi Rehepapp

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  • Make sure you leave with a new found knowledge of gamification marketing innovations
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