Gamification is the antidote for short attention span

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Gamified Interactions produce better results

While standard marketing only engages our vision, Gamification marketing engages our entire brainpower.

By being actively engaged, gamification yields the users full focus.

Participants actively think on what they are doing making it much more intimate and engaging which in turn generates higher understanding, and conversion.

Gamification Marketing makes everyone winners

Your participants earn their prizes which in turn makes them less likely to throw away their earnings.

Comparing to getting something for free people are over 3x more likely to cash in your prize if you feel you earned it.

Gamification provides a simple interaction that generates the feeling of pride and achivement which is closely related to your messaging.

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Gamification marketing is like a magnet

Interactive marketing Pulls people towards you instead of Pushing your message to your audience.

Instead of being seen as an obnoxious adverisment, you are changing memorable.

After over 1000 published campaigns with Adact here are the average results

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Over 4,000

unique leads generated per campaign

Our highest generating campaign has created over 680,000 unique leads over 2 weeks.

Although targets are different and for some even 100 new leads is a major win, we know that using Gamification Marketing your results will be higher than your earlier endeavours.

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Bounce Rate

A bounce rate of 10-25% is an achievement indicating that a significant number of users are not only clicking on the ad but are also engaging with the content (game) on the landing page.

People choose to engage with brands’ content because it is fun.

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Engagements per participant

A high level of engagement, with 20 or more engagements per participant, suggests that the gamified campaign is effectively capturing and retaining the interest of users, potentially leading to increased conversions.

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Days of returning participants

Having returning participants for three or more days indicates that the campaign is creating a sustained interest in the product or service, potentially leading to long-term customer loyalty.

Some of our participants have played the same game 10+ times over different days.

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Completion Rate

A completion rate of 96% indicates that the gamified campaign is not only attracting users but also effectively retaining their attention until the end of the content.

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seconds average engagement length

A 60-second average engagement length is an achievement, as it suggests that the campaign is successfully capturing and retaining the interest of users for a significant period, potentially leading to increased brand awareness.

Case Studies

Gamifying the HR processes Kaupmees & KO AS Case Study

Gamification for HR – Kaupmees & KO Case Study

What if we tell you that there are more ways to use gamification than marketing? What if you create a game for your employees to enlighten their regular every-other workday? This is where gamification steps in.

Matthias Merelaine

Customer Success Manager

Creditstar Halloween background

Spooktacular Gamification Results for CreditStar

The leaves are changing color, the air is getting crisp, and pumpkins are appearing on doorsteps. That can only mean one thing—Halloween is just around the corner! As always, Creditstar decided to celebrate the holiday with a special campaign. This year, their goal was to engage with their users and give them the opportunity to have some fun while also reminding them about our products and offers.

Matthias Merelaine

Customer Success Manager

EKSL (Estonian Insurance Association) customer engagement gamification marketing campaign

How gamification increased awareness about life insurance

Insurers are often thought of as the boring, old-fashioned industry that no one wants to work in or deal with. But what if there was a way to change people’s perception of insurance and make it more engaging? Estonian Insurance Association company did just that by using gamification marketing. Learn how they did it and see if you can apply the same techniques to your own marketing efforts.

Matthias Merelaine

Customer Success Manager

Coca-Cola exhibition booth gamification marketing solution to engage its visitors

How Coca-Cola engaged visitors at their exhibition booth?

Coca-Cola has long been known for its innovative marketing campaigns. But recently, the brand took its marketing strategy one step further by leveraging gamification!

Kalev Kärpuk


Customers are saying

Mari Liis Kullamaa

We were very, very satisfied with the results. The time spent in the gamified ad was long, repetitive, and the traffic was very high quality. People also clicked to the e-store, where the conversion rate of purchases was a surprising 1.27%!

Mari-Liis Kullamaa

Digital Media Specialist @ Initiative

Birgit Karus

The brand stays in the consumer’s consciousness for a longer time, leading the consumer to consciously prefer the given brand in a buying situation. Games are also very effective to generate leads for remarketing. Thus, Adact is not a one-time thing but a tool for your whole marketing lifecycle. I’ve been very satisfied with the results and will continue using Adact.

Birgit Karus

Digital strategist, NOH Productions

Taavi Rehepapp

We started using Adact in the summer of 2020. The games we created, caught the eye and served as good entertainment, which helped to establish the Mamma brand. Adact’s customer support team acts quickly, offering appropriate ideas when needed. I recommend testing gamified solutions with Adact.

Taavi Rehepapp

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