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It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago, marketing campaigns were largely one-dimensional and mostly consisted of billboard ads, commercials, and maybe a few stunts. But in the age of social media, marketers have had to get creative to stand out from the crowd. Cue gamification marketing: a technique that uses game mechanics to drive engagement and motivation. And it’s been a huge success! So what’s behind this new trend in marketing? How did Ballzy, a sneaker retailer implement it into their marketing strategy? If you’re looking for some ballsy inspiration from them, read on!

Achieving results that no other marketing campaign ever could

It was Ballzy’s first game which means they were a little sceptic about it. Now, after the campaign, their  minds were definitely blown. The goal of Ballzy’s campaign was to increase brand awareness and to collect emails to their newsletter list. They used a drop game due to its highly engaging nature and raffled out a pair of Michigan Dunk sneakers among the TOP100 players.

The campaign started off strong and had thousands of gameplays. Statistics worth noticing here are the 13% bounce rate and 91% game completion rate. Regarding customer engagement and brand awareness metrics, we can take a look at the average gameplay time. The average gameplay time  was a whopping 60 seconds and one person played the campaign for an average of 9.1 times. This makes the average customer engagement time a total of 9 minutes! How crazy is that compared to regular social media posts or videos? One person even played  the game approximately 1100 times!

In order to achieve such high engagement rates, they made sure that the game was easy to play yet challenging enough to keep people coming back for more. Ballzy also offered a great prize that everyone wanted to win. And last but not least, they made sure that the branding was on point so that people would remember our name even after they stopped playing.

Ballzy gamification marketing drop game campaign design

Design by Karmo Ruusmaa

When it comes to social media, we all know that it’s not just about the numbers. It’s about engagement. Ballzy is a great example of how you don’t need a ton of followers to successfully promote your campaign on social media. As long as you have an engaged following, you can do great things. So what did they do to get players play their game?

How to get people to play the game

The first thing Ballzy did right was to post content that would appeal to their target audience. They knew that their followers were interested in gamification, so they made sure to post stories and information about their campaign that would pique their interest. In addition, they used attractive visuals and an engaging tone of voice to keep people interested.

Another smart move by Ballzy was to use Google Ads. By targeting key words and making sure their ads were placed in front of potential customers, they were able to increase their reach even further. And because they had already built up a good amount of trust with their followers, those who saw the ads were more likely to click on them and check out the campaign.

All in all, Ballzy did an excellent job of taking advantage of their active social media following. By posting interesting content and using Google Ads, they were able to get thousands of people interested in their gamification marketing campaign. If you’re looking for tips on how to effectively promote your own business or product, take a page out of Ballzy’s book!

Ballzy gamification marketing campaign social media post

Design by Karmo Ruusmaa

How to get started with gamification?

There’s never been a better time to start your campaign. Drop Game is a highly engaging action-based game which allows you to engage people for a long period of time. You can create an account and build your own drop game campaign in a couple of hours with our drag-and-drop-based software! All you need are some ideas of what kind of qualities to use in the game and then launch away. You’ll be able to turn those first players into loyal fans before long enough that they will tell all their friends just how awesome this game is.

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