Selection of over 30 interactive and gamified campaigns. Create any in minutes. No coding.

How does it work?

Feedback Campaign types


Upload any number of images to create a battle to understand which of them is most liked by your audience

Swipe Poll

Just like Tinder - swipe left or right on prompted images and see which images scored the highest

Personality Test

Create personality tests where you ask various questions and show appropriate results, depending on how they answer


Turn a standard Trivia game into Jeopardy! Have players score different amount with different questions.


Ask questions with images or texts and count score for the smartest players - a good old fashioned trivia game is always a safe bet!

Game based campaign types


Upload any number of images to create a battle to understand which of them is most liked by your audience

Candy Crush

Engage your audience with a candy crush-style game. Change the icons to match your products and set up your own game rules.

Drop Game

Drop game is a perfect way to have some fun with your brand. Specify which items to drop and how many points they award. You can also add in items with negative scores to avoid. Specify your win condition based on score or time.

Tower Stacking

Grasp people to build a tower from your products. You can also use several different images which are dropped so your tower can look unique.

Flappy Birds

You can create your own iconic Flappy Birds game to really generate hours of engagement with your campaign

Lottery and Raffles


Game that is played all around state fairs and tv shows - Drop a ball from high up the pegs and see where it lands!

Advent Calendar

Be creative and use a special calendar for various purposes throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be Advent time to make your customers come back in regular intervals for a surprise.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is one of the simplest yet effective types of games to engage your audience. It allows for quick instant rewards with the ability to introduce a major prize that is always in arms reach for the users.

Digital Scratchcard

Bring your scratchcards online and let your clients see what they win. If they reveal 3 of the same image, they win a prize you assigned to that image.

Open the Box

Very simple to setup and fast to enjoy! Have your visitors come back to your site to see what prize did they win behind the box?

How can gamification marketing work in my sector?

Adact is confident you can use interactive marketing regardless of which sector do you operate in


Full control of your design

  • Fonts: Use your own custom fonts or choose any of our available google fonts
  • Colors: Use your own brand colors on any parts of the game or landing pag
  • Images: Just drag and drop the images you wish to use either in the game or on the landing page
  • Texts: Every text can be changed through a text editor

Leaderboards and competition!

The game comes with a built in public leaderboard and score tracking

Know exactly who achieved the best scores and give prizes to the top players!

Real-Time Analytics

Without any integration Adact starts tracking everything automatically as soon as you publish the game

Gamification marketing provides amazing results and you can just sit back and enjoy while people spend hours upon hours trying to achieve the best scores for your prize!

We track anything from 

  • Landing page visitors, Gameplays
  • Time spent, Completion Rate
  • Buttons clicked
  • Traffic in and out
  • each individual players score
  • … and much more

Prize management system

Adact comes with a powerful Prize Management System that is crucial for gamification marketing! 

Set up quickly for example

  • A prize to everyone reaching at least 100 points
  • Raffle a prize at the end of the campaign between all players
  • Choose a winner from top 3 scores
  • Give your custom coupon code to anyone who achieved 100 points.
  • … and much more

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