Orkla used Adact to engage customers for 16 minutes

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Match 3


Orkla is a food producer, who wanted to promote their new product Topz!


When a customer enters the store, there are thousands of products trying to get their attention. With advertising, we seek to make our products familiar. The more time a customer has engaged with our brand, the bigger the probability that when they are standing in front of a shelf, they will pick our product.

One of the biggest challenges marketers are facing nowadays is the decreasing attention span. It’s difficult to grab customers’ attention for longer than a few seconds because you’re competing with everything fun, entertaining, and instantly gratifying.

Orkla decided to incorporate the type of marketing that covers all those qualities – gamification marketing. The goal was to engage the target audience for tens of minutes and ensure that they would recognize Orkla’s new product in the store.


Match3 (similar to Candy Crush).

A player had to swap branded items to match the same three ingredients.

Marketing plan

The campaign period was 1 month.

Marketing channels: Facebook, Instagram, banner ads, 2 influencers.

All the ads were optimized for clicks.

10-sec Facebook Feed video

8-sec banner 600×500 px

7-sec banner 995×400 px


Overall reach: 931  342
Impressions: 3 600 000

Gameplays (engagements): 409 871
Average engagement length: 16 min (24 gameplays in a row)
Bounce rate: 16%
Completion rate: 96%

“Results confirm that gamification marketing ads/banners are eye-catching and get high reach in social media (because people like, comment, share, click). Pointing that the campaign worked also for customers who didn’t click to play.”

Birgit Karus, strategist at NOH Productions

“Põltsamaa Topz! campaign was very cool and we were satisfied with the results. The numbers show that gamified solutions help to convey the message to a wider audience more effectively than a regular banner. Games can also catch a difficult target group, such as passive young men who are more reluctant to regular advertising. As for the time of engagement, it is known that the person was focused on advertising at that time and all the attention was in the brand’s sphere of influence because at the same time it is impossible to do anything else.”

Pille Riin Rimmel, Brand Manager at Orkla Estonia

What made the campaign successful?

  • Simple but attention-grabbing price
  • Captivating visuals
  • Engaging game
  • Well-planned media plan with different channels and optimization for gameplays and landing page visits

Client: Orkla Estonia
Media partner: 
NOH Production