How Moj A1 Found Success with Gamification

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Have you ever heard of the term “gamification”? It may sound like a made-up word, but it’s actually an important tool used by companies to engage their customers. Recently, A1 Slovenia decided to use gamification to increase awareness and the number of active users of their Moj A1 self-care mobile app. Let’s take a look at how they used this tool to achieve their goals!

How does gamification marketing work?

Gamification is the use of game elements in non-game contexts. When used correctly, it can be an extremely powerful tool for marketing and customer engagement. Games are designed to be fun and addictive. So when you use gamification in your marketing campaigns, you’re tapping into those same principles to make your campaign more successful.

There are a few key elements that make up a successful gamified campaign. First, you need a clear goal or objectives. What do you want your campaign to achieve? Second, you need engaging content that will actually get people to play your game. And lastly, you need a way to measure success so you can determine whether or not your campaign was successful.

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The Moj A1 trivia design

A1 Slovenija is a telecommunications company that created an app called Moj A1. This app is at its core a self-care app. With its help, users can keep an eye on their data, minutes and messages consumption, their additional expenses etc. They can pay monthly bills, change their price plans and activate or deactivate different options (for data, content etc.).

With all that in mind, the marketing people at A1 Slovenija were facing a challenge. They wanted to increase the number of active users, they wanted customers to develop a habit of visiting the mobile app multiple times. What better way to use a simple Trivia game type?

Moj A1 Trivia games were fun and engaging while also simple enough for users to learn more about the app’s functionalities. The Trivia game didn’t require any special preparation. Only a couple of questions, a little design modification for the mobile and app and some prizes!

Like a carrot to a donkey, a prize to the customer

Using prizes as a reward boosts the number of players participating in the campaign. The prizes may be any kind: expensive or cheap, a discount code, gift card, something physical that you can touch or anything else. A1 Slovenija created 3 trivia games and each of them was live for one week. To engage more people, they chose the approach where each trivia game had 11 winners every week. The grand prize was a free HBO MAX subscription for 12 months, and for the other 10, a warm blanket. At the end of these three weeks they also picked a final winner, whose reward was an LG soundbar.

Moj A1 self-care app combined with gamification marketing to increase the number active users

Let’s look at the facts

Numbers speak for themselves

As any savvy business knows, it’s important to track key performance indicators (KPIs). In A1 Slovenija’s case, MAU (Monthly active users) was the KPI that mattered most. Moj A1 is a self-care app that people usually use while abroad.  This is when the number of active users is quite high.

This year their goal was to increase this metric by 10% for the summer and keep it level all year long. After a 3-week-long campaign, they were able to reach it! Not only the summer target but the number of active app users even surpassed summer users

Another metric they tracked was leads – these are customers who have already interacted with them before. A1 Slovenija wasn’t expecting much of an increase as these customers already know about them, but surprisingly enough they gathered almost 20k unique leads! It goes to show that even if somebody isn’t completely new to your product there can be ways for them to reengage. 

Finally, the engagement metric was quite a success. For a 3-question trivia game, people spent approximately a minute interacting with A1 Slovenija’s branded content. It was great seeing all their hard work pay off! 


Gamification is an important tool that companies can use to engage their customers and increase awareness around their products or services. With its creative approach, it can be much more effective than traditional marketing methods. A1 Slovenia recently used gamification with great success – not only did it test Adact and increase monthly active users on its self-care mobile app—but also generated more engagement from its customers! And best of all? They even had some exciting rewards for those who played along! All in all, this shows us how powerful and beneficial gamification can be when done right.

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