How to Make a Trivia Game in 5 Steps & Without Any Experience

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Are you looking for a fun way to motivate your customers? Engage them in a competition! Rivalry is a great form of interaction that involves emotions and boosts excitement about your offering. In this article, we will show you how to make a trivia game to increase awareness of your brand and promote products, services or ideas in an inventive way.

Just like AirBaltic, an airline that learned about the effectiveness of trivia games when they used them to increase awareness about Dubai as an exciting destination for people from Baltic countries. The airline created a trivia quiz titled “Fly high with AirBaltic and Adact.” Players who got all the answers right entered a raffle where they could win two free tickets to Dubai. The campaign generated 41,393 visits, and 85% of customers played the games from start to finish.

But how to make a trivia game without experience or coding skills? Use Adact! The platform allows you to create game-based marketing campaigns in minutes without coding skills! Sign up for Adact to start making your own gamified campaigns.

Let us guide you through five simple steps to create a trivia game for gamification marketing, but first, we will explain why gamification marketing is worth focusing on. 

What is gamification marketing?

Gamification marketing

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Gamification marketing is a strategy that uses games to promote products or services. It can take many forms, like quizzes, scavenger hunts or puzzle games.

Gamification marketing allows us to reach potential customers and build brand awareness in a fun and engaging way. It helps to build brand loyalty and stand out from the competition.

And what is one of the most popular types of games in gamification marketing? You guessed it right – it’s trivia games.

Trivia games: what are they & how they work

Trivia games

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Trivia games test a player’s knowledge in a specific area or a wide range of topics. They typically consist of multiple-choice questions or true/false questions. The goal is to give as many correct answers as possible and earn points to progress through levels.

The benefits of using trivia games in gamification marketing include:

  1. Increased engagement
  2. Product education
  3. Brand awareness
  4. Social sharing
  5. Customer loyalty
  6. Data collection

Isn’t it great? If you make trivia questions interesting and fun, customers will be excited to learn about your brand with trivia games.

Let us introduce the easiest way to use trivia games for marketing campaigns.

How to make a trivia game using Adact

Adact is a gamification platform that allows the creation of engaging quizzes and games. Whether you want to create a matching game, a custom wordle game or make a puzzle game, Adact will help you do this in no time without previous experience or coding skills.

Its user-friendly interface makes creating and customizing quizzes, games and other interactive content easy. Customization options include time-based questions, power-ups and hints.

But that’s not all. Adact also provides analytics to track player performance, identify popular questions and gain insights into user behavior.

Using cross-platform technology, you can integrate Adact with other platforms like social media, websites and mobile applications and add social sharing buttons to easily introduce the games you created for your audience.

How to make a trivia game using Adact? It’s easier than you think! Just follow these steps:

1. Choose your trivia questions & possible answers

Use Adact’s trivia quiz templates and decide on the questions and possible answers for your trivia game. You can choose questions from the Adact built-in library or create your own trivia quiz questions. Add rating fields where each correct answer is recorded to make the game more exciting.

How to make a trivia game: Choosing questions

2. Customize it 

Adact offers you plenty of customization options. You can:

  1. Choose the look and feel of your branded game by changing the background color or uploading your own branded image as a background
  2. Change the design of the grid box, as well as the colors of letters and the font 
  3. Choose feedback colors to make sure they match your brand
How to make a trivia game: Customization

3. Add a video if you like

Adact’s Video Trivia allows you to include videos in your trivia quizzes. You can add video questions or use video as background music.

Adding a video

4. Include as many players as you like and have them compete 

With Adact’s Multiplayer Trivia, you can add as many players as you like and have them rival each other. You can also set up leaderboards to keep track of quiz takers’ scores and rankings.


5. Publish your custom trivia game

Adact offers two ways to publish your custom trivia games. You can either:

  1. Publish the game through the Adact domain, which means Adact will host your game
  2. Copy the code and integrate it into your website

6. Analyze your gaming campaign

Adact provides analytics and detailed reports to help you track player performance, identify popular questions and gain insights into user behavior. You can use this data to improve your game to make it more engaging.

Trivia campaign analytics

Trivia game ideas

Trivia games are not limited to your customers; you can also use them to engage your employees. Here are some trivia game ideas to use for making work or campaigns fun:

Customer engagement trivia

Test your customers’ knowledge about your company’s history, milestones and values. 

Example questions:

  • What is the company’s mission statement?
  • How many employees does the company currently have?
  • What was the first product or service offered by the company?
Customer engagement trivia

To make the game more fun, you can use Adact’s Video Trivia to create challenging quizzes with video content. Remember about an attractive reward for an employee with the best quiz results.

Holiday trivia

Celebrate the festive season with a fun holiday-themed trivia game. For this kind of game, you can use dropdown questions or let players write their own answers. Whatever format you choose, Adact’s Trivia will be excellent for creating gamified holiday campaigns.

Here are some question ideas:

  • What is the name of the Grinch’s dog in ” How the Grinch Stole Christmas”?

Answer options: Max, Rover, Spike

  • What traditional flower is associated with Valentine’s Day?

Answer options: Carnation, Rose, Lily

  • What is the name of the Jewish festival of lights?

Answer options: Hanukkah, Chanukah, Channukah

Holiday trivia

Work trivia

How well do your employees know their workplace? Challenge their knowledge with some work trivia games. Adact’s Multiplayer Trivia would be great for such a purpose.

Some questions you can include:

  • How many floors does the office building have?
  • What is the name of the employee who has been with the company the longest?
  • What is the name of the software program used by the company for project management?
Work trivia

Creating work trivia is a fun way to let coworkers know each other or improve concentration at a meeting. You can also use it to introduce new team members, add gamification elements to corporate training or enhance employee engagement.


By following the steps outlined in this article, you can quickly create quizzes and customize them to match your branding. Publish the trivia quizzes on your website or share them on social media like Facebook or Instagram to engage potential customers, enhance brand awareness and build customer loyalty. You can also use minigames to boost marketing or add gamification elements for event promotion.

You don’t have to be a professional to design trivia quizzes with Adact. It’s an excellent marketing tool, easy to use and customize according to your needs. Sign up to try Adact for free.

How to make a trivia game: FAQs 

How can I make my own trivia game?

You can make your own trivia game using Adact, a platform for game-based marketing campaigns. Adact offers a quiz maker with an intuitive interface where you can choose from various categories, such as sports, history, geography and music, and add unlimited questions to your trivia quiz.

Is there an app to create a trivia game?

Yes, there are trivia game makers and apps. If you’re looking for an app to create your own trivia game, Adact is worth checking out. Adact is a no-code builder that allows you to build and customize trivia games that users can play with friends or other players using mobile devices or personal computers. 
Adact enables you to create different game styles in various categories like history, sports, movies and music. The platform also offers a range of features like real-time leaderboards, social sharing and personalized profiles.

What are the rules of trivia?

Trivia quizzes usually start with questions appearing on a board or the screen of a mobile device. The first player to give the correct answer wins points. The system tallies the points at the end of each round or game to determine the winner. In addition, trivia quizzes may have specific features like timed questions, bonus rounds or the ability to steal points from other quiz takers.

What are some fun trivia questions?

Trivia questions test a person’s knowledge across various subjects, such as geography, science, history or popular culture. Here’s a list of some interesting questions for trivia games:
– Who is the current President of France?
– Who wrote the Harry Potter series?
– Who was the first to step on the moon?
– Who is the founder of Microsoft?
– Who directed the movie “Jaws”?
– What is the capital of Australia?

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