How To Create a Branded Game To Promote Your Business

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As a marketer, you know that engaging your audience is key to promoting your business. But what if there was a way to engage them that they didn’t even realize was promotional? Enter branded games.

Branded online games are a cost-effective way to appeal to consumers that aren’t your average overplayed Youtube ad or boring pop-up.

With 3.2 billion gamers worldwide the necessity for companies to create branded games as a part of their marketing strategy has never been greater.

In today’s world of marketing, anyone can gamify their brand as a fun and exciting way to attract customers. Make your own branded version of wordle, or other popular games, with platforms like Adact.

Today we will explain exactly what a branded game is, why it’s beneficial for your business and how to create one in just a few steps.

What is a branded game?

Coca Cola gamification marketing campaign drop game idea

A branded game is a personalized game that advertises a particular business or product.

These games spark customers’ attention in a creative and fun way. They are generally simple and interactive, making them perfect for increasing user engagement.

In today’s online world business owners are looking for eye-catching marketing strategies to passively acquire leads and build brand loyalty. Branded online games are a great way to do just that!

Benefits of branded games

Not only are branded games engaging, but they also have other benefits that help strengthen a brand’s marketing campaign.

  • Branded games are universal and can be used on any device—desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • The fact that the gaming industry is valued at $268.8 billion means playing these games is obviously entertaining. Branded gaming can also be educational while creating brand awareness among gamers.
  • The games work by reaching a wider audience with unconscious advertising. While players relish the thrill of gaming they also digest digital marketing messages, without even knowing it.

Gamification in marketing tends to be highly addictive and easily shareable among many users. Take wordle for example. After going viral, the game had over 2 million players in a matter of six months! Branded games expand a business’s audience through their popularity and ultimately save the brand money on advertising.

How to create a branded game

Creating a branded game is a fairly simple task. It only takes a few short steps and is completely customizable according to a brand and its audience.

There are hundreds of companies to choose from when it comes to creating online branded games. It’s often difficult to sift through them and find the one that best suits a company’s individual marketing objectives.

Gamification marketing software Adact

That being said, Adact is the leading platform to create your very own branded game with ease, and here’s why:

  • Adact software offers 360-degree gamification marketing with one platform to manage and analyze marketing campaigns.
  • The technology provides over 30 campaign types that make it easy for each user to get creative and remain unique.
  • Using Adact marketing strategy can help your brand generate a five-times higher Clickthrough Rate—CTR to increase its customer base.

There are a vast variety of genres available in branded gaming. It’s possible to build anything from quizzes, raffles, or competitions to advent calendars, augmented reality games or simulations.

Selecting the category of the branded game is entirely up to the maker. It really depends on what works best for your company and your brand. The sky is the limit!

Customization makes a branded online game distinct. The freedom to map out and organize the game according to your liking sets it apart from the competition and heightens brand awareness.

Raha 24 gamification marketing campaign game setup example

Fully branded gaming means custom editing and personalization. Handpick fonts, upload images, and add content to produce a stand-out game true to your brand.

Branded game analytics help keep an eye on campaigns and determine what works. Real-time results decipher important stats such as lead generation, number of games completed and average playing time.

Use these results to help build future campaigns and give customers an entertaining way to engage with your website.

One of the best parts about creating branded online games is that it does not require any coding knowledge! It’s simple to construct a game from beginning to end without prior experience using gamification software.

The fact that anyone can develop a branded game within minutes makes creating them even more attractive.

Create and manage gamification marketing campaigns without a single line of code

How Adact makes it fun is a popular branded gaming solution because the software is up-to-date with all the latest market trends, always putting a company’s needs first. It’s a breeze to use the platform to create customizable games in minutes without code.

Adact makes it fun for a business to create branded gaming campaigns while also strengthening its marketing sign-ups and increasing views. Let us show you how.

After logging in to your Adact account you will see your company’s landing page. Here, all campaigns are organized and viewable in one centralized space.

Now let’s create a new branded game with these 4 simple steps:

1. Add a new campaign

Gamification campaign software Adact campaign adding

To get started, click the blue “+ New campaign” button.

2. Add a new campaign

Choose your Adact game template

Now it’s time to choose a campaign type by using the search bar and filters to find any game that your heart desires. provides numerous gaming categories to choose from—including questionnaires, competitive games and puzzles to name a few.

Adact gamification marketing campaign idea generator

Not sure what game to choose? No problem! Adact’s game idea generator can help narrow it down by suggesting branded game ideas that fit your industry.

Not feeling like you’ve found the perfect game for your company? If there are too many choices or if they’re all similar, our team of experts will take over and recommend some games that fit exactly what YOU need!

Book a Brainstorming Session

In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your goals.

3. Personalize your game

Ballzy gamification marketing campaign drop game set up

After choosing a game you can then personalize it and make it your own. Adact saves you time by supplying a wide variety of ready-made templates to pick from. You can also use saved templates from other campaigns created in the past.

It’s also possible to add game visuals based on your brand. For example, if you choose the “drop game” you can change the dropping object images, score panel text, background image or color and the player image to match a specific style.

Uploading images to Adact

The drag-and-drop feature on Adact allows anyone to make a game, without programming or coding knowledge. Just drag any image you wish to use into the drop box and release. Just like that, the image is uploaded!

4. Follow the stats

Raha24 gamification campaign statistics

Finally, follow your branded game’s success using Adact analytics. This page shows statistics including how many users play the game and the number of unique leads it has attracted to your business.

The data is updated daily so that you see your marketing strategy progress and flourish. If it’s a hit, you can then apply the same blueprint for future campaigns.

Different types of games you can choose

The type of game you choose has a lot to do with what the purpose of the game will be. First, you should answer some important questions like…

  • What industry do you operate in?
  • Are you trying to engage conference attendees with gamification?
  • Do you want to make the branded game a permanent part of the company website?

Here are a few categories to choose from with


Gamification marketing platform Adact Questionnaires

Questionnaires are knowledge games that test the user’s expertise within a subject or for general trivia. These games tend to go viral and therefore reach many potential customers. When shared on social media, they can generate an incredible amount of views for a business.

Competitive games

Competitive game types

Who doesn’t like a little bit of competition? Competitive games are for the player who likes a challenge. This style of gaming is highly addictive. Getting high scores is the player’s main object and they often spend a long time playing to do so. Longer play time means more interaction with your brand.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle campaign type

Puzzles use logic to help put the pieces together or create a pattern. They are a perfect way to boost brand awareness with a picture of your logo or introduce a new product. The benefit of making branded puzzle games is that they take almost no time to develop.

Lottery Games

Lottery campaign types

Lottery games are purely based on chance which makes them great for all ages. They are usually very short, simple and not talent-based. These games allow the customer to win something—discount codes or free membership.

Video Games

Video campaign types

Video games are infamous in the gaming world. These games work through audience interaction and engagement. Video games are also said to improve mood. This is very helpful when trying to gain clients and keep them satisfied.

Final thoughts

Think of a branded game as instant marketing bait used to effortlessly hook and reel in clientele for your business. These games encourage marketing sign-ups through subtle advertising which spreads brand awareness among users.

Branded games are a great solution whether your business is trying to include gamification in your conference booth, on your website or within your team at work. They are also super easy to create and manage—not a single line of code is required.

In just a few minutes your company can have its very own branded game ready to stand out among the competition and engage your customers.

Join today to make creating interactive marketing campaigns fun and effortless!


What is a branded game?

A branded game is a customized game that markets a specific brand or product. These games help engage customers in a fun and exciting way while building brand loyalty and awareness.

What is a game that delivers a branded message?

Advergames are a mix between entertainment and advertising. These games deliver a branded message as a part of a business’s marketing campaign.

What is a sales promotion game?

Promotional games encourage users to compete in lotteries or skills contests for a chance to win something. Sales promotion games draw attention to a certain product and increase website traffic.

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In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your goals.
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