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Digital Marketing Campaign for ISIC with the Flappy Bird game effect
Campaign ideas

The Flappy Bird Effect – Finding success in gamification nostalgia

The public sector can bring great examples of inevitable struggles within one industry. With it’s communication complexities with young people presents unique challenges. From a potential digital divide to trust issues and the struggle to make information relevant, traditional approaches often fall short. Recognizing these hurdles, the Federation of Estonian Student Unions (EÜL) chose a creative approach: interactive marketing. This is their story.

Tele2 Tallinn Maritime Days Wheel of Fortune Campaign to collect leads and change brand awareness and affinity
Campaign ideas

Tele2 Wheel of Fortune Campaign at Tallinn Maritime Days

Tele2’s Wheel of Fortune Campaign at Tallinn Maritime Days wowed attendees with its captivating gamification approach. Participants engaged in the interactive virtual raffle, winning exciting prizes while providing valuable customer leads. The campaign’s success elevated brand affinity and left a lasting positive impression, showcasing the power of playful strategies in gamification marketing.


New Game Released – Stick Ninja

We are happy to announce that Adact has launched a new interactive experience – the Stick Ninja. Stick Ninja is an attractive, challenging and addictive game,

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