New Game Released – Stick Ninja

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We are happy to announce that Adact has launched a new interactive experience – the Stick Ninja.

Stick Ninja is an attractive, challenging and addictive game, where you can help your hero to build the longest bridge possible!

Here’s how you can setup your own Stick Ninja:

Add your own player images you want to appear in your game.

Choose the settings that you need for the game.

How to play the game?

To play, tap and hold the screen to extend a stick, and release to drop it into place. The stick must be the correct length to reach the next platform. If the stick is too short or too long, the hero will fall, and the game will end. Try to get your hero as far as you can by building the bridges.

Log in to Adact and you can find the new game under Competitive games with the name “Stick Ninja”.

Happy creating!