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Picture of Kalev Kärpuk
Kalev Kärpuk
AirBaltic trivia campaign

MBD is a top-rated marketing agency that specializes in digital media. They have helped several companies, including AirBaltic with their most recent campaign to promote Dubai as an attractive destination for travelers from the Baltics!

Airbaltic used Adact interactive campaigns to get customers attention. The campaign was live in four Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland).

Airbaltic used a Trivia game to test their audience's knowledge about Dubai​

The game was fun and simple, there were 6 engaging questions about Dubai.

The players who answered the questions entered a raffle to win 2 free tickets to Dubai!

After answering a few questions, players are given the opportunity to sign up for Airbaltic newsletters in order win tickets. All they need do is provide their email address and country or language preference!

The lucky winner was chosen at random from all played participants.


41 393 visits to the campaign

17 697 games started and 85% finished the entire game from start to finish

Cost per acquisition – €0.50

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