12 Fun Ways to Introduce New Team Members for a Killer Onboarding

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Fun ways to introduce new team members

Your employee onboarding process goes beyond teaching new hires the ropes of the new job. It provides an opportunity to use fun ways to introduce new team members to a new work environment. 

Unfortunately, most businesses need a better onboarding process. According to research, one in five employees reported that their most recent onboarding was poor. 

It has even become more challenging with the rise in remote and hybrid work. How can you make the onboarding process more interactive and fun for new employees? 

This article will highlight twelve fun ways to introduce new employees in a virtual setting. We’ll also show you how to use a digital game-based system like Adact to create branded games and gamify events for your team. 

Fun ways to introduce new team members online

Welcoming new hires on board doesn’t have to be a rigid process with zero engagement. 

You can break the ice, engage employees and help them get to know each other using the icebreaker games below. It has proven, that over the past few years, the gamification industry has witnessed substantial growth.

1. Two truths and a lie

This icebreaker game is a fun way to help new and existing employees share valuable details about themselves that they think are worth sharing. 

The game is simple – every player gives three statements but with a twist – two statements will be true and the third will be a lie. The other team members are left to figure out which one. 

This team-building exercise allows employees to get creative while learning fascinating facts about each other.

Adact, our game-based platform, allows you to launch a classic icebreaker game like two truths and a lie. 

Fun ways to introduce new team members: Two truths and a lie

2. Company trivia

Employee onboarding games don’t have to be limited to only personal information. You can also introduce your company facts to spice up the onboarding process.

For instance, you can help new hires to gain accurate knowledge of your company’s culture, core values, history, mission and more.

You can start by using Adact to launch a company trivia game, including your chosen questions and their answer options.

Fun ways to introduce new team members: Company trivia

There are many questions you can ask, such as:

  • What is our company’s most important value?
  • Which of the following is our new logo?
  • How many employees did we recruit recently?

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3. Would you rather 

Would you rather is another classic example of fun ways to introduce employees to a new work environment. 

The game works like this – each team member should choose between two options in the form of the question: would you rather? 

Here’s how you can set up a would you rather game using Adact: 

Fun ways to introduce new team members: Would you rather

The purpose of would you rather questions is to reveal the participants’ preferences and promote good conversations. 

4. Personality test

Most of us are familiar with using personality tests in the workplace. While there are some popular personality quizzes like Myers-Briggs and the big 5, you can design a personality test for new remote employees. 

Set up a personality test with questions that will help uncover an employee’s strengths, weaknesses and personality traits.

Personality quiz

This format allows you to arrange your questions in a structured manner with possible answer options.

5. Digital scratchcard

Scratchcards aren’t limited to marketing deals, giveaways or coupons. You can use this feature to reward your new employee.

A fully customizable gaming system like Adact allows you to launch a digital scratchcard. The edit option lets you upload the image of your onboarding gift and design it according to your needs. 

Digital scratchcard

6. Guess who

This simple game improves team relationships and helps each employee shine.

You can ask new employees to state an unusual fact about themselves or share something personal like baby photos. Then other team members are left to guess who is connected to each statement or photo. 

Guess who

Other fun ways to introduce new team members

In this section, we’ll share more ideas on how you can introduce new hires to a new office environment. 

7. Ten things in common

This team introduction idea is another way to improve team bonding and rapport with each other.

Participating in this onboarding activity may surprise most employees with how much they have in common. 

To get started, pair up employees, with each group having an equal number of new and existing employees. Instruct each group to list ten things they have in common. 

The more specific the list is, the more fun the game will be. Once each group completes its lists, everybody will vote on who wins based on the most interesting list.

8. Office scavenger hunt

Rather than the typical office tour, you can let new hires explore the office space with the office scavenger hunt. This fun onboarding game allows you to get creative by hiding various objects at strategic corners in the workplace and assigning new employees to find the hidden objects for themselves. 

You can divide your employees into groups or let them explore the office individually. Make the process fun by hiding funny items in different rooms or sending employees to retrieve common office materials. 

You can incentivize your employees by giving a prize or gift card to the first group or person to complete the scavenger hunt. 

9. The Marshmallow challenge

The marshmallow challenge is another excellent example of an icebreaker game that challenges an entire team to build the tallest freestanding tower with a marshmallow at the top. The employees can use masking tape, barbecue sticks, string and a marshmallow. 

The brain-challenging exercise encourages participants to think quickly and collaborate to achieve a common goal. 

As a result, it can positively impact your new employees, helping them to get more comfortable in the work environment and build better relationships with their co-workers. 

10. Gifts & decoration greeting

What’s a better way to make new hires feel welcome than showering them with onboarding gifts? Existing team members and company executives can offer onboarding gifts like:

  • Computer accessories, such as storage cards, wireless speakers, portable chargers and more
  • Coffee mugs, water bottles and teaspoons
  • Stationary like notebooks, office pens and more
  • Greeting cards, customized stickers and more

You can make this new employee onboarding activity more interesting by using one of the fun games Adact provides – open the box. 

Open the box

All you need to do is have teams set up different gifts and include the new employee’s details.

11. Onboarding pal

The onboarding pal is one of the most fun ways to introduce new employees to a new office environment. In this case, you can assign a colleague to engage a new employee by sharing general information about the company, from company culture to other business activities.

This introduction activity reduces the new employee’s loneliness, anxiety and awkwardness from engaging with a new company.

12. Company bingo

Company bingo is a fun employee engagement game that you can use to promote healthy competition.

Since bingo is a classic game most people are familiar with, it is ideal for one of your onboarding activities. 

To play this game, you need a bingo board that contains several prompts or information related to all players. You can divide the players into groups of four or five people, then each group is expected to use bingo cards to cross off any information related to the players. 

Here are some examples of prompts you can include in your bingo board:

  • Born in the same month
  • Has visited more than ten countries 
  • Loves working from home 
  • Speaks up to three languages 

The goal is to make the options as fun as possible while team members learn more about each other. 


Your onboarding process doesn’t have to begin and end with the typical employee onboarding emails. You can take it a step further by using virtual onboarding activities like personality tests, guess who, company trivia, one truth and a lie and much more. 

Think of these icebreaker games as part of team-building exercises and an opportunity to introduce new hires in the most engaging way possible. 

Our game-based platform, Adact, provides many fun ways to introduce new employees. You can launch marketing games and creative campaigns in minutes without any coding. 

Even more, Adact provides customization options that allow you to design your games according to your company’s onboarding needs. 

You can sign up for free to explore some of our creative campaigns. 

See also how you can use:

Fun ways to introduce new team members: FAQs

How do you introduce a new team member? 

You can use fun gaming activities to introduce a new hire like:
– Personality tests
– Company bingo
– Trivia
– Ten things in common 
– Guess who and more

How do you introduce a new team member virtually? 

You can use virtual gamification systems or online activities to encourage interaction among remote workers. Some of them include:
– Company trivia
– Two truths and a lie 
– Virtual team photos 
– Guess who

How do you make onboarding fun?

You can add a few icebreaker games to your onboarding program to make it fun and interactive. Some of them include:
– Virtual gifts 
– Advent calendars 
– Digital scratchcards and more

In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.