Why Launch a Scratch Card Online Campaign [with Ideas]

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Adact scratch card online

The mini-thrill we get when scratching a card and hoping for a big win, followed by instant mini-disappointment when we see the “better luck next time message,” is – priceless.

Even if there’s no chance to scratch our way out of poverty, there’s something special just in the possibility that you can win something by doing nothing! All that makes scratch cards an immortal promotional tactic.

Here, we’ll explore how to get your potential customers hooked on playing scratch cards online, drawing them to your brand through your creative and fun campaigns. We’ll also explain how online scratch cards work and give you some ideas on launching your campaign easily using a gamification platform such as Adact, so stay tuned.

What is gamification marketing?

Gamification marketing

Did you know that gamification marketing can level up your brand? By integrating games into your marketing, you can grab attention, boost engagement and even score more conversions.

Games feature your brand elements, indirectly increasing your brand recognition.

It can even help you make sales, as you can offer discount codes and coupons as game prizes. That is where online scratch card games come into play as an ideal option.

Scratch card online: how does it work?

Online scratchers replace scratching lottery tickets with clicking. Depending on the app you use to create it, you either need to click on a scratch card to uncover what is behind the “film” or click and hold while moving your mouse to simulate scratching with a coin.

Adact lets you configure prizes too, and it’s up to you to choose what players get based on your business type.

Adact prizes

Why should you launch a scratch card online campaign?

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Besides being much simpler to launch than physical scratch cards, as you don’t have to design or print anything nor distribute them to players, online scratch card campaigns also offer some clear benefits:

Attracting new customers

Who doesn’t like an opportunity to win a prize? Especially when playing a free online scratch cards game which is simple and fun. Because of this, people who are not your current customers will get drawn to play scratch cards only because they want to participate and potentially win some of the prizes – whether some of your products, other gifts, discounts, vouchers or something similar.

Encouraging repeat purchases

If you offer existing customers to play online scratch cards during the checkout phase, they will get a chance to earn discounts on their next purchase. If you make the code last for a limited time, you can even trigger urgency. Because of this, online scratch cards are an excellent way to keep customers coming back.

Building customer loyalty

Giving customers a chance to win prizes, especially on special occasions such as Christmas, July the 4th or similar, will show them that you care. That will help build customer loyalty and maintain long-term relationships, which are exceptionally important for any healthy business.

Ideas for your next scratch card online campaign

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Here are some of the situations in which online scratch cards fit perfectly:


If you offer a digital scratch card at the point of sale, the prize can trigger an upsell if the customer wins a discount for a bigger package or an accessory. And we have described how digital scratch cards can trigger repeat purchases, which is another thing that will boost your revenue.

Special events

Special events such as holidays, Black Friday, company anniversaries or even customers’ birthdays are excellent opportunities and a good reason to send scratch card games to customers.

Conferences and exhibitions

Scratch cards are a perfect companion for conferences and exhibitions. While you can go old-school and print them, you can also send them to any potential customer you exchange contact information with or those buying from you and use them to trigger future purchases.

Loyalty rewards

While customers will collect loyalty points to get future discounts, early-bird promotions or similar, you can also send free scratch cards before they reach a milestone or unlock the next points level. That way, you will keep them engaged, and they will want to keep coming back.

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Scratch card online campaign with Adact

Launching a scratch card online campaign with Adact

There are many reasons Adact should be your go-to choice for creating your next scratch card games online campaign, but let’s name a few:

  • Easy incorporation of your brand elements: Adact lets you create a fully branded game, which will help you with brand recognition, as players will see brand elements everywhere.
  • Easy configuration: You can easily set the prize win probability, making the game as easy or difficult as you like.
  • Detailed analytics: Adact will show you statistics about your campaign, providing insights into what works and what needs fixing, allowing you to improve your future campaigns and other marketing activities.
  • A plethora of other games: While scratch cards are fantastic, having options is always good. Adact offers dozens of games to ensure all your future marketing and sales activities remain fun and fresh.
  • Simple to use and flexible: Adact has a database of pre-configured templates that will help you get going. With them, you don’t even have to build your scratch card games from scratch!


Scratch cards are an excellent way to do something nice for your existing customer base and build loyalty, but also for raising brand awareness, drawing new customers in, upselling and running promotions. Because of this flexibility, they deserve their place in different sales funnel stages.

Adact lets you quickly create and configure your gamification marketing activities and run digital campaigns. With many games and customizable templates, you will never run out of ideas. Try Adact now and start working on your custom gamification marketing campaign today.

Scratch card online campaign: FAQs 

What is an online scratch card?

An online scratch card is a digital version of classic physical scratch-off games. Instead of scratching a paper card with a coin or nail, players use mouse movements to uncover the prize beneath a custom picture.

Can you play scratch online?

Yes, with apps such as Adact, creating and playing online scratch games is simple. Adact offers pre-configured templates that will get you started, so you don’t need to design everything yourself – just edit the template.

How to make a scratch card online?

The best way to do this is with gamification software such as Adact. Upon signing up, you will be able to select a campaign type, after which you can easily configure the prizes, win probability and include brand elements into your online scratch card game.

Is there a scratch card app?

Adact is an excellent choice for building your online scratch card game. You can fully customize it and later use it in your sales and marketing activities. But, Adact also lets you pick from dozens of other online games, so you never run out of marketing and promotional ideas.