Ideas on How to Include Gamification in Your Conference Booth

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How to use gamification in your conference booth

Participating in conferences and exhibitions is an integral part of B2B companies. Every booth is about engaging visitors and collecting new leads. The traditional way of collecting new business leads is to make a raffle and collect people’s information on a piece of paper. But this can be a lot of work, and it’s not always accurate. So… why not gamify your conference booth and save a lot of time and money by keeping things fun and digital?

What is gamification marketing?

Do you remember how Flappy Bird took over the world and no one could stop playing? A simple wheel of fortune at the city fair which you simply couldn’t walk past by. Or a basic raffle at exhibitions and conferences to keep visitors more engaged in their booth?

The keywords in all of this are INTERACTION and ENGAGEMENT. As the definition says: Gamification marketing involves incorporating gaming elements into a non-gaming context to improve engagement levels and encourage users to take specific actions. To put it simply, gamification is using interactions and games to make users take specific actions. The only limitation is your imagination.

If you wish to learn more about gamification marketing and its benefits, visit Adact’s blog and read about the unicorn of digital marketing!

6 ideas you could set up in 30 minutes

Here are branded game ideas that can be used simultaneously in the booth or on your visitors’ own devices. They can also be integrated into your own website or be used in Adact provided landing page.

#1 Good old digital Wheel of Fortune

Trust me when I say that creating a functionally well-performing Wheel of Fortune is difficult without gamification software like Adact. There have been over 200 Wheel of Fortunes created with Adact and we have learned what nuances go into creating one in order to satisfy all requirements.

Once you have your wheel in place, you can raffle various different things related to your business, such as:

  • Smaller prizes you can give out right in your booth
  • Discount coupons to be used in your store
  • Consultation hours or other services

Be sure always to exchange the raffle experience for either leads or other valuable lead information! You can learn how to make a Wheel of Fortune using Adact in our step-by-step guide.

#2 Create a multiple-path trivia

Our newest campaign type is a multiple path trivia where you can have your conference booth visitors complete a questionnaire where each next question depends on how the previous questions were answered.

It’s a great tool to allow your visitors to find the most relevant results for them:

  • If you provide different kinds of services allow your visitors to answer and find out which service they would benefit from the most.
  • Create a more challenging trivia game where if an answer is incorrect the game finishes. The visitors who end up answering all questions correctly can receive a prize.
  • Allow your visitors to answer questions and store all of the answered questions related to this lead to have much better segmented and qualified leads to work with after the conference.

NB! When creating the trivia with Adact you will also know exactly how each person answered. That’s highly valuable information when qualifying the leads later on.

#3 Create a Jeopardy game

Jeopardy is a great game that includes several key elements together: Risk, Reward, Anticipation, Excitement and learning.

In a jeopardy game, you can have three topics, each of which will have three questions that award either 100, 200 or 300 points.

Here are some concepts that you could use:

  • If you provide services allow your visitors to answer and find out which service they would benefit from the most.
  • Create a more challenging trivia game where if an answer is incorrect the game is finished. The visitors who end up answering all questions correctly can receive a prize.
  • Allow your visitors to answer questions and store all of the answered questions related to this lead to have much better segmented and qualified leads to work with.

#4 Create a competitive game and have a public competition

There are so many different concepts you could use when using competitive games. Make sure you watch our webinar on how to come up with ideas for competitive games.

You can create any of the 10+ different competitive games Adact has to offer including Flappy Birds, Candy Crush, Whack a Mole, Endless Runner, Drop game and so many more.

Choose a game type that is relevant to your business and create a leaderboard to accompany it.

Here are different ways to use games in marketing:

  • Create a 30-second Candy Crush game where players have to organize their relevant icons in a row. If the player achieves over 50 points, they participate in the raffle.
  • Create a Flappy birds game where your mascot flies around and avoids obstacles. Have a raffle between the top 10 scorers for any prize you could give out.
  • Create a tower stacking game where players stack their logos on a tower. If the tower is worth at least 50 points then the player will receive a small prize.

NB! All of the games can be played on the visitors’ own devices as well. So don’t be surprised if people are hanging around the conference and trying to improve their scores!

#5 Create an interactive video

Explainer videos are an essential part of several booths. With Adact you can turn your videos interactive. 43% of consumers report interactivity as the top online video quality for their decision-making process.

You can either hide hotspots in a video and have people find them. Or you can have questions appear during a video where people have to answer a question before the video continues.

Here are different ways to make your video interactive:

  • Have a video playing in your booth, but people have to find hidden icons in the video – if they find all of the icons they receive a prize!
  • When visitors play your video, it stops at specific points to ask a question from the viewer.
  • You can have several videos each related to different questions. After answering the question, the next video will start playing.

#6 Create a Wordle word guessing game

Wordle is a game that gets you hooked very fast. It’s based on New York Times namesake game where you decide what is the correct word and your players have a specific number of tries to try and guess what’s the correct word. They get hints about whether the letters appear in the word.

You can use Wordle to:

  • Create a game where your audience has to guess your discount codes
  • Have your visitors guess words related to your product
  • All the words are some of your partners that your visitors have to guess

You can then also award visitors with prizes if they guessed all the words correctly! Check out our guide on how to make a custom wordle game.

#7 Create other types of raffle games

There are several different raffle types to choose from!

Although the logic is the same – there is a chance to win a prize by just participating.

Consider some of the experiences below:

  • Create a Plinko game where visitors drop a digital ball that drops and changes directions when it falls on pegs. The prize it falls to is the prize they win!
  • Create a Digital Scratchcard raffle where they can scratch an image to reveal whether they won a prize.
  • Create a simple Open the Box game where a prize is revealed behind a box.

You can customize any number of prizes and probabilities to win each prize as you see fit. Adact also enables the automatic sending out of emails to the winners with unique codes.

For more ideas, check out our post on how different companies engaged conference attendees with gamification.

Closing thoughts and tips

All interactions perform better if there’s a small prize associated with them. Note that the prize can indeed be very small.

We at Adact highly encourage you to use gamification in your conference demo area booths both online and offline and continue using gamification throughout your conversations with your audience.

It is objectively better to have some sort of engagement in your conference booth versus not having one, with 81% of people agreeing that interactive content grabs attention more effectively than non-interactive content. Adact enables you to set up different experiences very quickly while also taking care of the analytics and lead collection.

Originally published on July 26, 2022, updated on February 10, 2023.

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