Collecting Leads through Gamification: Danija’s Wheel of Fortune Campaign

Danija, a shoe retailer in the Baltic market, wanted to change how they marketed their products. They needed more people to sign up for their emails and buy more shoes. So, they tried something new: using games in their marketing, like the Wheel of Fortune. This Case Study tells their story of success, showing how games in marketing can really make a difference.
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Kalev Kärpuk
Danija collecting new leads and increase sales by using interactive marketing strategy and a digital wheel of fortune

Danija, a footwear retailer in the Baltic market, sought to change its approach to marketing. Faced with the dual challenge of expanding their email subscriber base and increasing sales, they embarked on a journey guided by the innovation of interactive marketing. Or to be more specific – gamification marketing. This Case Study encapsulates their strategic deployment of a digital Wheel of Fortune campaign, illuminating how interactive marketing can truly make a difference. So here’s how they did it.

Understanding gamification marketing

First things first. What is gamification marketing? Some call it interactive marketing, but at its core, they both represent the fusion of gaming elements with traditional marketing strategies. By leveraging the human desire for a challenge, reward, and achievement, this kind of marketing fosters customer engagement, sales and brand loyalty.

Having an interactive marketing strategy in place is all nice and great but it is nothing without having a campaign type that serves your goals. So how did Danija know which campaign to choose?

Choosing campaign type based on objectives

When starting with their campaign, Danija had two things in mind: collecting new emails to their newsletter database and growing sales. Having previously launched raffles and quizzes on social media, the footwear retailer was looking for a solution where they could engage their customers, drive sales and update their newsletter subscriber list at the same time. This is where together with their customer success manager, they got an idea for Wheel of Fortune.

Digital Wheel of Fortune by its nature directly serves previously mentioned purposes. This left Danija no choice but to implement this interactive marketing, they could harness these psychological motivators to amplify customer engagement and drive desired actions.

The Mechanics of Danija’s Digital Wheel of Fortune Campaign

Wheel of Fortune is a game concept that has been around for years. With it comes the excitement of winning something, whether it is a car, some money or coupon codes. The so-called golden rule is “Spin and Win”.

Nothing is free in life. In exchange for giving out discount codes, Danija took advantage of our intuitive user interface and prize management to create a Wheel of Fortune campaign that collected thousands of unique leads to their newsletter list and helped them drive sales.

Now let’s take a closer look at their campaign results.

Riding the Wave of Success

We love to see a successful campaign. Compared to their other marketing campaigns, Danija got a lot more new leads and people using their codes, adding a whopping 30,000 new subscribers to their email list. This not only helps them with future email marketing efforts but also helps them increase sales thanks to it. The other key metric was driving sales. After giving out about 30,000 coupon codes, they got thousands of new visitors to their homepage and even more coupon redemptions. This shows how well interactive marketing works for increasing sales and collecting leads.

Danija Digital Wheel of Fortune interactive marketing campaign results banner

Engagement and Promotion Tactics

Promotion is key in such digital campaigns as Wheel of Fortune or other public competitions. You may have every top-notch functionality and wonderful prizes, but they can’t help you when you don’t have players participating. This is where campaign promotion comes into play.

Danija took the traditional way of having pop-up banners on their homepage and launching META ads on Facebook and Instagram. It might seem like an extremely conventional approach, but if it works, then it works. Danija got tens of thousands of players on their digital Wheel of Fortune landing page which allowed them to reach and surpass their targets.

Summarizing the Case Study

In short, Danija combined the nature of interactive marketing with our unique technology which allowed them to surpass their objectives. The story of their Wheel of Fortune campaign shows how powerful interactive marketing can be in changing how people connect with brands, building strong relationships, and boosting sales. As marketing keeps evolving, Danija’s journey is a great example of how games can sometimes earn even better results than traditional approaches.

In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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