3 Gamification Marketing Case studies With Examples

Keeping your audience engaged can be a real challenge and we know you want to see gamification examples how it can be done! That’s where gamification marketing comes into play, adding a fun twist to traditional strategies. By incorporating game-like elements into marketing campaigns, brands can create engaging and interactive experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

In this blog post, we’re diving into three awesome gamification examples. We’ll explore how some savvy companies have used these techniques to not only boost their SEO but also to create memorable customer experiences. Get ready to uncover some cool insights and tips you can apply to your own marketing game plan!

What is gamification marketing​

While standard marketing only engages our vision, Gamification marketing engages our entire brainpower.

By being actively engaged, gamification yields the users full focus.

Participants actively think on what they are doing making it much more intimate and engaging which in turn generates higher understanding, and conversion.

Gamification in Marketing is often something people can refer to as a buzzword or a concept they are vaguely familiar with but it is rarely something marketers actually know what or how to do or where to begin.

Overall think about gamification in marketing as you would think about “How can I create a dialogue with my audience?”. How would it be possible to create an experience where your audience can interact with your message.

While standard marketing is just one way – company sends out a message, pays to distribute it and then hoping it will stick to someone. Like throwing a spaghetti to a wall and see what sticks.

Gamification marketing is inviting those people over for dinner and including them in your message.

You can achieve that with different types of gamification marketing. Here are some examples of gamification marketing types:

  • Trivia games – You ask questions from your audience and invite people to answer those questions. It can be to test the knowledge or to prove a point. 
  • Prediction games – As a marketer you can invite people to give their opinion about the future and listen to their input.
  • Branded minigames – The most fun and engaging way to include your potential customers is to invite them over to play a game that reflects your brand. 
  • Wheel of Fortune and other lotteries – Instead of just giving out a discount or a prize to people you invite users to interact to get the prize.
Here we explained some ideas to use for the Easter Holiday Campaigns

Take a look at some case studies on successful gamification marketing campaigns below

Brands For Less

Integrating gamified campaigns to e-commerce app

Gamification Example Brands For Less

About Brands For Less

Brands For Less UAE, a leading retailer offering top-quality fashion and lifestyle products at unbeatable prices, constantly seeks innovative ways to engage their customers. With over 50 physical stores complemented by an online store and a mobile e-commerce app, they provide a dynamic shopping experience featuring a constantly updated selection from renowned brands.

During their mid-year sale, Alan, the Jr Media Executive from the United Arab Emirates, had a novel idea: why not integrate an Adact inside the 
e-commerce app? Indeed, why not!

This initiative aimed to enhance user engagement by inviting all app users to participate in a fun and competitive game. By doing so, Brands For Less aimed to provide an entertaining shopping experience and raffle awards amongst the most engaged participants. This case study explores how Adact helped achieve these goals and the impact it had on their community.


The implementation of Adact within the Brands For Less e-commerce app turned out to be a fantastic idea. By adding fun and interactive games, users found themselves more drawn to the app, spending more time exploring and enjoying their shopping experience. This clever addition not only boosted how often people used the app but also made it more enjoyable for them. The competitive games created a lively sense of community among users, making them feel more connected to the brand. During the mid-year sale, the app saw a big jump in participation and sales, proving that a little bit of fun can go a long way in keeping customers happy and engaged.

How did they do it?

Our first Gamification examples comes from Brands for Less. During a crucial sale period, Brands For Less UAE aimed to boost app engagement and time spent on their platform. To enhance the shopping experience with additional features and rewards, they utilized the Adact gamified marketing platform. 

Adact was chosen for its ability to create engaging and interactive experiences. As visibility was the top priority, the campaign banners were prominently displayed on the homepage of both the app and website, and the experience was additionally advertised through Meta, YouTube, and Instagram snippets for maximum visibility. 

For their first gamified campaign they decided to go for something fun and competitive! It helped narrow down the library of Adact, including over 50 different game types, to pick a suitable option from the Branded Minigames category. And this is how the custom designed Flappy Bird game was born, which is known for it’s stickiness and replayability. With its competitive mechanics, paired with extra initiative such as leaderboard and a raffle prize, the success was almost guaranteed!

Now they just needed to set up the campaign flow to finalize the user journey, determining what happens after the visitors have clicked the ad banner. A sequence of 4 screens was quickly crafted with all elements adjusted to align with the brands visual identity guidelines. They started with a simple introduction of the rules before the game and asked for contact details after, as seen below.

Gamification Example Flow of Brands for Less

To further drive participation, an iPad Air was offered as a prize to one of the top 50 players on the leaderboard, chosen through a draw. The results of this gamification example highlight how Adact helped Brands For Less achieve their engagement goals during a key sale period.

Campaign Results

A simple banner with a CTA to “Play & Win” worked its magic. It wasn’t just attracting clicks, but 95% of people who clicked, also played through the game, making the bounce rate as low as 5%. 

The goal of engaging users was accomplished with a total of over 16,000 users endaged and 200,000 games started over 2 weeks. According to Alan, the campaign was a success and the statistics higher than expected.

Brands for Less Gamification Example results
"The game was well received by everyone. People seemed to be quite addicted to this game when we compared it to other games. It was fluid and responsive, making players keep coming back for more. I would highly recommend this tool, especially for its intuitive platform and, most importantly, the exceptional support they offer for each project.
Alan D'cunha
Jr Media Executive, Brands For Less UAE

The integration of Adact’s gamification marketing platform proved to be a highly effective strategy for Brands For Less UAE and a great examples of gamification. By leveraging gamified marketing strategies and interactive marketing campaigns, they were able to significantly enhance user engagement and provide a memorable gamified customer experience. This case study highlights the impact of gamification for e-commerce, demonstrating how SaaS gamification tools can drive customer loyalty and engagement. Brands For Less successfully utilized marketing gamification to boost their mid-year sales and increase customer loyalty, establishing a new customer engagement standard for their future campaigns.


Multi-national gamification campaign example

About Ballzy

Ballzy is both an online and brick-and-morter shoe store that is not afraid to go bold with their brand and image.

Sneakers. Community. Culture. History. With all these things in mind – Their first stepping stone of local sneaker culture was built. 

Located in Tallinn, Ülemiste and designed by the lead artist Karmo Ruusmaa, this is the place that started the Ballzy blue signature line. The place sports a lot of sneaker art and accessories – informative drawings from Karmo, books related to the scene, different figurines and even a blue basketball.

Oh, and the main attraction is a key master machine that offers visitors a chance to win a fresh pair of sneakers for a fraction of the price. 

Ballzy Gamification Initiative

It’s not the first time Ballzy has launched a gamified campaign – read more about what they did last time. As fitting for their active and sporty brand, this time they decided to go with an Endless Runner campaign. The trick of choosing the best campaign type for your gamification marketing is really about matching the game mechanics to what your brand aims to convey. Although last time they went with a drop game, In this case, it was obvious – the campaign was named “BALLZY – FEED YOUR FEET” and it would have been difficult to find a game more suitable for their campaign slogan. And thus this gamification example was born.

The Endless Runner game perfectly aligned with the brand’s ethos, emphasizing continuous movement, agility, and endurance, all qualities that BALLZY embodies. By engaging their audience in a dynamic and interactive way, they created a seamless connection between the brand’s values and the gaming experience. Players were not just participating in a game; they were living the brand’s narrative of constant motion and energy. That’s a great example of gamification in marketing.

Additionally, this gamification example game’s mechanics encouraged repeated play, enhancing user engagement and increasing the time spent interacting with the brand. This not only amplified brand recall but also fostered a deeper emotional connection with the audience. The repetitive yet addictive nature of Endless Runner games meant that players were constantly reminded of BALLZY, ensuring the brand stayed top-of-mind.

This campaign highlighted the importance of creativity in gamification marketing. By carefully selecting a game that mirrored their brand’s identity, BALLZY demonstrated how gamification could be a powerful tool for brand storytelling. The “FEED YOUR FEET” campaign became more than just a slogan; it was an interactive experience that reinforced the brand’s message with every play.

Ballzy Campaign Flow

How does Endless Runner Work

Object of the game is to continue running and collecting points while jumping over obstacles. Players can have any number of attempts ( in Ballzys case it was 3) to score as high as they can and be placed high on the leaderboards.

How did Ballzy create the campaign?

By logging in to Adact.me gamification marketing software, they simply chose the Endless runner mechanics and dragged and dropped all of their desired visuals in to the game.

What was the flow of the campaign?

First players would give their contact information and also specify their shoe sizes on a registration form. This was followed by a tutorial on how to play the game. After scoring the points, users would see their place in the leaderboards.

What were the prizes in the campaign?

There was a unique prize raffled out each week where the top scorers of that week were entered into a raffle to win everything  from free sneakers to a Playstation 5

Gamification Example flow for Ballzy

Lets talk about the results

Ballzy’s FEED YOUR FEET campaign gathered over 8000 leads, with players engaging in the game over 113,000 times! Not only was this game highly replayable by design, but the inclusion of a leaderboard and prizes for top players added a competitive edge that kept users coming back for more. On average, each player participated in the game 14 times!

Considering that each gameplay lasted about 1 minute on average, this translates to 14 minutes of engagement per person with your brand. This level of sustained interaction is a remarkable achievement in any marketing campaign.

If you think that people just swipe through the games without actually playing, you’re in for a surprise. An impressive 97.8% of all gameplays were completed, with players reaching the end screen, and only 2.2% left the game before finishing the entire challenge. This high completion rate indicates strong engagement and interest from the participants.

What other marketing strategies beyond gamification marketing can achieve such results? Quite simply, there are none. The unique combination of fun, competition, and rewards in a gamified campaign creates an unparalleled level of engagement that traditional marketing strategies simply cannot match. Gamification taps into intrinsic motivations and creates memorable, interactive experiences that deeply connect with audiences in a way that no other marketing approach can.

Ballzy Gamification Example results
Trying to always exceed Ballzy campaign results, we are always seeking some sort of possibility to elevate our campaign strategy. Previously, we have used Adact platform, but never as deeply as this time. It was a full-on dive this time. Specifically, we are talking about custom designs in every detail as well as a marketing strategy that concentrates on reach and engagement. After the campaign ended, we saw that this was the way to go, and our audience loved it! I would highly recommend Adact to spice up your campaign since there are endless possibilities. It is always safe to use still pictures as campaign visuals. Don't be afraid to be a little extra. You can rely on Adact!
Reijo Põllu
Marketing Manager at Ballzy

Eesti Pagar

Tic-Tac-Toe Gamification Marketing campaign example

About Eesti Pagar

Estonian Bakery takes pride in crafting traditional Estonian bread, a symbol of nourishment, alongside a variety of other delicious baked goods.

Under the skilled watch of our bakers, dozens of different bread and pastry products are created, each captivating in appearance and delightful in taste.

Not only Estonian Bakery surprises our customers with innovative new products from time to time, they are also innovating when it comes to marketing,

They have created their own Bakery Days and Bakery Calendar that highlights which types of cakes should be served in which Holidays.

Bringing an old classic into marketing

The reason we wish to highlight Eesti Pagar and its campaign is because we love to break the myth where people believe it takes multiple weeks and a large team to build and launch a gamified campaign. And not just any gamified campaign – but a unique one in the market that none of your competitors have ever built!

So, when one day you feel that it’s been too long since you’ve had an interaction with your audience, then hey – create a game and challenge your audience to a match of Tic-Tac-Toe, just like Eesti Pagar did. Their approach was innovative, combining simplicity with engagement in a way that captured their audience’s attention and sparked excitement. The beauty of their campaign lay in its straightforward yet impactful execution, proving that you don’t need to overcomplicate things to create a memorable experience. By leveraging the timeless appeal of Tic-Tac-Toe, Eesti Pagar successfully reconnected with their audience, driving interaction and fostering a sense of community.

Moreover, this campaign serves as a testament to the effectiveness of gamification in marketing.  The results speak for themselves: increased engagement, heightened brand awareness, and a revitalized connection with customers. Eesti Pagar’s initiative is a perfect example of how embracing innovative marketing strategies can lead to remarkable outcomes without the need for extensive resources or time. So, why wait? Take a page from Eesti Pagar’s book and start crafting your own unique, engaging campaigns today!

Eesti Pagar Gamification Example screen

Eesti Pagar campaign flow

How Tic Tac Toe Works

Object of the game is to win the computer at a game of – you guessed it – Tic-Tac-Toe.As you design the game you can use whatever images to represent the “X”s and “OS” and also draw your own designed game board exactly as you see fit. The game can happen over 1, 3 or 5 rounds and you can adjust the difficulty of the game as well.

Read more about building a Tic-Tac- Toe game 

How did Eesti Pagar create the campaign?

By logging in to Adact.me gamification marketing software, they chose the a Tic-Tac-Toe game mechanics. Then they chose that they would like to have a “Best of 3” game and the player would be the bread while the opponent (Computer) is the cake

What was the flow of the campaign?

First players would give their contact information and also their name in the leaderboard. 

On the start screen of the campaign, Eesti Pagar notified that the Top 50 in the leaderboard will participate in the raffling of a giftbag full of Estonian Bakery Products! After accepting the Terms and Conditions they could head into the game.

At the end of the campaign, Estonian Bakery used the prize raffling feature on Adact.me to randomly draw winners from the Top 50 in the leaderboard.

How long was the campaign?

This campaign was live for only 2 days during the Midsummer. Despite that, Estonian Bakery saw amazing results thanks to gamification marketing initiative.

Campaign results

This campaign did phenomenally collecting well over 1700 leads in just 1 day. Importantly marketers don’t often focus on how important it is to have people not only give you the lead information but also to spend time with your brand afterwards in an enjoyable manner. Often we just value the click through rate on the campaign but don’t think about what happens afterwards.

This campaign also showed that gamification marketing does an excellent job in keeping people engaged with your brand. 

On average 1 person played the game 4 times spending 3 minutes and 58 seconds engaged with your brand after clicking on the ad.

Eesti Pagar Tic-Tac-Toe Gamification Example results
We are using Adact all year around for quick and highly effective interactive marketing. I like how quickly I can set everything up just by reusing the templates and choosing new products in new games. There are so many options that I will never run out of fresh ideas! Their customer success is very helpful and don't only provide troubleshooting but also their own ideas and suggestions based on my goals!
Karina Pormann
Social Media Specialist at Eesti Pagar


In conclusion, gamification marketing has proven to be an incredibly effective tool for enhancing customer engagement and driving brand loyalty. By incorporating game-like elements into their campaigns, Brands For Less, Ballzy, and Eesti Pagar have successfully created interactive and memorable experiences that go beyond traditional marketing methods. These case studies illustrate the power of gamification in capturing the audience’s attention, fostering a sense of community, and encouraging repeat interactions.

For Brands For Less, integrating Adact into their e-commerce app during the mid-year sale not only increased app usage but also built a stronger connection with their customers through fun and competitive games. Ballzy’s “FEED YOUR FEET” campaign showed how aligning game mechanics with brand values can create a seamless and engaging experience, while Eesti Pagar’s simple yet impactful Tic-Tac-Toe game demonstrated that even straightforward gamification can lead to remarkable results.

These examples highlight the versatility and effectiveness of gamification in marketing. Whether you’re looking to boost engagement, increase brand awareness, or foster deeper customer connections, gamification offers a unique and powerful approach. So, why not take a page from these successful campaigns and start exploring how gamification can enhance your own marketing strategy? It’s time to make your marketing efforts more interactive, engaging, and fun for your audience!


1. Can gamification marketing be used in Mobile Application?

Absolutely, gamification marketing can be effectively used in mobile applications. In fact, incorporating game-like elements into a mobile app can significantly enhance user engagement and create a more interactive and enjoyable experience for users. For example, Brands For Less UAE successfully integrated the Adact gamification platform into their e-commerce app during their mid-year sale. This initiative included fun and competitive games that not only drew users to spend more time on the app but also created a lively sense of community among users.

2. What are some good examples of Gamification Marketing

There are several excellent examples of gamification marketing that highlight its effectiveness in engaging customers and boosting brand loyalty. Here are a few notable ones:

  1. Brands For Less UAE: During their mid-year sale, Brands For Less integrated the Adact gamification platform into their e-commerce app. They introduced fun and competitive games that encouraged users to spend more time on the app. This initiative included leaderboards and raffle prizes, creating a lively sense of community and significantly increasing app engagement and sales.

  2. Ballzy: This sneaker store launched the “FEED YOUR FEET” campaign using an Endless Runner game. The game aligned perfectly with Ballzy’s brand values of continuous movement, agility, and endurance. The campaign not only engaged users through repeated play but also enhanced brand recall and fostered a deeper emotional connection with the audience. With a competitive leaderboard and weekly raffles, the campaign saw over 113,000 gameplays and gathered over 8,000 leads.

  3. Eesti Pagar: Estonian Bakery used gamification marketing to reconnect with their audience through a simple yet engaging Tic-Tac-Toe game during the Midsummer holiday. Despite the campaign being live for only two days, it collected over 1,700 leads and demonstrated high engagement with users playing the game multiple times. This campaign highlighted how even straightforward gamification can drive significant results and keep customers engaged with the brand.

These gamification examples show how gamification marketing can be tailored to fit different brands and objectives, creating memorable and interactive experiences that resonate with customers. By incorporating elements like competitive games, leaderboards, and rewards, brands can significantly enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

3. How to choose correct gamification marketing software?

Here is a detailed guide on choosing the best gamification marketing software.

Ease of use – No workshop required

  • You do not want to include yet another software that requires dedicated workshops and tutorials to learn. You want a software that you can jump right into using it and getting the results you expect.

Customer Success Quality not only the software

  • Look for a partner who is proactively reaching out and giving you pointers not just someone who outsource their customer support from cheaper salary countries.
  • Uniqueness: Does every campaign come out looking almost the same as competitors? Can you truly use your brand language and make it indistinguishable from the rest?
  • Features: How many things you can do with a tool matters. Can you easily customize the game? Do you have enough features to make your game stand out from the rest? How hard is it to integrate it into your website?
  • Integrations: Can you send all the data to your CRM? Can you embed the campaign into your application? Can you use it in your own website? Does it come as white labeled?
  • Real Time Updating: If you notice a mistake while the campaign is live – can you fix it in real time? Can you update the prize probability in real time? These are important as you don’t want to commit to a mistake.
  • Rating and reviews: Check people’s comments and reviews and weigh the pros and cons of each available alternative.
  • Support: Always check user reviews and people’s experience with the customer support team. Do you get 24/7 assistance? How fast is the support team?
  • Free trial: Before purchasing software, it’s best to test it first. The easiest way is to sign up for a free trial.


4. How to get started with Gamification Marketing?

First choose the software you wish to use ( we recommend Adact ). Then book a time for a short call where you will get access to the software and hear our pointers and suggestions.

We will then build an example gamification for you during the call which you can continue editing at your own pace.

Let’s get started

What to expect from the 30 minute demo call:

  • You will learn how to easily launch gamification marketing campaings
  • Find solutions for your specific use cases
  • We will cover case studies and success stories similar to your brand
  • Discuss flexible pricing options
  • If possible, we will create your own designed campaign during the call together
  • Make sure you leave with a new found knowledge of gamification marketing innovations
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What to expect from the 30 minute demo call:

  • You will learn how to easily launch gamification marketing campaings
  • Find solutions for your specific use cases
  • We will cover case studies and success stories similar to your brand
  • Discuss flexible pricing options
  • If possible, we will create your own designed campaign during the call together
  • Make sure you leave with a new found knowledge of gamification marketing innovations

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