8 Easter Marketing Ideas to Rock Your Promotion Campaign

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Easter marketing ideas

The Easter holiday is a profitable time for the eCommerce sector, with 80% of Americans celebrating the holiday and spending $20.8 billion in 2022. With the help of some creative Easter marketing ideas, you will manage to connect with your ideal customers and increase sales. 

To boost customer engagement and increase conversion this Easter holiday, we have compiled a list of our favorite ideas and actionable tips to help with your Easter marketing campaigns. 

1. Plan a virtual Easter egg hunt

You can engage your customers and encourage them to spend while they have fun by holding an online Easter egg hunt.

Virtual Easter egg hunt
Image source: Kidssquare

You can plan an egg hunt within your store, placing exclusive codes in your store so customers can discover them and access your online campaign. Another idea would be to hide the codes on your website. When customers find the eggs by clicking on them, the cookies can recognize them and offer them a discount.

Hidden Easter eggs
Image source: Drip

2. Organize a photo contest

People love photo contests with fantastic spring colors. Use the opportunity to launch a photo contest as your marketing campaign strategy. 

Invite users to submit their best Easter photos, including prizes or free bundles for the winners. Some of the Easter photo challenges may include:

  • Easter egg photos
  • Easter bunny photos
  • Easter basket photos
  • Outdoor photos
Easter photo contest
Image source: Facebook

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3. Launch interactive games

88% of global business leaders view customer engagement as having a significant impact on their company’s bottom line. And what better way to engage your customers than creating interactive games that reward the winners? Apart from that, gamified marketing also:

  • Connects marketing and fun to create a brand image that stands out
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Assists in data collection

You can create a successful Easter marketing campaign with the right gamification platform like Adact. Here are some of the games that you can launch with Adact:

Prize wheels

A wheel of fortune is an effective gamification option to engage a target audience on your website. By spinning the wheel, you can offer customers a chance to win a discount, gift or a unique code.

Easter wheel

Promotional puzzles

Promotional puzzles are ideal for retaining the curiosity of your target customers for a more extended period. It is easier to get people glued on promotional puzzles for several minutes than other expensive promotional advertisements.

When a person solves a puzzle on your site, it can boost brand recognition and create a preference for your brand. 

Promotional Easter puzzle

Memory games

Memory games boost your target audience’s engagement with the product and services rapidly. They are also beneficial for collecting data and increasing website signups.

Easter memory game

It is simple to collect data when you invite players to click a button, spin a wheel or start a jackpot to win a prize. They will have to fill out a form with their details in case they win, and you can also add an option where they can sign in for your newsletter.

Egg battle

You can create an egg battle asking your customers to choose a funnier Easter game or a more creative egg.

Egg battle

Swipe polls

Use a swipe poll to generate engagement by having your customers think about all those amusing situations during Easter. You can upload images of those situations and ask your customers if it’s ever happened to them, making them reminisce about the good times. 

Easter swipe poll

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4. Create a ‘Happy Easter’ email with a video greeting

Create an Easter-themed email and send it to your customers. Customize your Easter email by adding images with chicks and bunnies to your regular email. Ensure that the email has a compelling message or video that will intrigue your subscribers.

Easter email marketing ideas
Image source: Drip

5. Host Easter Cookbook giveaways

Hosting an Easter cookbook giveaway is a great marketing idea for a business. If you provide enough value and offer them incredible recipes, they will likely remember you and come back for more products and services.

Easter cookbook
Image source: Etsy

In addition, you can offer an Easter-themed cookbook with decoration goodies on your social media platform to improve follow-up.

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6. Create Easter-themed pop-ups

You can create an Easter countdown or gamified pop-ups to help increase conversions through the Easter promotions. Design your pop-up in decorative spring colors to draw attention to the Easter season. You can also use Easter email pop-ups to update your customers on your company’s progress and new products.

Easter popup
Image source: smsbump

It is best to start your campaigns on time and we also have summer marketing ideas for you, along with some suggestions for your next Father’s day campaign.

7. Reward your customers

You can use promotional offers such as:

  • Gifts for bigger purchases
  • BOGO (buy one, get one)
  • Free shipping
  • Referral programs
  • Loyalty programs
Easter bogo
Image source: Drip

8. Give limited edition Easter bundles

Create limited edition Easter bundles and encourage your customers to start a new season with a brand new collection of your products.

Easter bundles
Image source: Deal.Town


Whether you run an established business or are just starting out, Easter is an excellent opportunity to boost sales and engage with customers. The above Easter marketing ideas will increase creativity and boost your Easter marketing strategy. Identify the best channels to incorporate your Easter promotion ideas and use interactive games to make your brand stand out and attract more customers.

At Adact we will help you create different games to integrate your Easter marketing strategy. Sign up for our Adact today to make your Easter campaigns more memorable and fun. 

Easter marketing ideas: FAQs

How do you market Easter?

Encourage your target audience by running an Easter marketing campaign through the following:
1. Planning a virtual egg hunt
2. Hosting contests
3. Creating interactive games
4. Offering a ‘Happy Easter’ email with a video greeting
5. Giving away Easter Cookbook
6. Creating Easter-themed pop-ups
7. Rewarding your customers
8. Offering limited edition Easter bundles

What are some things that businesses do for Easter?

For creative marketing, most businesses offer Easter holiday promotions, create Easter egg hunts, launch limited edition Easter bundles and hold social media contests. 

What is an Easter egg in advertising?

Easter eggs are hidden messages that customers can find in a store or company website. Businesses use this to attract customers to their stores or encourage them to spend time on their website and win rewards such as discount codes.

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