8 Spring Marketing Ideas for Your Advertising Campaign

Creative spring marketing ideas

It’s time to freshen up your marketing campaigns with seasonal marketing! This strategy involves adapting your campaigns to the present season and major holidays to better reach your target audience and bring in more conversions. For example, statistics suggest that jewelry web pages get 36% more visits in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day!

As spring is a time of growth and renewal, it’s a great chance to revamp your marketing initiatives, and this article will look into some practical strategies that will help you connect with more customers. So let’s go ahead and explore some inspiring spring marketing ideas.

8 spring marketing ideas for your advertising campaign

Spring marketing ideas
Image source: Kvalifik

As spring rolls around, there are many special occasions, each with their own unique themes and opportunities for marketing. Here’s the list of dates to mark in your calendar:

  • March 20: First Day of Spring
  • March 31: International Transgender Day
  • April 1: April Fools’ Day
  • April 2: Start of Ramadan
  • April 10: Siblings Day
  • April 11: National Pet Day
  • April 15-24: Coachella Music and Arts Festival
  • April 15-18: Easter
  • April 22: Earth Day
  • May 1: May Day
  • May 2: End of Ramadan
  • May 4: Star Wars Day
  • May 8: Mother’s Day (US)
  • June 1: Pride Month
  • June 1: Global Day of Parents
  • June 2: Spring Bank Holiday
  • June 18: Neurodiversity Pride Day
  • June 19: Father’s Day (US)
  • June 21: World Music Day & Summer Solstice

By incorporating these holidays into your spring marketing strategy, you can create more relevant and engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives conversions. Freepik help you to find Spring images on how to design one!

Now let us break down ten of our favorite ideas to increase your customer engagement and satisfaction.

1. Interactive spring web games

Interactive spring web games

Do you know what a fun way to market during spring is? Incorporating interactive spring games in your campaigns. Not only it’s a great way to create buzz around your brand, but it can also drive conversions. It’s a win-win! With gamification, you can increase customer engagement by 48%. Adact, our marketing gamification tool, can help you easily create and launch interactive spring games according to your target audience, without any coding.

With Adact and real-time analytics feature, you can track how well your campaign is performing. And, if you have more than one product, you can assign each brand their own domain name, campaigns and separate analytics, which will help you stay organized.

Prize wheel

Prize wheel

One of the games Adact offers is the Prize Wheel or Wheel of Fortune. This game allows you to offer prizes to customers joining your campaigns. The game can be fully customized to match your branding and embedded on your website or social media platforms. 


Spring puzzle

Another game offered by Adact is the puzzles. You can choose the level of complexity for the puzzles you offer, depending on your target audience. They can also be embedded on your website or social media platforms and used to collect customer data for future marketing efforts.

Memory games

Spring memory game

You can also create a memory game as a fun and interactive way to promote your brand or a certain product. For example, you can launch a new product for mothers, before Mother’s day, and introduce it via a memory game!


Spring trivia

For those customers who love a challenge, a trivia quiz is a great way to engage them. With a trivia game maker such as Adact, you can make a spring theme trivia quiz and reward the winners, while using all the answers to generate leads!

You can find more Adact games here.

2. Spring social media contest

Spring social media contest
Image source: bozekorthodontics

You can launch various types of contests on social media. For example, you could run a photo contest where customers submit photos of themselves using your products or a video contest where customers create short videos featuring your products or services.

Another idea for a spring social media contest is to create a scavenger hunt. You can do this virtually, where customers have to find specific items or complete specific tasks on your website or social media platforms.

3. Special spring offers

Offering special spring offers can be a great way to drive sales and attract new customers during the spring season. About 93% of consumers use a discount code during the year! One popular spring offer is a sale or clearance event, which can help clear out winter inventory and make room for new products. 

Limited-time deals such as free gifts with purchases or a percentage off the total purchase price can create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to act quickly. 

We have also gathered a special list of top May marketing ideas. Check them out!

4. Prizes

Spring giveaway
Image source: Rita Reviews

Offering prizes as part of your spring marketing campaigns can be an effective way to drive engagement. Possible prizes include:

  • A checkout gift is a small, inexpensive item, such as a keychain or a pen, that is included with every purchase. This can help to increase the perceived value of the purchase and encourage customers to make a purchase.
  • You can use giveaways to promote a new product or service or to increase social media engagement. For example, you could run a giveaway on Instagram where customers enter by following your account and tagging a friend.
  • Discounts and free shipping can also be effective in driving sales during the spring season. You could offer free shipping on all orders over a certain amount.
  • A “buy one get one” (BOGO) promotion can be especially effective for businesses that sell products frequently purchased in multiples, such as clothing or shoes.

5. Influencer marketing

Influencer spring marketing
Image source: Caffeine marketing

Another way to get people talking about your brand is influencer marketing. Here, you can team up with social media stars who have a huge following to promote your products or services. For instance, you could team up with a fashion influencer to show off your latest spring collection or collaborate with a travel influencer to get the word out about your spring vacation packages. 

6. Spring hashtags

Spring hashtags
Image source: Team Flower

Using hashtags on social media posts can be a powerful way to increase visibility and reach for your brand during the spring season. You can use popular spring-related hashtags such as #springfashion, #springbreak, #springflowers, #springcleaning, #springvibes, #springfever and so on to promote your brand and connect with your target audience. You can also create spring marketing slogans! 

7. Spring marketing ideas for email

Email spring marketing ideas
Image source: RSJoomla!

Here are a few spring marketing ideas for email:

  • Spring sale: Send out an email to your subscribers promoting a spring cleaning sale, with a special discount code or promotion to encourage them to make a purchase.
  • Spring newsletter: Create a newsletter highlighting your new spring collection, products, services and upcoming events. This can help to keep your audience informed and engaged.
  • Spring event: If you’re hosting a spring event, such as an open house or a sale, send out an email to your subscribers with all the details and a special offer for attending.
  • Spring travel: Spring is a popular time for travel, so if you offer travel-related products or services, send out an email promoting your spring travel deals.

8. An outdoor marketing event

Spring clean up
Image source: Coca-Cola United

One great idea for an outdoor event is to organize an environmental event, especially in light of Earth Day. You could organize a clean-up event in a local park or beach, where your customers and employees can come together to help clean up the environment. This can be a great way to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote your brand as socially responsible.


In this article, we have presented our top spring marketing ideas for your campaign. As spring is a season of fresh air and warmer temperatures, we thought that your marketing could also use a refreshment!

We also introduced a great tool, Adact, that can help you create games you can use in your marketing strategy. Without any coding skills, you will be able to create branded games that can increase customer engagement and boost sales. Moreover, those games can gather you valuable data you can use for customer retention and generating new leads!

Sign up and try it for free.


How do you promote spring?

There are many ways to promote spring, including social media campaigns, email marketing, influencer marketing, outdoor events and special offers such as sales and promotions. You can also include spring-themed hashtags and visuals to create a sense of seasonal relevance and appeal.

How do you advertise a spring sale?

To advertise spring savings, you can use a variety of marketing channels, such as email, social media and print ads. You can also use influencer marketing and outdoor events to drive awareness and promote your sale. 

What sells best during spring?

There are many products and services that sell well during the spring. Some popular items include spring clothing and accessories, gardening and outdoor equipment, home improvement products and vacation packages. Additionally, products and services related to cleaning and organization, such as cleaning supplies, storage solutions and home decor, also tend to be popular during this season.

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