The Best Trivia App: Finding Your Own Trivia Game Maker

Best trivia app and trivia game maker

Most marketers have already gone down the same road. They stick to tried-and-true strategies to attract customers. But it hits them like a bolt of lightning that it’s time to try something new and exciting. That’s where the best trivia app comes in.

The days of predictable marketing campaigns are behind us. It’s time to inject some fun and engagement into your approach. With gamification software, you can create games that will leave your customers craving more.

One study revealed that gamification boosts user engagement. So, it’s time you unleash your creativity with branded games tailored-made for your target audience. Whether you’re promoting a product or launching an event, a trivia game maker is what you need.

In this article, we’ll help you choose the best trivia app to jumpstart your gamification journey. 

What is a trivia game maker?

A trivia game maker is a platform that allows users to make custom trivia games. It offers various features to ensure marketers, educators and companies can design trivia games according to their needs.

With a trivia game maker, you can create quizzes for marketing to help customers learn more about your business. If they answer the multiple-choice questions correctly, your participants are in for a surprise. The winners receive products, gift cards or other prizes.

Why do you need a trivia app?

You might be wondering why you need a trivia app. The response is quite simple – because of the benefits it brings to the table:

  • Convenience and accessibility – a trivia app enables your audience to have instant access to games anytime. They can play on a mobile device or desktop anywhere they are.
  • Increased engagement – it’s impossible to achieve the same effect without a gamification platform. It comes with timed rounds, leaderboards or multimedia elements. These features make your trivia games more exciting and add a visual appeal, increasing engagement.
  • Customization options – the best trivia app has customization options to suit your preferences or showcase your branding. You can customize the levels, game format or questions.

Let’s now see which trivia apps you can explore.

Choosing the best trivia app: Top trivia game maker picks

1. Adact

Best trivia app: Adact

Adact is a trivia game maker that allows you to design interactive quizzes without a single line of code. You can create games for marketing, make learning more fun or improve your onboarding process with Adact.

The drag-and-drop feature makes Adact easy to use. Just drag the images you want and release them. You can also create trivia questions in Excel and upload the file to Adact. That enables your team to work on interesting questions in one Excel sheet. You can then add your questions automatically to check the general knowledge of your audience.

Best trivia app: Uploading an Excel file to Adact

To know how well your campaign is performing, access your Adact account. The app offers real-time analytics. We track:

  • The number of unique leads
  • Bounce rate
  • How many games were started and completed
  • The average time of each gameplay session

You can upload the prize options to Adact and set the rules. For instance, reward those who correctly answer eight out of ten questions or have 50 points.

Another option to boost engagement is to add a leaderboard to your trivia game to inspire healthy competition. After that, you can embed a game to anything digital, whether it be websites, points of sale or newsletters.

Don’t stop with simple trivia quizzes. Adact offers over 20 game types, including Jeopardy, video and multiplayer trivia

Our clients have achieved great results with trivia games:

  • A1 Slovenia launched three trivia games to increase the number of active users of their self-care app. This approach increased the number of monthly active users by 10% in three weeks, got them 20,000 unique leads and players spent around one minute interacting with their branded game.
  • AirBaltic leveraged trivia to test their audience’s general knowledge of Dubai, resulting in over 40k campaign visits and 85% game completion.
  • The City of Oulu created an engaging way to introduce the city to new students with Adact, resulting in thousands of players and a bounce rate of only 23%.

As you can see, different companies can leverage trivia quizzes to reach a specific goal. If you want to engage, educate or attract your audience, Adact is there every step of the way. Try it now!


Starting at €6,800 a year (custom pricing plans are available, including campaign-based pricing)

2. Slides with Friends

Trivia game maker: Slides with Friends

Image source: G2

Slides with Friends is a trivia game maker that lets you use interactive slides in your lessons, events and meetings. It comes with premade trivia decks to speed up the creation process.

Every deck is customizable. You can change the questions, fonts and colors to ensure each quiz matches your brand. If you want to make a game from scratch, Slides with Friends offers trivia quiz templates.

The tool offers many interactive features. For instance, you can add the following to your game:

  • Live polls
  • Live image sharing
  • User voting
  • Ratings
  • Text answer questions
  • Multiple choice
  • Leaderboards

Building a quiz with Slides with Friends requires no code. Once your game is ready, show it on a big screen if you’re playing in person or share your screen for virtual playing.

Although suitable for work trivia and lessons, Slides with Friends isn’t the platform for marketers. If you want to launch challenging quizzes for customers, go with Adact.


  • Free plan for hosting small events for up to ten people 
  • Starter: $8/month
  • Pro: $24/month

There are also one-time fees from $35 to $99.

3. Opinion Stage

Trivia game maker: Opinion Stage

Image source: G2

Opinion Stage is a platform for creating interactive quizzes, surveys and polls. It is suitable for marketers, business owners, content creators and educators. You can launch anything from pop culture tests to product recommendation quizzes with Opinion Stage.

The app provides quiz templates you can customize by changing the design, logo, color and font with custom CSS. These options enable you to showcase your brand identity.

With Opinion Stage, you can also add social sharing buttons. Share your trivia game on social media platforms to reach a wider audience. The participants can play on their mobile devices, tablets or computers.

Opinion Stage offers an intuitive analytics dashboard. It provides detailed reports about conversion, quiz results, user behavior and engagement.

If you’re a marketer who wants to explore ecommerce gamification or an HR employee who wants to launch a survey, it’s worth checking out Opinion Stage.


  • Basic free plan for 25 responses per month
  • Starter: $25/month
  • Business: $79/month
  • Performance: $249/month

4. Crowdpurr


Image source: G2

Crowdpurr is one of the best trivia apps for those hosting an event. It lets you create fun and interactive experiences for virtual, live or hybrid events. If you want to spice up your holiday campaigns or product events, make fun trivia games with Crowdpurr. 

Your quiz game can include various question types. It can feature videos, images or numerical questions. The audience can give answers straight from their Android or iOS devices.

Use Crowdpurr to launch:

  • Survivor trivia where only the correct answer counts
  • Team trivia to break groups into teams
  • Countdown trivia, where players receive more points for giving correct answers quickly

Crowdpurr facilitates real-time interaction and engagement. You can present live scores during the event to congratulate the top players.


  • Basic free plan for 20 participants
  • Classroom plan: $24.99/month
  • Seminar plan: $74.99/month

5. Interacty


Image source: AppSumo

Interacty is a content and gamification platform. It allows you to gamify your business campaigns or make learning more interactive.

The app’s Trivia Quiz feature lets you test your audience’s knowledge. You can tell them more about a product, service or particular historical figure in an engaging way. The players answer the questions and receive results. They can share their performance on social media.

Interacty offers a convenient Quiz Maker. It has an intuitive interface and number templates. You won’t need a programmer to code a quiz game for you.

With Interacty, you can segment your audience according to knowledge level or show relevant offers. You can drive conversions with the help of your game.

The app also tracks user actions with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. You can measure the performance and collect leads.


There are individual, business, enterprise and plans for one-time events. Individual plans are $12-$24/month, Business $79-$290/month, one-time events $85-$125 and enterprise pricing is available upon request.

Best trivia app: Comparison table

Let’s compare the best trivia apps to help you pick the best one.

PlatformFeaturesPricingFree trial
AdactDrag-and-drop editor
Real-time analytics
Multi-language campaigns
Multiplayer trivia, video trivia and Jeopardy
Starting at €6,800 a year (custom pricing also available)Yes
Slides with FriendsLive trivia
Live quizzes
Customizable trivia decks
Free plan for hosting small events for up to ten people 
Starter: $8/month
Pro: $24/month
No, but there’s a free plan
Opinion StageAnalytics dashboard
Premade templates

Basic free plan
Starter: $25/month
Business: $79/month
Performance: $249/month
No, but there’s a free plan
CrowdpurrLive trivia games
Multimedia integration

Basic free plan for 20 participants
Classroom plan: $24.99/month
Seminar plan: $74.99/month
No, but there’s a free plan
InteractyQuiz Maker
Audience segmentation

Individual plans: $12-$24/month
Business plans: $79-$290/month
One-time events: $85-$125
Enterprise: available upon request


Trivia games are a great way to engage with your audience. Whether you work in Human Resources, marketing or education, gamification can help you reach your goals.

Adact is one of the best trivia apps out there. You can create a branded trivia quiz game and invite participants to play in just a few minutes. We analyze your campaign to ensure every game you launch is better than the previous one.

Start now!

Best trivia app and game maker: FAQs

Are there any good trivia apps?

The best trivia apps for those who want to create their own games are solutions like Adact. Instead of coding a game, you can simply use Adact to make it from scratch and check someone’s knowledge.

Can I create my own trivia game?

Yes, you can create your own trivia game for engaging or educating your audience using tools like Adact, Interacty, Opinion Stage and others.

How do I make a trivia quiz?

To make a trivia quiz and test anyone’s knowledge, you need trivia apps like Adact. Instead of coding, use these apps to design your trivia quiz, add questions and follow the scores. For more information, check out our guide on how to make a trivia game.

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