The Ultimate Jeopardy Trivia Questions & Answers Collection

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The Trivia Games market is booming, with 1.3 billion mobile downloads in 2022 and a net worth of $210.10 million in the same year. This is all the more reason to get ahead of the game and use trivia to boost marketing and enhance employee engagement.

From the iconic Daily Doubles to the nail-biting Final Jeopardy round, watching the well-known TV show Jeopardy has remained a family-wide staple worldwide. That’s why Adact has compiled an electrifying assortment of brain-teasing Jeopardy trivia questions and answers that will intrigue even the savviest trivia buffs out there.

What is gamification?

Gamification elements

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Simply put, gamification makes things more interesting by incorporating game elements and mechanics into non-game contexts to engage and motivate people. It applies game design principles to real life to make tasks more enjoyable and increase participation, learning and productivity.

Gamification has many uses, such as: 

Some of the many benefits of gamification include: 

  • Increased engagement
  • Enhanced development skills
  • Improved motivation
  • Heightened collaboration
  • Customer retention

44 Jeopardy trivia questions & answers

Here are some Jeopardy trivia questions and answers you can use.

Coworker and company

1. Clue: This colleague has a cat and used to work as a financial analyst.
Answer: Who is (employee name)?

2. Clue: This is the second most spoken language among employees at our company.
Answer: What is (language)?

3. Clue: He/she is our youngest employee and works in the IT department.
Answer: Who is (name of the youngest staff member)?

4. Clue: He/she is our longest-standing employee, having worked for the company for 30 years.
Answer: Who is (employee name)?


5. Clue: His first featured role was playing the scarecrow in the 1985 film “The Wiz”.
Answer: Who is Michael Jackson?

6. Clue: This 1989 movie starring Kevin Costner was based on a novel called “Shoeless Joe”.
Answer: What is the “Field of Dreams”?

7. Clue: Actor James Cromwell earned Oscar nominations by playing a role in this 1995 movie about a piglet.
Answer: What is “Babe”?

8. Clue: This film from the early 2000s was about a New York girl from Staten Island trying to make her mark in the big city.
Answer: What is a “Working Girl”?

Jeopardy trivia questions: Movies


9. Clue: This country/pop singer had three songs that appeared on Billboard’s Top 20 songs of 2015; one such title was her top hit, “Bad Blood”.
Answer: Who is Taylor Swift?

10. Clue: This England-born Albanian woman discovered she was “levitating” to climb the music charts in 2021.
Answer: Who is Dua Lipa?

11. Clue: With fans commonly known as the “Bey Hive”, this artist released her live album “Homecoming” in 2019.
Answer: Who is Beyonce?

12. Clue: Ufologists’ knowledge was used for this Nicki Minaj song mentioning how these celestial objects were “meant to fly”.
Answer: What is ”Starships”?


13. Clue: This famous American sitcom featured a Superman reference in every episode.
Answer: What is “Seinfeld”?

14. Clue: She was the red-headed cast member of the New York City series “Sex and the City”.
Answer: Who is Miranda?

15. Clue: With his famous line being, “We were on a break!”, this Friends cast member was one of the central characters in the series.
Answer: Who is Ross?

16. Clue: These two identical cuties wore fake teeth while on the set of Full House.
Answer: Who are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson?


17. Clue: A Russian probe located on this planet captured the first close-up images sent back to Earth in 1975.
Answer: What is Venus?

18. Clue: Also the name of part of an atom, this central part of a comet is its only permanent feature.
Answer: What is a nucleus?

19. Clue: Hell, Billy and Julius Caesar are all a group of moon features given this name.
Answer: What are craters?

20. Clue: Scientists discovered that the 1998 asteroid QE2 had this following it when it went cruising by Earth in 2013.
Answer: What is a moon?


21. Clue: The term “guising” refers to this common Halloween tradition.
Answer: What is dressing up?

22. Clue: This song is a traditional tune sung in the movie “Mean Girls” during the holiday talent show.
Answer: What is “Jingle Bell Rock”?

23. Clue: Famous for turkey raising, this state sells the most Thanksgiving turkeys across America.
Answer: What is Minnesota?

24. Clue: This former United States president made Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day federal holidays during his presidency in 1870.
Answer: Who is Ulysses S. Grant?


25. Clue: The country’s inaugural World Cup took place in 1930.
Answer: What is Uruguay?

26. Clue: This is an American football term for a backward or double-handoff play.
Answer: What is a reverse?

27. Clue: This former Chicago Bulls player holds six NBA championships and is commonly thought to be one of the greatest players in history.
Answer: Who is Michael Jordan?

28. Clue: This American football team was undefeated for a whole season, including their win in the 1972 Super Bowl.
Answer: Who are the Miami Dolphins?

Jeopardy trivia questions: Sports


29. Clue: The northern city of Chiang Mai is in this country and is home to many elephant sanctuaries.
Answer: What is Thailand?

30. Clue: This body of water surrounding New York City is 507 kilometers long, with enormous biodiversity.
Answer: What is the Hudson River?

31. Clue: Hamlet’s father was the king of Denmark and killed Fortinbra’s father, who was the king of this particular nearby country.
Answer: What is Norway?

32. Clue: On February 15th, 1965, this country raised its flag for the first time on parliament hill.
Answer: What is Canada?

American History

33. Clue: Out of the nine wars the US participated in, these two lasted the longest.
Answer: What are the Revolutionary War and Vietnam War?

34. Clue: This president vetoed more legislation than any other president.
Answer: Who is Franklin Delano Rosevelt?

35. Clue: Terry Branstad is the longest-standing governor in US history in this state.
Answer: What is Iowa?

36. Clue: He assassinated Abraham Lincoln after the Civil War.
Answer: Who is John Wilkes Booth?

Food & Drink

37. Clue: When in Central Asia, ask for shashlik; when in the Middle East, ask for this 2-word equivalent.
Answer: What is a shish kebab?

38. Clue: Galao is a coffee drink originating in this country.
Answer: What is Portugal?

39. Clue: Marcona is a variety of this nut grown in Spain.
Answer: What is an almond?

40. Clue: Like the fermented drink called Koumiss, made from mare’s milk, this drink also starts with the letter “K”.
Answer: What is kefir?

Jeopardy trivia questions: Food


41. Clue: Stratocumulus and cirrocumulus are separated by as many as 40,000 feet and are two types of this atmospheric gas.
Answer: What are clouds?

42. Clue: This is known as the heritable trait that gives the receiver an advantage during natural selection.
Answer: What is an adaptation?

43. Clue: The functional group found in hydrocarbons holds this name.
Answer: What is a methyl group?

44. Clue: This is the name of the pre-programmed death cell process.
Answer: What is apoptosis?

Jeopardy trivia questions with Adact

Now that you have an idea of what Jeopardy questions to use, it’s time to take a look at the benefits of designing your campaign with Adact. Launching a Jeopardy campaign can be a fun, effective strategy for marketing initiatives by increasing brand awareness, creating interactive experiences and delivering educational content.

You can also use Jeopardy-style work trivia games for employee training and engagement. These quiz games enhance learning, foster teamwork and make training more enjoyable.

You don’t have to take our word for it – here are some of the results our clients achieved after creating their Jeopardy campaign with Adact.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is an online wallet that stores, manages and exchanges various forms of cryptocurrency. The company partnered with Adact to launch a Jeopardy-style campaign and reward users for their knowledge about the well-known crypto named Polygon and they were delighted with the results.

The Jeopardy game ended up being a huge hit! It accumulated 246,000 unique views along with a whopping 95% game completion. This crowd-pleasing marketing initiative proves just how engaging gamification examples with Adact can be.

Atomic Wallet Jeopardy game

Kaupmees & KO

The Estonian wholesale company Kaupmees & KO set out to break barriers between their employees by applying gamification in HR. After looking at Adact’s recommended employee engagement games, they decided to go with the all-time favorite – Jeopardy.

Not only did the game help celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary, but it created a safe space for employees to connect and compete with each other. The automatic translation feature helped them create campaigns in two languages so everyone could participate. 

HR was able to promote team-building and harness their best practices in employee engagement through productive and entertaining office gameplay. Mission accomplished!

Kaupmees Jeopardy game


Adact partnered with sTARTUp Day to help companies use gamification for events to stand out at a conference they hosted. Interactive elements helped to engage conference attendees much more than the traditional business card approach. This also allowed startups to get creative and break apart from the pack.

Ultimately, every company that used Adact collected two to five times more unique leads than usual! One company – FoundMe – didn’t even have salespeople present and conferencegoers still engaged with their Jeopardy-style games. This speaks to just how effective gamification can be with both in-person and online.

foundME Jeopardy game


So, there you have it. Now you have all the tools to create a fun and simple way to attract and keep customers engaged. Get ahead of the game and upgrade your workplace while entertaining your clients.

Learn how to make a trivia game and more using no-code tools when you sign up with Adact to take the fun to the next level with your unique Jeopardy campaign.

Jeopardy trivia questions: FAQs

What are some easy Jeopardy questions?

– This is the chemical symbol for Oxygen. – What is “O”?
– This is the capital city of France. – What is Paris?
– This sport is played in the World Series. – What is baseball?

What are the most popular Jeopardy questions?

– This person played the leading role in the 2018 film “A Star is Born”. – Who is Lady Gaga?
– This novel, written by Harper Lee, features the character Atticus Finch. – What is “To Kill a Mockingbird”?
– He was the first president of the United States. – Who is George Washington?

Is Jeopardy a trivia game?

Yes, Jeopardy is categorized as a trivia game. It is a popular television game show where contestants answer questions across various categories to earn points. The host provides answers, and contestants must respond with the corresponding question. The questions can cover many topics, including history, science, literature, pop culture and more.

What are some topics for Jeopardy?

There are a ton of topics and categories you can use in Jeopardy. Some include history, geography, science, literature, sports, movies, TV, music, pop culture, food and drink, politics, law, Oscar nominations etc.

How do you make a good Jeopardy question?

To make a good Jeopardy question, be clear and concise, use the unique question-answer format, vary the difficulty level, cover a range of topics, make them interesting and always fact-check!

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