How to Make a Custom Guess Who Game for Your Next Marketing Campaign

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Adact custom guess who game

Are you tired of the same old boring marketing strategies and looking for something new? You can put your own spin on a Guess Who game, a board game classic that’s been a part of family gatherings for decades

In this post, we will explain how to easily make a custom Guess Who game and make it the focal point of your next campaign. You’ll also learn why to include gamification in your marketing activities and use a gamification platform such as Adact for creating your own game, making the whole process easier. Stay tuned!

What is gamification marketing?

Gamification marketing aims to indirectly attract leads’ attention to your brand or products using game elements. The idea is to attract people’s attention by offering them something casual and enjoyable while simultaneously exposing them to your brand and collecting information.

Benefits of gamification in marketing

Games in marketing can have a significant positive impact on your business:

  • Increased engagement: People love playing games, so it won’t take much convincing to make them try out your game when they are killing time at work. If you create your game correctly, they will enjoy playing it and want to return for more.
  • Better brand awareness: Not only do games engage leads, but they also expose them to your brand elements. That will make your brand more recognizable and establish positive associations with your company.
  • Improved conversions: Gamification is perfect for promotional activities, as you can easily intertwine promo codes and offers as game prizes. So not only will potential customers enjoy playing your games, but they will also have the incentive to convert into actual customers through the promotions you give them.

Custom Guess Who game: what is it & benefits for your marketing campaign

Guess Who is a popular game where players guess something on a picture or video. It can be played offline, as a board game, or online. 

It is usually played by guessing a famous person, where one player asks random questions while the other gives yes/no answers tied to the mystery person’s description. For example:

  • Is it a he?
  • Is he old?
  • Does he have a mustache?
  • Is it Hitler?! 😨
  • Oh, it was Dali. 😂

But, modern tools such as Adact let you create unique DIY Guess Who games with any other type of subject. Not only guessing who the mystery person is – but you can use elements that are circling within your industry or niche – the closer you tie them to your brand, the better. We call it the Picture Reveal game.

Adact custom guess who game

Plus, users can play Guess Who alone, uncovering a picture tile by tile and trying to guess what’s in the photo in the shortest time possible.

As such, a personalized Guess Who game is a perfect option for marketing campaigns. The imagery and questions you use should be tied to your company, which will help build brand awareness among players. Game elements will create positive associations with your brand, making it easier to convert potential customers later. 

How to make a custom Guess Who game with Adact

Adact is a gamification software that makes it easy to create branded games, such as Guess Who, matching games, trivia games, puzzle games or a personality quiz. While you can make your Guess Who game in many ways, doing it online using Adact has many benefits:

  • Ease-of-use: Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up a game in minutes without coding skills and create your own game template.
  • Endless customizability: Adact lets you change backgrounds, fonts and colors, use your logo and set your own photos, questions and answers. This will not only make your Guess Who game more unique, but players will also get accustomed to your brand elements, consciously and subconsciously.
  • Many integrations: Adact will allow you to connect your games and share them on all of your social media profiles, as well as email, as it has integrations with many popular services, including Zapier.
  • Analytics: You can monitor the success of your game campaign and track metrics, such as the number of players, the time they spent playing, bounce rate, etc.

Choose your pictures, questions & answers

You can choose your branded images or logos and make the questions company-related too. That way, the whole game will be related to your industry/products/brand. You can choose as many questions as you want, and select 4-49 tiles to make it harder for players.

If you want to make the campaign more personal and funny, you can add pictures from your last team-building events. For example, if you went to the Grand Canyon, you can add a photo, ask players where it was taken and then share some information about the activity.

Custom guess who game: Editing images and questions

Set a timer

Adact enables you to select how fast the tiles will open, which will also influence how challenging the game is when combined with the number of tiles and the complexity of the picture you selected. 

Customize visuals

Visuals customization

Adact doesn’t stop at letting you set your questions and photos – you can fully customize the entire experience. 

  1. Select background: Adact lets you change the background color or use your branded image as the game background. 
  2. Change the design of the grid box: You can fully customize the entire color palette and change the grid box letter colors, fonts and sizes to fully comply with your brand book and design standards. 
  3. Customize feedback colors: You can also customize your feedback on how players did in the game, creating an immersive game experience.

Create a leaderboard to inspire healthy competition

Creating a leaderboard and adding a prize system is a great way to spice things up and motivate players to guess correctly. That will not only make the game more interesting, as players take turns competing with each other, but also make them want to return and give it another go. If a player wins, you can reward their efforts with a great gift.

Adding a leaderboard in Adact is incredibly simple, as it is one of the options you can tweak in your campaign settings:

Adding a leaderboard to your custom guess who game

Publish your custom Guess Who game

Once you set up the game, it is time to hit publish and let players enjoy your creation! There are two ways to do this:

  • Using the Adact domain: The easiest option is to share the campaign’s Adact URL with the target audience. That way, they can play right from your subdomain on the Adact website.
  • On your website: You’ll get a code to copy and integrate it into your own website.

You can also put the game right into your newsletter, mobile app, landing pages or any other place.

Publishing your custom guess who game

Analyze your custom Guess Who game campaign

After launch, once your game starts attracting players, you can use Adact’s analytics panel to measure and further optimize how it works. This is exceptionally important, as gamification is a part of your marketing campaign, not just for players to have fun.

Here are some of the metrics Adact lets you analyze:

  • Unique visitors and leads
  • The number of games started
  • Bounce rate
  • Landing page visitors
  • Game completion percentage
  • Average time
  • Highest scores
  • Most active players
  • Buttons pressed
  • Traffic in/out
  • Player information

You can also see data on how the game performs over time.


Gamification is an excellent way to engage leads, get brand exposure and raise awareness. Whether you choose Guess Who or some other game for your next marketing campaign.

Gamification tools such as Adact will make the whole process smooth and effortless, letting you create fun-to-play games with your brand elements in no time. Sign up today and see why companies choose Adact as their go-to gamification marketing software for interactive customer promotions.

Custom Guess Who game: FAQs

Can you customize a Guess Who game?

With Adact, customization options are practically limitless. Not only can you choose questions, photos and visuals, but you can also tweak settings and make sure the whole experience has your brand elements, increasing awareness.

Is there a virtual Guess Who game?

Yes, with gamification software like Adact, you can create your fully customizable virtual Guess Who game. But, the list of games Adact supports doesn’t end there, as there are 30+ game types. If you have ever wondered how to make a wheel of fortune or a custom wordle game – Adact is the answer.

How do you make the Guess Who game harder?

The easiest way to make the Guess Who game harder is to pick a more complex picture. That way, it will take players more time to figure out the answer.
Also, if you opt for a digital Guess Who game using Adact, you can increase the number of tiles, which will also cause players to spend more time solving each puzzle or add a countdown timer.

What questions can I ask in Guess Who?

As the name implies, the classic Guess Who board game is about guessing (famous) personas. Besides famous people, you can also include locations, scenes, movie characters, motives from history and similar and ask players what they see in the picture.
But, if you are using customized Guess Who quizzes for marketing, it would make sense to ask questions and add photos related to your brand or industry. This can be anything related to your company history or some interesting facts about your day-to-day that customers would love to find out. 

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