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The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing, it feels like fun. The quickest way to achieve this is through interactive content your audience will love to engage with, such as trivia or some other game.

What is one topic that everyone is interested in and wants to learn more about? Themselves! Fun personality quizzes are a great way to engage your customers and, at the same time, get to know them better.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make a personality quiz your audience will love.

What is gamification marketing?

Gamification marketing is all about adding game elements to your marketing campaigns to make them more engaging and fun. It’s not reserved only for geeks or young people because there are different branded games and challenges, even for people who enjoy solving complex problems (Wordle, puzzle game, guess who, etc.)

Here are the most significant benefits of gamification marketing:

  • It boosts user engagement
  • It helps you stand out from your competitors
  • It deepens relationships with your existing customers and builds loyalty
  • It is useful for market research (gamified surveys) and data collection

How to make a personality quiz using Adact

There are two ways to create a personality quiz: hire a programmer who would spend hours coding your quiz or use a game builder tool like Adact if you want to speed up the quiz creation process and embed quizzes to your website.

Why waste time when the final result is the same? Adact is the quickest way to create a personality quiz, even if you know nothing about coding. Everything is based on the drag-and-drop principle; you can use our template questions and answers or create and customize your own.

Here’s how to make a personality quiz in a few steps:

Choose your questions and possible answers

How to make a personality quiz questions

Before you start, brainstorm about the topic and the goal of your quiz. For more inspiration, find sample questions online simply by googling “personality quiz questions”.

Here is how to create questions and answers:

  1. Choose the question
  2. Click on Edit question
  3. Write questions in the Question field
  4. Add two or more possible answer options

When it comes to quiz responses, you have two options. You can either add text or images. For best results, we suggest combining both types of answers.

Now, how many questions do you need? The optimal number of quiz questions is seven; you shouldn’t go below that number if you want quiz results to be accurate. However, you also don’t want to exaggerate the number of questions because we don’t want quiz takers to get overwhelmed or bored and leave halfway.

Create results for each set of answers

Question and answer options

Each answer option can correspond to a particular result, several different ones or none.

You can change or edit results for all the outcomes by clicking the plus button above each option and selecting the desired result.

You don’t have to worry about counting points because our algorithm will do that for you. It’ll automatically calculate each quiz taker’s options and show them the result based on the most common choice among their answers.

All you have to do is enter quiz results for each set of answers. Type the result’s name (for example, Optimist, Pessimist, etc.) and add a brief description and a photo associated with that result.

If you want a personality quiz to promote your products, click Use Redirect to enable that option. Then, for each result, you can add a link that takes a player to a different page on your website based on their answers and preferences.

Let’s imagine you have an online bookstore. You could redirect quiz takers to different landing pages based on their preferences, whether they’re into novels, sci-fi or self-help books, so they can purchase the product directly.

How to make a personality quiz results

Customize your personality quiz

There are a couple of ways to add a branded touch to your quiz:

  1. Background: You can change the background color to match the color of your brand or you can use your own branded image as a background.
  2. Grid box: You can customize the design of the grid box, as well as the letter color and font.
  3. Results: Finally, when it comes to the result screen, you can add visual elements associated with your brand. You can add an eye-catching image or change the letters’ font, size and color.
Personality quiz result

Publish and share

We offer two ways to publish our quizzes. You don’t even need to have a website to create your own personality quiz and share it with your audience.

  1. The quickest way is to publish the quiz on our domain and share the link with your audience. 
  2. Another way is to copy and integrate the code into your own website.

The campaign URL can also be edited by opening the Campaign Settings and clicking on the pencil. You can customize the URL’s first and last part, while the middle part is the platform name ( We suggest adding your brand’s name as the first part, and you can add some words at the end of the link to help you distinguish between multiple campaigns.

If you want more engagement, we suggest you share the link on your social media or newsletter and ask your audience to share it with their friends.

Publishing your personality quiz

Bonus tip: Create a leaderboard and offer awards for the most active players. Wheel of Fortune is a great way to add an element of surprise when it comes to the rewards.

Analyze your gamification campaign

Finally, if you want to learn more about your target audience and see what works and what could be improved next time, you should track and analyze your campaigns.

First, define the metrics you want to track:

  • Number of players
  • Quiz completion rate
  • Number of new email subscribers
  • Number of shares on social media

Then set your goals and KPIs. You can also connect the quiz with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel to see where your audience comes from.

Why use a personality quiz in your marketing campaign?

Engaging personality quizzes are a valuable asset in your marketing strategy as they can be used in all stages of the customer journey – from the awareness stage to boosting the conversion rate. They help people learn more about their personality types and grow self-awareness, but they also help you with your marketing goals and gaining advanced insights.

Here are five good reasons to use quizzes for marketing:

  • Fun personality tests are a great way to grab the attention of new customers and start interacting with them.
  • Interactive quizzes are a fun way to boost engagement rates with your existing customers and build brand loyalty.
  • They can help you collect leads and their contact details. It’s common to ask website visitors to leave you their email addresses so that you can send them results.
  • A fun personality quiz can help you go viral – it’s an opportunity for your audience to share it with their friends and create user-generated content.
  • The answers can help you gather valuable data about your audience: demographics, psychological traits, preferences, etc.

To illustrate this with a real-life example, the Estonian Insurance Association created an interactive personality quiz to increase awareness about the importance of life insurance. The gamified campaign performed better than their traditional campaigns, with a record 97% completion rate. Click here to read the complete case study.


Personality quizzes combine engaging your customers and, at the same time, collecting important information about them. You can use them in all stages of the buyer’s journey and they never go old because there are endless ways to customize them.

Once you see how personality quizzes work and experience all the benefits, you’ll want to include them in every strategy you create. Book a demo and let’s see how online quizzes can work for you!

How to make a personality quiz: FAQs 

How do I create an online personality quiz?

There are a lot of tools and software that can help you create personality quizzes online. Adact allows you to create a quiz based on a simple drag-and-drop principle and customize it with your questions.

What are some questions on a personality test?

You can ask people about their habits, preferences, opinions or how they would react in a particular situation to help them discover their personality type.

How many questions should a personality quiz have?

Everything depends on your quiz type, but generally, it should have at least seven questions if you want the results to be accurate. On the other hand, it shouldn’t have too many questions either because people usually play those quizzes for fun and don’t want to spend a lot of time on them.

What app can I use to make a quiz?

The quickest way to make a quiz is to use a quiz builder on the Adact website. It’s based on the drag-and-drop principle, no coding skills are required and you can customize it according to your needs and branding.

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