How a Gamified Survey Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Gamified survey with Adact

If you’re looking for a way to get more customer feedback and better insights – we’ve got something for you.

Did you know that 89% of survey respondents said that if a task is gamified they feel more eager to complete it because it puts them in a competitive mood?

The gamified survey is no longer reserved for geeks, it seems that everyone wants to participate in it!

In this article, we’ll explain how to use gamification to engage your target audience and boost your marketing efforts.

Gamification in marketing: a brief overview

Gamification in marketing is all about turning your campaigns into a fun experience that your audience wants to participate in.

According to research, companies that use gamification can expect to have up to 7 times higher conversion rates.

That’s not a surprise, knowing that people are bored with traditional marketing and that their attention span is getting shorter every year.

Gamification in marketing is borrowing gaming techniques to attract, engage and entertain potential clients. Users love it because it has elements of competition and they can get rewards.

You can use gamification in all phases of the customer journey:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Market research
  • And the post-sales process to maintain your loyal customers

If you’re still not convinced, we’ll now explain what you can gain by implementing gamification in your business.

Benefits of gamification

Here are the biggest benefits of using gamification in your marketing campaigns:

  1. It’s the best way to get customer attention: As already mentioned, people love this type of marketing and react positively to it. It’s entertaining, interactive and rewarding.
  2. It’s an easy way to collect data and email leads: Customer data is everything. Most people will agree to leave you their name and email address in exchange for playing the free game on your website. You can use the data for retargeting, email marketing, sending special offers, etc.
  3. It’s great for boosting brand awareness: With holidays around the corner, you can publish a multiplayer game everyone will want to share with their friends and family and even compete against each other. It’s a great way to get a lot of website traffic for free.
  4. You can use it to educate your prospects: Quizzes and trivia allow you to educate your audience about your products in a fun and engaging way.
  5. It can increase a conversion rate: Here’s an easy way to boost your conversion rate. Create a competitive game where users have to collect points to get a reward. When they win, send them a voucher or a discount coupon as a reward. Chances are they’ll want to use it because they’ve already spent a lot of time engaging with your brand and they trust you.

Bonus tip: When they think of gamification in marketing, most people have in mind online campaigns, online surveys, and everything that’s happening in the digital world. But this concept can also be used during in-person events, such as conferences! Read this article if you want to find out how to engage conference attendees with gamification.

Which elements of your marketing campaign can you gamify

Gamification marketing campaign elements

By now, you understand how gamification could improve your marketing efforts and even boost sales. 

But if this is the first time you want to apply gamification in your business, you’re probably not sure how it works or where to start. Here are elements of your marketing campaign that can be gamified:

Email marketing

If you want to boost your open rate and at the same time learn more about your customers, gamified surveys are the way to go!

Let’s say you’ve prepared a couple of bundles you want to promote around Christmas time. You could send an email survey to your subscribers where you can learn more about their taste and their preferences.

We’re not talking about old boring whitepaper surveys, but about surveys that look like battle or swiping contests and we’ll later show you how to create them.

When you get their responses, you can divide your audience into different groups and send them customized follow-up campaigns for the bundle or product that fits their needs the most.

It’s a win-win situation because you get to learn more about your customers and they get a personalized selection that will make them feel special.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to add a creative email subject that is talking about the mysterious game you’re sending. You can use power words like secret, bonus or gift to increase email open rate.

Lead generation

You can use gamified surveys as a way to get email addresses of your potential clients so that you can send them email campaigns in the future.

If you want to launch a new product, you could create a marketing campaign that is inviting volunteers to participate in your survey and as a result they’d be the first to try the product in beta phase or get some discount.

They can complete the survey on your website, but if they want to unlock a special gift, they need to fill out a lead generation form and leave you their email address.

You can then combine gamified surveys with other elements like sending them a branded game where they can compete with other players and win prizes.

Social media contest

You can use gamified surveys as a way to boost brand awareness and social media presence.

Let’s say you’re a brand whose ideal customers are new mums. Of course, you want to reach as many new mums as possible. What’s the best way to do it? Ask the mums to spread the word!

You can create a survey on a topic that’s relevant to you, but make it look like a game or quiz. Then, invite mums to share the link with their mum friends and publish it on their social media.

The goal is to encourage your audience to create user-generated content and spread the word to their friends and family.

Don’t forget to add prizes for the most active users, and mums that share the link with the most people. Do this and watch your survey go viral!

Retargeting campaign

If you notice that someone has visited your webshop multiple times without purchasing or that they’ve left an abandoned cart, here’s what you can do.

Add a pop-up to your website with a quick gamified survey where you’re asking them about what’s preventing them from purchasing, whether it’s the price, it’s not the right moment, they need more information, etc.

The most important thing is to make it easy and fun by adding gamified elements. Then, you can send them a discount coupon as a gift for participating in your survey. 

This simple action could significantly increase your conversion rate because you’re positioning yourself as a brand that cares about its customers, is willing to listen to their feedback and improves its offer accordingly.

Loyalty program

If you want to encourage your existing customers to buy more frequently, you can create a game out of your loyalty program. 

All you have to do is send them quick gamified surveys on a regular basis. There are two things you will achieve this way:

First, you get to learn more about your customers and understand them on a deeper level. What are their habits, what are their preferences, what bothers them, and so on.

On the other hand, your customers get to collect points after each survey they complete. When they collect enough points they can exchange them for a discount code or get some small gift.

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Market research surveys

Finally, if you want to learn more about your target audience you can gamify online surveys to boost their response rate and engagement. Keep reading as we’re about to explain gamified online surveys in detail and give you some practical examples!

How can a gamified survey boost your marketing efforts

Adact campaigns

The days of dull surveys and boring forms are long gone. People have more options for entertainment than ever and they don’t want to lose time on something that’s not engaging.

The question is: How to motivate more people to complete your survey and get quality data for your market research?

We’ve got the answer – try gamified surveys for a change!

Here are three ways gamification survey can boost your marketing efforts:

  1. Survey gamification increases the completion rate

The reason why most people never complete surveys till the end is because they’re not motivated enough or they simply get bored halfway and exit. Adding game elements to your survey makes it interactive and engaging, and as a result, people will feel more motivated to complete it. If you want to increase your response rates even more, you can add rewards and prizes for those that complete the whole survey.

  1. Higher quality data

It’s not just about increasing the response rate, but also about the quality of data you can work with. If the survey is entertaining, people might be more likely to provide honest responses, which is especially important if your survey includes some in-depth questions. You’ll get quality insights that you can use in your market research analysis.

  1. Increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty

If you create a branded game that’s fun and engaging, people will associate your business with an enjoyable experience. The next time they see your brand they’re likely to feel positive emotions which could lead them to their next purchase.

We’ll now show you different ways to do survey gamification.

How to gamify a survey – step by step

Here’s how you can gamify all elements of your online survey with Adact:

1. Turn a poll into a battle

Gamified survey battle

If you want to learn more about the tastes and preferences of your target group, you should make it as easy as possible for them to provide responses.

Let’s say you want to find out who their favorite influencers are. Instead of creating an ordinary poll where they have to select the name of an influencer, you can upload images and create a battle where they have to choose a winner by tapping the one they like the most.

2. Turn yes/no questions into a swiping contest

Gamified survey swipe

When it comes to simple Yes/No questions, who says that you have to present them in a boring way?

Adact has created an interactive interface that looks very much like Tinder. A question appears on the screen and your audience has to swipe right if they agree and left if they don’t agree. The experience is even better if they do it on their mobile device.

3. Gamified survey questions

Gamified survey question

Instead of sending a long question form, why not take the questions and turn them into an interactive quiz? Don’t forget to add a progress bar where they can check how many questions they have left.

Another option is to rephrase your questions making them sound more fun. For example, let’s say you’re a cereal brand and you want to learn about the breakfast habits of your target audience.

Instead of asking them: What’s your favorite breakfast combo? You can rephrase the question and ask: If you could eat only one thing for breakfast for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That way, your audience will be more motivated to provide quality answers.

4. Badges and rewards

Gamified survey badge

You should introduce badges and rewards for people who complete your survey. You could divide your survey questions into different levels and they get a new badge (silver, gold, etc.) when they complete each level.

After completing the survey, you can turn badges into discount coupons or special offers as a way to thank your clients.

Examples of gamification with Adact

Now, let’s see what survey gamification looks like in practice! Here are some games you can try with Adact. You don’t need any coding knowledge – the tool is based on a simple drag-and-drop dashboard that lets you customize each element in a matter of minutes.


Trivia game

You can use Trivia as a part of your marketing research, especially if you want to see how well your audience is informed about a certain topic. The insights you get can help you adjust your sales funnel by understanding at which stage of the buyer journey they’re in.

Swipe poll

Swipe poll

If you want to do a quick survey with Yes/No questions (Like/Don’t Like) we suggest you opt for a swipe poll. Participation in this game is easy, quick and effortless. Swiping is said to bring instant gratification to many users.

Personality test

Personality test

In the picture, you can see a personality test that’s helping your audience find a perfect hobby for themselves, based on their interests, how much time they have, etc.

You can use a similar form for any topic, from Christmas gifts to skincare. There are two ways to use personality tests as a part of your marketing strategy:

  1. You can use it as a lead magnet, to collect email addresses and send them results via email.
  2. You can use it to educate your audience about your products and help them find the one that suits them the most.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a gamification survey expert in order to create these. Also, there are no coding skills required and everything is based on the drag and drop principle.

You can use our online survey tool to design beautiful and customized surveys in minutes.

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If you’re looking for a way to improve your online surveys and marketing in general, survey gamification could be exactly what you need.

Whether you want to boost brand awareness, collect more customer feedback or increase your conversion rate – our tools will help you create an unforgettable marketing campaign.

Sign up today to Adact and discover the world of marketing gamification!

Gamified survey: FAQs

What is gamification survey?

Gamification survey is based on using game techniques to create fun and interactive surveys with the goal to increase the response rate and make it an enjoyable experience for people providing feedback.

What is an example of gamification?

Here are some of the most common examples: turning questionnaires into interactive marketing quizzes, turning a poll into a competitive game, giving badges and rewards for completing a survey, using fortune wheels, etc.

What is gamification technique?

It’s about borrowing game mechanics and applying them outside the gaming world. Game techniques can be applied in different areas from marketing and sales to education and getting employee feedback.

In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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