5 Ways to Use Minigames to Boost your Marketing in 2023

The area of “gamification” is undeniably trending over the past few years. With the ever-changing spheres of culture, business and technology all completing how marketing is received, marketers must settle in their approach to enhance their ROI.
Minigames drive more customer engagement, smash alternative digital ad units and constantly exceed the brand’s ROI targets.

All about gamification

Gamification is a common concept that frequently goes overlooked, even though it provides an optimistic and positive experience that leaves an impression.

Although gamification is a hot topic and interests many marketers, so far we’ve seen that mostly pioneering companies have applied branded games in their marketing and this hasn’t become mainstream. The reason is that developing games used to be very expensive and there’s not much information out there on where to start. 

The gamifying concept is gaining popularity not only in marketing but also in employee education. It helps in making the learning experience more fun and interactive. It results in generating optimistic rivalry, which leads to improved learning results.

By the way, do you remember Google’s Dinosaur Game that pops up on your computer screens every time you lose an internet connection? Well, good use of gamification to reduce users’ disappointment after losing connection.

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Gamification in marketing

People love to play interesting and unique games in their free time. There are around 3.09 billion gamers worldwide, which accounts for approximately one-third of the world’s total population. Some of the popular games include Candy Crush, Drop Game, CS Go and many more. Based on all this information, it can be observed that gamification has the ability to connect people all over the world.

Adact gamification campaigns have also shown that all age groups are interested in simple browser games even when they’re not gamers.

One can also employ games in marketing to improve their brand’s sales. It helps in making your whole marketing approach more engaging. The reason is that with the help of minigames, it becomes simpler and easier to obtain better outreach. The interesting games help engage users while creating a particular brand impression on people, which is the heart of content promotion.

Content marketing has been around for much more than gamification. Helpful how-to tips and item instructional exercises were utilized as of now by our grandmothers, and they keep on attracting audiences searching for significant data. With the improvement of innovation, content showcasing has additionally gone through certain changes – that is how intuitive substance was created.

What’s more, brands quickly understood that intelligence is something that draws in and connects with clients as well as holds them and keeps them returning for more. Gamification in advertising is setting down deep roots, and we trust it will keep on developing promoting stages and engagement.

5 ways to use minigames to boost your marketing

Engage your audience

Brand engagement represents a passionate and emotional pledge to a brand, and it’s not similar to brand awareness. Brand engagement creates trust and loyalty, so it’s simple to recognize how crucial it is for brands, no matter their size.

Making use of new techniques to stand ahead of competitors is not an easy approach. Try to look for newer, heartier ways to connect with your online viewers and generate high-quality client engagement.

Gamification would be a good type of advertising to include in the marketing mix.

Adact campaigns show an average engagement length of 5 – 16 minutes. Now imagine if you can engage your target audience for that amount of time. They will be much more responsive to your offerings.

Maximize lead generation

One of the most effective and popular marketing techniques is email marketing. Customized messages and personalized offers catch the attention of most of a large number of people. However, getting proper leads is sometimes much more complex than it seems since online users are more defensive of their private information than before.

A large number of people are not likely to carve up their contact details just because you request them to. This is where gamification will assist you to accomplish the job. Gamification helps in maximizing email lead generation. Instigate a famous minigame and raffle discounts or prizes among all playing customers or those that scored the utmost points. To win, they need to leave their full name along with their email address.

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One Adact user was a luxury decoration company and they decided to create a personality quiz, “Find out which type of home decorator you are”. They gathered 9300 emails in 3 weeks. As they used their own products as answers in the marketing quiz, for each email they know about his/her product preferences and were able to do personalized offers.

Converting all your website visitors into paying clients becomes much easier and simpler if you gamify your marketing approach. All you need to do is set a gamified endorsement on your eCommerce site or website. One can also append a promotional poster that will assist you in spinning high-class web traffic into sales leads. One of the most helpful approaches is to use online prize wheels. This will help in distributing manifold discounts and prizes and strengthening visibility and brand awareness online.

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Emphasize brand and product awareness

People’s attention span decreases, because too much new information comes in every day. How can one get their target group to notice their message if there’s so much content and information to put their eyes on? If you are looking for ways to grasp your audience’s attention for a longer time than your competitors then make sure you advocate premium and interesting content for people out there. This approach will help make your business stand out in the market and get maximum customer attention.

Gamification sets off real emotions, like rivalry and excitement. Keep in your mind that emotional content always leads to higher engagement. This also results in creating trustworthy and dependable clients who are liable to endorse your brand through word-of-mouth marketing.

Gamification connects with the client on a more enthusiastic level than simply a picture or data post. Marketing your brand and products with gamified solutions activates potential customers through the business pipe and raises their faithfulness.

Increase sales

As mentioned above, minigames in marketing help in customer engagement, brand awareness and leads. But are they just that or can they also generate sales and increase immediate conversion? Yes. One of the interesting and engaging ways to activate the sales funnel is by giving away prizes.

We recommend having one big prize to grab attention but also give discount codes for all the players and send them via email. You can say: “Thanks for playing! You will participate in a new iPhone raffle. But luckily, you are already a winner because for 24 h you can make purchases on our website for -15%.”

A large number of buyers use discount coupons all through the year, looking for special offers. Coupon sharing is a technique to go! Offer your clients an exceptional discount code that carves up their contact information. You can easily draw more clients to your eCommerce or store site and gather high-quality leads, that are interested in your brand and products.

Check out our article on ideas for using gamification in sales.

Keep hold of clients and promote loyalty

Most companies and brands find it difficult to come up with interesting and unique ways to keep their clients coming back. Repeat purchases are what every brand loves, but keeping your customers hooked on your brand is hard to maintain. Try to keep your clients in your brand community in anticipation of the next purchase. Launch your daily, weekly or monthly gamified challenges and satisfy your most loyal users.

Try to create long-term campaigns with several games, challenges and puzzles to which clients come back freely.

Keep in your mind that the run-of-the-mill internet marketing options like pop-ups, banners, etc. are effortlessly ignored or blocked. The advergames or minigames, on the other hand, are not measured as disturbing and provide a more interactive marketing approach to slot in with customers. The entertaining and personalized knowledge creates an optimistic emotional connection between brands and players.

Consider launching a gamified campaign for your brand in 2023 for more customer attention. A large number of marketing specialists forecast that the 2023 year will be the year of branding, and gamification is important part in communication. There is no better approach to support your brand and your online existence than with interactive games and gamified solutions.

If you want to create, for example, a holiday campaign, we have just the guide for you.

Stay on the edge

Clients nowadays are not just reactive viewers of content, they want to relate with your brand name and product and have fun doing it. The use of minigames in business can help in making communication and interaction memorable. Provide your audience an opportunity to play rather than just scroll past another ad.


Do you use all the effective measures of engaging your customers with interactive marketing? Do you make use of gamification methods to amplify your social media ROI?

Your clients crave shareable content, rewards for interacting and fun challenges. By using all the gamification methods successfully, your sales will increase.

In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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