Advergaming – how to use games in advertising successfully? ?

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Advergaming – how to use games in advertising successfully?

A large number of people congregate online for research, entertainment, and shopping purposes. The concept of ‘gamification’ has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years.

Different companies use video games for marketing purposes. These games are different from the customary annoying banners and videos.

What is Advergaming ❓❗️

“Advergames” are games explicitly created to endorse a scrupulous service or product, allowing companies to flawlessly integrate ads into digital gaming. The use of digital games in general offers appeals to large viewers which helps in making a brand popular among people.

Another name used for advergame is advertisement game. The games that are used for this purpose are specially designed and developed by or in close association with a commercial unit for purposes of advertising a brand-name product.

The advertisement games are different from other forms of entertainment generally because these games require dynamic participation from customers. It is an ingenious process for avoiding ad exhaustion with viewers. This approach will help companies in promoting their products through integrating in-game marketing elements, resulting in a rise in brand knowledge and user dialogue with their family and friends in regards to the game and so the product advertised.

Advergaming – characteristics, and benefits for brands ?

Here in this section, you will get to know about some of the characteristics and benefits of using advergaming for brands. Have a look at the content below:

? Helps with Branding

The use of advergame also helps with branding. The brand is the major focus of the game in advergaming. Everything that you observe in the game will revolve around the services and products of the company.

? Players get Rewards for Playing

The brands establish obvious rewards for players most of the time. It includes discounts, prizes on services or products, or incentives for subscriptions or purchases.

? Voluntary Contact is the Whole Thing

Advergames present a non-intrusive substitute to connect with the community. Users are those who penetrate to play willingly and knowing that it is a game developed by a brand.

? Work for any Type of Product or Brand

One of the great benefits of advergames is that they work for all markets and industries. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or big. One can easily design the game according to their brand or business theme. Try to make the game creative and interesting so that users can enjoy it.

? Increase Brand Awareness

Advergames have been proven to augment brand awareness among users, which could be their prevalent advantage. This approach will help in increasing brand awareness. Also, if the game is interactive enough, it can persuade conversations between friends and family about your brand.

? Long-term Results

People often overlook the products or services with conventional advertisements after the campaigns are over. But in the case of advergames, the videos reside on users’ devices for a longer period. This trouble-free actuality has the authority to constantly remind them that your game is entertaining and that your brand deserves their attention, even when people know it is a marketing tactic.

? It Catches Maximum User Attention

Advergames work for an extensive variety of demographic groups. In past, it was believed that such campaigns attract only young people. But in 2021 this myth was dislodged. According to recent studies it can be observed that advergames cope to attain diverse demographic groups, as long as appropriate research is completed before game design.

The solution to advergames lies in being imaginative about how to incorporate your brand into the game. This approach is simpler and easier to perform but not all companies are considered to create an advergame.

Advergaming – part of your marketing strategy

A lot of people have heard the term gamification, which refers to joining conventional advertising strategies with basic gaming techniques to boost brand engagement. In today’s digital world, advergaming is becoming an increasingly admired form of marketing brands and products.

The three main types of advergames are as follows:

? Full Games for computers, or mobile devices

The most popular form of advergaming is the construction of a full game, which severely incorporates the brand, and game expansion is entirely financed by the firm. This type of advergaming focuses on enhancing brand awareness. It also helps in building strong relationships with clients and is a practically a friendly approach to advertising, as its main focus is not on making revenue.

? Branded mini-games

Advergames help in increasing brand awareness, customer engagement, and attempting to raise the time they spend on the website.

? Placement of advertising into existing games

This is the third and last main approach of advertising in games. It is also known as below-the-line advergaming. In this approach, the companies use already existing games and place their adverts in the setting. It is merely product placement.

The video game ‘Zool’ from the 90s is one of the most popular examples of this type of advergame. The latest example includes ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’. This advertising approach allows growing brand and product responsiveness of clients by continuously placing brand logos or products within a game.

Advergaming – best practices

The use of advergames helps marketers to integrate with sites like Instagram, Facebook, as these sites offer the added potential of going viral. The interconnected world provides marketers the possibility to create inclusive advergame experiences. One can also catch the attention of a maximum number of people towards their game by adding features like community-based platforms, multiplayer, and more.

However advergames set up an extensive assortment of game elements and types, there are best practices marketers should keep in mind while considering incorporating them into their plan.

For example, one must use all the smart strategies of featuring ads in their campaigns. Your game must show ads before the game is played or incorporating them into the game during play, so find out which method is more effective for your target audience.

Another way of using advergames effectively for your business campaign is to balance marketing with gameplay. The game that you design and develop must be a good standalone product and contains an effective marketing component.

One can easily improve the chances of going viral is by allowing consumers to share the game on third-party sites rather than lodging it exclusively on their own.

Pros and Cons of Advergaming

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of using advergames are as follows:

? Pros

  • Advergaming allows users to increase their brand awareness. If the users enjoy playing your game then they will share it with their friends which results in improving brand awareness
  • It is suitable for any kind of business. Try to design the game according to your business theme for catching maximum customer attention
  • It provides long-term results

? Cons

  • Advergaming is cost-effective. One should keep in mind that mobile advertising and advergaming is quite expensive
  • The advergames must be creatively designed. People do not like to play games that are boring and similar to the other 100 games they’ve played before. To stay ahead of others and to catch maximum customer attention, one must leverage new technologies in their advergame to engage their audience
  • It requires promotion. One must promote their game to tell maximum people about it

Our world is speedily becoming a gamer’s bliss. According to Tech Jury, the gaming industry will be worth $180 billion in the year 2021. The gaming industry has been an enigmatic defy for years that many marketers have botched to crack.

Why Should One Invest In In-Game Advertising?

Gamifying is the deliberate attempt to improve systems, organizations, services, and activities to produce analogous experiences to those qualified while playing games to encourage and engage users.

If you want to grow your business then the most important thing is to advertise it properly. Advergames help users in several ways. The in-game advertising approach is a great marketing strategy. This technique can help people in making their brand visible on different advertising channels where the competition is low.

Similarly, by selecting the right in-game advertising arrangement, you can distinguish your brand from others and reach specific target viewers. The amazing in-game advertising technique can also help you in optimizing your ads in real-time. The customization features provide a lot of benefits to your brand. One can easily create a custom-made advertising message by making use of these features.

Advergames can be a great way to accumulate very precise data, and enhance your client knowledge. Through this, you will get to know what the typical gamer profile is, the time your viewers spend playing video games, and more. All this can help you in improving your key messages day after day.

Tips for Advertising Success in Advergames

Advertising in video games is a blooming opportunity for brands as they can take their contributions to debatably the most considerate user base on the internet. In this section, you will get to know about some of the tips for getting success in advergames.

? Understand Your Audience

The first step is to understand your audience. Get complete information about your target audience’s geographic, demographic, and behavioral characteristics so that you can establish the basis of your advertising successfully. Through this information, you can easily figure out what types of games your target audience like to play.  

? Select Multiple Ad Networks

Always try to choose multiple ad networks for maximum customer attention. When your target viewers are dispersed across a wide range of distinctiveness, it is rare for a sole ad network to accomplish all your requirements.

Try to work smart by getting in touch with different ad networks that cater to diverse segments of your audience. Most people found this difficult as one needs to assess different parameters and select ad networks, but it’s not a lot difficult. One can easily automate this activity through an ad mediation platform.

? Provide Your Customer’s the Best Gaming Experience

People do not like playing games that contain full-screen banner ads during gameplay. Do not interrupt your audience in the game. Being a marketer or advertiser your goal is to classify the precise instances when ads will be presented on the screens without being an annoyance.

? Do not Force Users to Leave the Game

Another technique that can help you in providing a good User Experience (UX) is to make sure that the player isn’t being taken out of the game once they snap on your ads. Taking them out of the game will annoy especially in the case when the user accidentally clicked on your ad.

Conclusion ?

Advergames are video games that are designed to promote a particular product or brand. It is a great advertising and marketing strategy that incorporates the same brand and product into the dynamics of the game. All these games can help in improving brand awareness among the public and produce conversations around the brand.

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