New Game Released – Sliding Puzzle

Just two weeks after the successful launch of our user-friendly Tic-Tac-Toe game, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest addition to the gamification marketing toolbox: the Sliding Puzzle game.

This engaging new game is a seamless blend of fun and engaging puzzle. We are continuously enhancing our toolbox for gamification marketing opportunities and enable our users to be as innovative and creative as possible!

Now, with absolutely no coding required, you can create a captivating Sliding Puzzle game where you can upload a fully custom images and transform it into a dynamic puzzle.

Players will find themselves absorbed in the challenge of sliding each piece, utilizing the strategic empty space, to recompose the image.

This interactive and visually stimulating game is not just a fantastic tool for engagement, but also a brilliant way to showcase your products or services in a memorable, interactive format.

Stay ahead in your marketing game with Adact’s latest offering where fun meets functionality!

What is Gamification Marketing?

Gamification in Marketing is often something people can refer to as a buzzword or a concept they are vaguely familiar with but it is rarely something marketers actually know what or how to do or where to begin.

Overall think about gamification in marketing as you would think about “How can I create a dialogue with my audience?”. How would it be possible to create an experience where your audience can interact with your message.

While standard marketing is just one way – company sends out a message, pays to distribute it and then hoping it will stick to someone. Like throwing a spaghetti to a wall and see what sticks.

Gamification marketing is inviting those people over for dinner and including them in your message.

You can achieve that with different types of gamification marketing. Here are some examples of gamification marketing types:

  • Trivia games – You ask questions from your audience and invite people to answer those questions. It can be to test the knowledge or to prove a point. 
  • Prediction games – As a marketer you can invite people to give their opinion about the future and listen to their input.
  • Branded minigames – The most fun and engaging way to include your potential customers is to invite them over to play a game that reflects your brand. 
  • Wheel of Fortune and other lotteries – Instead of just giving out a discount or a prize to people you invite users to interact to get the prize.
Here we explained some ideas to use for the upcoming Easter Holiday Campaigns

Take a look at some case studies on successful gamification marketing campaigns below

Gamification Marketing Case Studies

How to create a custom Sliding Puzzle Game

With Adact gamification marketing software you can create any gamified marketing campaign without any coding. The same goes for the new Sliding Puzzle game! 

Actually it is so easy that it is even hard to create a full paragraph on how to create it. But lets try

Upload your desired image

You can choose whichever image you want to use that your players need to solve.  Have it with 1:1 ratio so the image does not get distorted.

For example I used the image on the right

To upload an image you would just drag and drop it into Adact and everything else happens auto-magically.

As you can see from the video below you can also change into how many pieces the puzzle will contain.

With a 3×3 square being recommended for a good casual marketing campaign, you can even go as high as 7×7 to test the highest level of competition

Change the settings and design

Once you are satisfied with the image, you can change various different design elements and rules about the game itself without any coding. 

Here’s what you can further edit:

  1. The background colors and opacity
  2. Each puzzle piece border color and border radius
  3. How many pieces are there in the puzzle
  4. Will it be a timed puzzle?
  5. What is the time limit of solving the puzzle

Here – we created a challenge for you! Try to solve the puzzle in under 100 seconds and you will receive a special discount code for Adact Yearly License!

Can you solve the puzzle below?

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