Paf Introduced their platform visual elements to clients with Adact gamification campaign

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Paf game

Gamification industry engage their clients with gaming - what a great idea!

Paf is an international gaming company founded on the Åland Islands in 1966. Paf has around 400 employees from over 30 countries working at offices across Europe as well as onboard cruise ships in the Baltic Sea. They were one of the very first gaming companies to go online and they make our own exclusive casino games at the Paf Games Studio… Now in the Adact as well with this campaign.

Paf used a Match 3 game to engage their audience with visually similar game that they use in their platform!​

The game was simple, well designed and collected nearly 50 000 visits in just less than 2 weeks!

The players competed for the high score to win 100€

After confirming that you are  at least 18 years old, the players could play and replay until they were satisfied with their score or just come back the next day to improve their score. At the end of the game players need to present their email and nickname to participate in the lottery.

4×100€ Winners were chosen randomly from between all well played participants and the participant with highest score won 100€


47 466 visits to the campaign

37 806 games started and 94% finished the entire game from start to finish

21% Bounce Rate on the campaign landing page

Most active player played the game 2037 times over the course of 13 separate days

On Average each participant played the game 110 times