Functional Update – Adding Team Members!

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In this article I’ll go through how to add team members and how can You modify their

Step 1: Add your team members

If You are the owner of the account then navigate to your Settings and “Account Settings”.

There You can click on “Add new” to start adding a new team members.

Step 2: Set team member permissions

When adding a team member, you can decide whether the new members gets full access to a brand or You can also specify individual campaigns that person has access to.

In this example I gave full access to Kuuno Rajasalu to brand “Ferrari” and for brand “Tide” I only gave access to the Christmas campaign.

You can use campaign specific access to allow clients to see analytics or designers to upload design material to access one brand without violating GDPR on all the other campaigns You have launched before!.

Step 3: Team members access levels

When a team member has access to the entire brand then this user can also create, delete and modify all of the campaigns this brand has.

When they have access to only selected campaigns then that user cannot create new campaigns for the brand nor delete or copy any other campaigns.

As seen on the left – The new account only has access to this one campaign, which means options to “add a new campaign” or to delete an existing one are disbled.

Extra: One campaign can be edited by 1 person at the same time

When one of the team members is already editing the campaign then other members are shown the text “This campaign is currently edited by ****”

That prevents overwriting changes that others have made. If you are finished editing the campaign the close the editor and let others in on the fun!

If You face any issues inviting new team-members then please write to