Adact Major Product Update February 2024

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New functionalities that enable companies to create gamification marketing solutions!

We’re thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking update that transforms the landscape of gamification marketing. This update brings new functionalities that empower companies to create captivating gamification marketing solutions all without writing a single line of code.

We are also excited to announce that all of your created campaigns can now be included as a popup on your websites! You can even edit the visual appearance for the popups right from adact without bothering any developers or designers.

Additionally we want back and tweaked options for one of our first games – Vertical Scroller. We noticed the game would perform better if it had specific lanes where the character and objects can appear. Furthermore we’ve included a requested feature where you can now specify how frequently individual objects appear

We just know you like what we have in store for you this month!

New Trivia Builder Campaign

In this latest release, we’ve redefined the way you can construct trivia games, introducing a game-changing functionality for a more dynamic gamification marketing approach. This new Trivia Builder Campaign allows for a seamless combination of different question types from various games, creating a comprehensive and engaging trivia experience that’s perfect for innovative gamification marketing strategies.

Before this update, you had the option to create a standard Trivia game with questions, or create different Swipe polling experience. Now, with this upgrade, you can design a single game where the first question might be multiple choice, followed by a Swipe poll question featuring correct and incorrect answers. This flexibility is a creates diverse and interactive gamification marketing campaigns.

Take a look an example Trivia game that you can also now create and use as Gamification Marketing using the new Trivia Builder

Take a look at an example:

The new Trivia Builder not only introduces a range of new question types but also promises even more variety in future updates. Here are the types of questions you can now incorporate into your gamification marketing campaigns:

  • Text Choices: Pose a question and let players select all the correct text answers.
  • Image Choices: Ask a question where players choose the correct answers represented by images.
  • Number Range (New!): Introduce questions where players adjust a scale to the correct number.
  • Correct Score (New!): Engage players in predicting match outcomes by filling out the left and right sides.
  • Order Question (New!): Challenge players to arrange options in the desired order.
  • Text Input (New!): Allow players to type in text guesses for the correct answer.
  • Swipe Question (New!): Innovate with Tinder-like swiping questions where players indicate correct answers by swiping left or right.

These new question formats offer immense opportunities for creating interactive and immersive gamification marketing experiences, boosting customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Read a comprehensive Guide on the new opportunities from the article linked here:

Embed the campaigns as a popup

In addition to the new Trivia Builder, we’ve also introduced a feature enabling you to embed all campaigns as popups on your site. This seamless integration enhances user experience and ensures greater visibility for your gamification marketing efforts.

Before you could only add it as a widget where the campaign opens from the side of the website.

We introduced a new feature which allows you to embed all the campaigns as a popup!

Have a look how the new functionality works from the video below:

There are various options you can modify for the popup like the background color and its opacity and also the visual effect how the popup appears

Improved Vertical Scroller

We decided to revisit an old favorite game and make some game design adjustments for better engagement and gameplay and to ensure it aligns perfectly with modern gamification marketing needs.

Vertical Scroller can now include Lanes in which your character runs on and obstacles appear. You can control the character just by hovering your mouse on the correct lane.

Furthermore you can notice that in the example game, Adact logo appears very rarely. This is because we introduced a new option “Frequency” for each object. You can now specify how often specific objects appear.

You can still use the old version without the lines as well by toggling them off from the Game Rules.

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In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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