A1 Slovenija Scoring Big With Engaging Moj A1 App Users

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Engage Moj A1 app users to increase the number of monthly active users

In a world where innovation and engagement reign supreme, A1 Slovenija, a prominent telecommunications company in Slovenia, decided to embark on an exciting marketing journey during the FIBA World Cup 2023. Recognizing the unwavering love for basketball, especially in Slovenia, the home of global sensation Luka Dončić, A1 Slovenija saw an opportunity to connect with their Moj A1 app users in a unique and engaging way , much like the renowned Duolingo gamification case study.

It is one thing to come up with a great idea, the other is to actually do it. Now that you know their concept, here’s how they created the campaign.

Where Did They Come Up with the Idea for This Campaign?

A1 Slovenija’s quest to create a memorable campaign for the FIBA World Cup 2023 was a seamless journey. With a basketball-themed game that perfectly resonated with Slovenian enthusiasts, the decision was a slam dunk. The initiative drew inspiration from various gamification case studies, aiming to replicate the success seen in other types of gamification marketing.

Their goal, influenced by several gamification case studies, was to engage the users of their Moj A1 app and make this iconic basketball event accessible to all, even those outside premium subscription plans. To bring this vision to life, they decided to create their own “Basketball World Cup” using Adact’s Hoop game, akin to strategies seen in gamification marketing case studies.

Hoops Campaign Description:

A1 Slovenija’s gamification strategy was not just about showcasing basketball; it was about creating an engaging competition. Through the integration of score tracking, hoops game mechanics, and a public leaderboard, the game became an irresistible magnet for users. It was more than just promoting the FIBA World Cup. It was about forging a deeper connection with Moj A1 app users and motivating them to use the app even more.

Public Feedback:

This campaign did not merely meet expectations; it exceeded them, similar to outcomes observed in gamification marketing case studies. Positive feedback poured in from both customers and A1 Slovenija’s own employees. The enthusiasm wasn’t limited to their team marketing team alone – even Šport TV, the sports channel partner, expressed their satisfaction with the campaign’s performance. The success of this gamification marketing initiative not only provided immediate benefits but also laid a solid foundation for future endeavours.

Campaign Results:

The campaign achieved two significant objectives. It significantly increased the monthly active users (MAU) of the Moj A1 app, ensuring that customers spent more time exploring its features, even when their immediate needs didn’t require it. This deeper engagement had a dual benefit: it improved customer familiarity with the app’s functionalities and increased the likelihood that users would discover hidden features they were yet to explore.

The campaign’s data showed impressive results, with an average of 15 gameplays per customer and over 24,000 overall gameplays, underscoring the campaign’s success. Although the number of unique players was slightly lower compared to more traditional games, this data unveiled a fascinating insight – competitive games seemed to resonate more with the younger app users, a crucial revelation that will shape the future of their marketing campaigns. Adact’s platform played a pivotal role in collecting this valuable customer information, which will be instrumental in shaping future campaigns to better target A1 Slovenija’s desired audience.


The partnership between A1 Slovenija and Adact serves as a shining example of how innovation and gamification can elevate customer engagement and redefine marketing. By strategically harnessing their customers’ passion for basketball, A1 Slovenija showcased a deep understanding of their audience’s interests. The campaign’s seamless execution and resounding success stand as a testament to the power of creative engagement.

The impact of this initiative extended beyond immediate user satisfaction and stakeholder contentment, providing invaluable insights into user behaviour and preferences that will guide future campaigns. This gamification alchemy not only celebrated the FIBA World Cup but also celebrated the partnership of A1 Slovenija and Adact as a beacon of marketing excellence in the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape.

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In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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