Product Update March: 2024

Welcome to our latest product update featuring several functionalities you have requested and also some which we believed would be useful for any marketer when creating gamified marketing activities.

Whether you’re looking to boost user engagement, enhance customer loyalty, or drive unprecedented growth, this update is designed to help you achieve your goals more effectively than ever before. Read on to discover how our newest features can transform your marketing playbook and unlock new possibilities for your brand.

1. Reset Campaign Analytics

If you wish to test whether all the prizes in the campaign are given out correctly then you would first need to publish your campaign live.

That’s when Adact starts to collect your wheel of fortune digital marketing campaign or any other type campaign analytics.

Once everything is tested then you are left with a campaign with already some gameplays and leads included and you would want to start the live campaign from scratch.

Before the update you would need to duplicate the campaign and change the URL and jump through the hoops

With this update you can reset your campaign analytics with one click.

This deletes all the existing gameplays, leads and rest of analytical data


2. New Options for Trivia games

With the latest Trivia builder campaign we introduced an entirely new way you can use questionnaires and trivia games for digital marketing. 

This allows you to create a trivia game with a plethora of unique question types and we can continuously add new types of questions with ease.

With the latest update we introduced 2 new question types as described below

Picture Reveal Question

We combined the Picture reveal campaign to trivia builder as one question option. You can upload an image and set its cover images and ask what is behind the picture

Video Question

You can also include Video questions in your quizzes! You can either upload the video straight to Adact or you can link the video from Youtube or Vimeo

Video to Question Feedback

This update came with Feedback to questions – whenever a player answers a question you can show them an additional feedback screen for correct and incorrect answers.

With this update you can include a video element to the feedback.

So you can create your own explainer video that that is shown when a question is answered. 

You can either upload the video directly to Adact or link this video from Vimeo or Youtube

3. Stop search engines from indexing the campaign

Gamification marketing solutions are effective for viral spread and people often share the campaign link amongst friends and colleagues. It’s also beneficial if your campaign is high on the google rankings to acquire new unique traffic to participate in the campaign

So it may come as a surprise that we included the option to stop Google from indexing the campaign so it would not show up while googling. 

Why is that?

All Adact campaigns can be embedded into your own landing pages or banner advertisments. In this case your campaign would be located and accessible from “” domain.

Because all adact campaigns also exist by default in “” then google also shows Adact branded link in search results.

If you disable Google from indexing this campaign then the Adact branded page will never show up in google so you can truly white label your campaign without any reference to Adact gamification software.

You can turn this option on from Campaign Marketing Settings

Whats in store for the future

We are about to launch an entirely new game type within the next couple of weeks. 

We will give you 2 hints:

  • Very known game
  • Can be played over multiple rounds

Can you guess what the new game type will be?

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