How Tele2 used Wheel of Fortune to collect 5x leads

Tele 2 gamification Wheel of Fortune

When it comes to lead capture, there are many techniques to choose from. Some work better than others, but it can be tough to know which is the right one for your business. If you’re looking for a surefire way to boost your lead capture rate, you’ll need to check out gamification marketing campaigns such as Wheel of Fortune. With this strategy, you can easily snag 10x more leads than you would with traditional methods. This is how Tele2 Estonia used it.

What does Tele 2 do?

Tele2 is a telecom company committed to enabling a society of unlimited possibilities. We constantly strive to be the truly integrated challenger – providing speed, data and video content, no matter where or when. Ever since Tele2 was founded in 1993, we have continued to challenge prevailing norms and dusty monopolies. Today, our award-winning networks enable mobile and fixed connectivity, telephony, data network services, TV, streaming and global IoT solutions for millions of customers. We drive growth through customer satisfaction and smart combined offerings.

How they used Wheel of Fortune

Tele 2 Estonia has created a digital Wheel of Fortunes before which brought a lot of good results. This is why they decided to create another one for this year.

Games like this are very engaging and get a lot of people playing which makes them good for growing brand awareness and capturing leads. Their Wheel of fortune managed to collect 10069 leads and 18683 gameplays from the Estonian market in 2 weeks.

Tele 2 gamification Wheel of Fortune

Katrin Paal, Tele2 marketing manager commented that the campaign was very active throughout the whole campaign and the gameplay count stayed high every day. Their only mistake was adding a sector called “No prize” to the wheel. According to the feedback from their customers, they didn’t like it since they felt like being scammed.

How to get started with Wheel of Fortune?

There’s never been a better time to start your campaign. Wheel of Fortune is a luck based game which allows you to give out prizes or coupon codes to every player. You can create an account and build your own wheel of fortune campaign in a couple of hours with our drag-and-drop-based software! All you need are some ideas of what kind of campaigns work best for you, then launch away. You’ll be able to turn those first players into loyal fans before long enough that they will tell all their friends just how awesome this game is.

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