Discover Your Inner Solarider: Redefining Tech Recruitment with Fun Games

Discover how Solaride's innovative gamified solution reshapes HR in tech recruitment. This is a story on the game-changing approach redefining talent the talent acquisition!
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Kalev Kärpuk
Redefining Tech and engineer recruitment in an innovative way - gamification strategy

Ever wondered if you have what it takes to be part of an innovative engineering team without feeling overwhelmed by the process? Well… No need to do that anymore because Solaride is a perfect example of it. Solaride is an Estonian startup that mimics a medium-sized technology company in terms of its work environment and structure, giving young people a realistic and hands-on experience of running an organization. As a part of their recruitment campaign, they’ve turned the whole process into an engaging game where discovering your potential as a ‘Solarider’ is as fun as it is insightful. Through this game, they’ve redefined the way engineering talent is scouted, making it an adventure rather than a conventional job application.

The Gamified Adventure Begins

As the innovative company that Solaride is, they were looking for an engaging way instead of the tedious forms to recruit new engineers to their program. Solaride is very strong in its core values and this is what also inspired them to create an interactive recruitment campaign. Having their values in mind, a specific campaign type stood out from the rest – Personality Test. Their game posed scenarios reflecting the company’s values and sought-after traits. Questions like, “How would you handle a teamwork challenge?” gave applicants a taste of what it takes to thrive at Solaride. By transforming the recruitment process into an interactive experience, Solaride invited candidates to explore their potential in a refreshing and engaging way.

But how did Solaride make this game more than just a fun activity? Let’s uncover the magic behind gamification marketing.

The Science Behind the Fun

Solaride leveraged the principles of gamification to create an experience that wasn’t just enjoyable but also strategically designed to engage applicants. By framing the experience as a self-discovery journey, they tapped into people’s innate curiosity and desire for exploration. This approach, aligned with gamification principles, made applying for a job feel less like a routine task and more like an adventure where candidates discovered their compatibility with Solaride’s culture and values.

Now, let’s see how this playful approach impacted the success of the campaign.

Playing and Winning in Recruitment

The gamified recruitment approach wasn’t just enjoyable; it was effective. Candidates eagerly participated, navigating through scenarios that mirrored real workplace challenges. This not only drew them in but also helped them grasp Solaride’s values and the essence of teamwork, leading to a surge in interest among potential recruits. By gamifying the application process, Solaride succeeded in creating an immersive experience that not only assessed candidates but also attracted those who resonated with the company’s ethos.

The numbers speak volumes about the impact of this innovative strategy. So let’s take a look at the campaign’s metrics.

Numbers Speak Louder

The game wasn’t just an attention-grabber. It actively engaged applicants throughout their whole journey. Impressively, the test’s completion rate of about 70% indicates sustained interest and commitment of participants. Moreover, the average gameplay length clocked in at 204 seconds, just over three minutes. These metrics aren’t just numbers; they signify over 350 people’s keen interest in Solaride’s immersive experience. What’s remarkable is that Solaride managed to captivate the attention of over 500 potential candidates who are interested in working with them.

However, what sets this achievement apart is the employer branding intertwined with these numbers. Every moment of the experience was branded according to Solaride’s identity. This means that the 500+ engaged candidates not only spent valuable time navigating the game but also did so while being subconsciously immersed in Solaride’s brand. They weren’t just applicants; they were already integrated into Solaride’s narrative, feeling like a part of the team even before formal recruitment procedures began.

Redefining Success with Solaride

By turning recruitment into an enjoyable journey, Solaride not only attracted talent but also reshaped the narrative of success. They highlighted the importance of curiosity and drive in tech, showcasing that it’s not just about expertise but also about attitude and approach. This refreshing perspective not only influenced the recruitment process but also set a precedent in the industry by emphasizing the significance of holistic attributes beyond technical prowess.

How could you create a similar experience?

Feeling inspired? Why not explore gamified approaches in your domain? Build your own game to engage and attract like-minded individuals. Just like Solaride, you can redefine the rules and make recruitment an adventure! Remember, sometimes, the key to finding the best talent is making the journey fun and exciting.

In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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