How Raha24 used Gamification to increase brand awareness

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Kalev Kärpuk
Raha24 endless runner gamification campaign

Raha24 is one of the first 100% Estonian quick loan companies. It is dedicated to providing professional and fast solutions to private citizens’ monetary issues in amounts of 100 to 5000 euros. Raha24 OÜ was founded in 2006 and since then their mission is to run a fast-growing innovative and tech-driven company that is financially prudent and responsible by all means.

In Estonia, there are laws set in place to control advertisements about financial products and services. This limited the traditional use of Adact for Raha24 but it also opened up a new aim for their marketing strategy. Raha24 decided to use Adact to increase their brand awareness.

Raha campaign

Kertu Järvevee, the marketing project manager of Raha24 about her experience with ADACT

“It was very easy to set the game up and running. Some more complex problems found a very fast solution with the help of Kalev, Adact’s CEO. I chose the game called Endless runner because it seemed like the most logical and fun game for our potential and existing customers.

Because advertisement in the financial industry is constrained, Adact with so many different games seemed a good way to increase our brand awareness. So in conclusion, the goal of the campaign was to be visible to our existing and potential new customers.

I can say that the campaign was successful if we take a look at the statistics. 12154 game visitors and 95.27% of them completed the game! Of course, some people leave in the middle of the game or even before they get the chance to play it. But it was only 12% of them! We redirected all players to our homepage and got a proper amount of website visitors according to our expectations.

Since we used Adact in a digital environment we figured it is best to get players to the game through digital methods as well. We used our email list, social media and company’s homepage to get players to the game. According to the customers’ direct feedback to us, the game itself and campaign were successful.”

Raha24 used an Endless runner campaign

Like the game name says, Endless runner is a simple game where you run endlessly. The game was set up so that people who cross a certain threshold, have a chance to win 100€ cash. Players who didn’t win were invited back to play the game via social media. The most active player played the game 1090 times. If the average gameplay time was 58 seconds, then it means that they spent approximately 18 minutes playing the game.

Raha24 campaign statistics

  • Campaign 09.05.2022 – 06.06.2022
  • Prizes raffled out 4×100€
  • Unique page visitors 12153
  • Games started 10796
  • Bounce rate 12%
  • Game completion 95.27%
  • Gameplay average time 58s
  • Unique leads 1176

How you can start with gamification

There’s never been a better time to start your campaign. You can create an account and build your gamification campaign in minutes with our drag-and-drop-based software! All you need are some ideas of what kind of campaigns work best for you, then launch away. You’ll be able to turn those first players into loyal fans before long enough that they will tell all their friends just how awesome this game is.

If you need any additional help on getting started, you can book a private demo with our founder and CEO Kalev Kärpuk.

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