Product Update June 2023

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Adact is constantly evolving thanks to the feedback and suggestions our users provide. In June we focused on few important updates that we want to share with you.


With the new update you will know exactly 

  • How many e-mails were delivered and opened
  • Get the conversion % on how many people clicked on links in your e-mail
  • Search for individual contacts and learn how many times did they open the e-mail and which links did they click

There’s a lot more to learn about this feature so go ahead and learn more about it from our blog post.


Before the update, if you wanted to add a sector in between other sections on our wheel, it was a hassle to change all the sections one by one.

Now you can reorder the sectors in the wheel by dragging and dropping the sections to the desired place.


Before the update you could only add either text or question images.

Now you can use audio files alongside text when asking a question in any of the Questionnaire type games!

For example you could ask “What famous movie is this audio clip from?”


  • Multiple Campaign Widgets for Your Web Page: 
    You now have the option to add multiple widgets to your web page.
  • Customize Text Position: Top or Bottom of the Picture in Questionnaire Games:
    When asking questions in a Trivia game and including an image – you can now decide whether the image is placed on top or bottom of the question.
  • Traffic-Out Analytics Displays Accurate Participant Redirection:
    The Traffic-Out analytics should now show more accurate information on where your participants were redirected to.
  • Customize Email Templates Without Email Connection:
    You can now start editing E-mail templates even if you don’t have an e-mail connected yet. You still need to connect the e-mail to be able to send the e-mails out.
  • Improved Support Ticket: Choose Specific Campaign for Better Assistance: There’s a new improved Support Ticket functionality. When opening a support ticket you can now choose which specific campaign you have problem with.
  • Expanded Image Options: 
    You can now also upload .avif, .webp and .jiff files as images.
  • Stick Ninja Game Now Slightly Slower:
    The newly released Stick Ninja game is now slightly slower.
  • Flag Update in Automated Translations: 
    The English flag is replaced with the UK flag in automated translations.

If you have any suggestions regarding new functionalities – shoot us an e-mail at

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