New Game – Bubble Shooter

New game: Bubble shooter

It is time to bring back the 90s! We think this might be one of the most intriguing games for the “golden age kids”. This fun, highly engaging arcade game we are talking about is called Bubble Shooter.

How can you use it?

We all remember the tech that came out when we were a kid as being a symbol of the future. This retro Bubble Shooter lets users turn back time and feel like a kid again with the same classic gameplay they remember from childhood which makes it the perfect game for the 30-75 year-olds age group.

Bubble Shooter’s highly engaging nature allows it to be the perfect game for public competitions. Replace bubbles with your product or service icons or your partner’s logos and make people shoot down these floating bubbles to increase brand awareness and conversion rate.

How to set it up?

Setting up your branded bubble shooter is as easy as ABC. There are only a few simple steps you need to do before publishing your very own game.

Step 1

Replace game icons to represent your campaign message by clicking on the little image button. 

To delete images, click on the thrash can.

Default grid size is 12, which is also the optimal size.

In this example we use Christmas baubles to add the Christmas vibe to the game.

Change the ball guide colour to fit your branding.

Game visuals for Bubble shooter

Step 2

There are two rule sets to use for your game:

1. Time based game
2. Endless game

In timed game you can manually adjust the game length yourself. According to the modern attention span we usually recommend to set it around 40-60s.

Endless game is a real challenger for the player.  The game will end when the bubbles reach the bottom. This means that the interaction may last for a long period of time depending on the player’s skillset.

Don’t forget to adjust game movement to automatic. Toggle game speed accelerating to make the game even harder. 

That’s it! You are all set to launch your very own Bubble shooter!


Game rules for Bubble shooter

How to get started with gamificaton?

There’s never been a better time to start your campaign. Bubble shooter is a highly engaging action-based game which allows you to engage people for a long period of time. You can create an account and build your own bubble shooter campaign in a couple of hours with our drag-and-drop-based software! All you need are some ideas of which icons to use in the game and then launch away. You’ll be able to turn those first players into loyal fans before long enough that they will tell all their friends just how awesome this game is.

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