How to attract more visitors with your unique booth design?

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What comes to mind when you hear a cheerful “Hey! Are you interested in…..?”
Or just a simple “Hey……” at the exhibition when you are just looking around?

Did it trigger a feeling where you just want to avoid talking to the person who asked the question? The best description for this feeling is “Slapped by a sales pitch”. The sad reality is, that this is how most of the demo booth conversations are.

The Importance of Standing Out at Exhibitions and Fairs

In today’s highly competitive business world, fairs and exhibitions provide companies with an excellent platform to introduce their products and services to potential customers. There is a hidden but fierce competition for visitors’ attention. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor or new to the game, everyone is always looking for better ways to stand out from the rest. We have all been to some interesting events, trade fairs or exhibitions, walking around between different displays but how much do you actually remember about these booths After the event?

Using Gamification to Attract Visitors

It is easy to get lost in the forest of booths at the exhibition, but the trees are no longer distinct from the forest. Every company at the fair will try to sell itself to you with its best-prepared sales tips, speeches and booth design. Some with a bigger budget have created a gorgeous exhibition booth that already attracts attention with its size and appearance. However, even those companies with a more modest sales area have a very high chance of remaining competitive. Because in the end, what counts is if your customer can remember you after the event. This is where gamification comes to the rescue, with all its advantages.

Advantages of Gamification: Eye-catching, Prizes, Data Collection

Using playful solutions is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. One of the main advantages of gamified trade show booths is the ability to attract visitors’ eyes and attention.  Inviting customers to play a game instead of a long sales pitch creates a better atmosphere. It leads also to a further conversation. This can be achieved through colourful graphics, interactive displays and engaging game mechanics. For example, a Match 3 game (known as Candy Crush) can be what allows visitors to stick in the customer’s memory by highlighting the company’s products in a fun and interactive way.

Another advantage of playful solutions is the undisputed favourite of exhibition visitors – prizes! In addition to the game, a sales floor that uses gamification can also have, for example, a virtual lottery wheel. As a result of this spin, you can win discount coupons, company products/services or even bigger prizes. Such a system was used by Coca-Cola, who, with the help of Adact, designed a Drop Game to attract the attention of visitors and a wheel of fortune to draw various prizes. Their approach achieved over 200 plays in 7 hours at the Cyber Battle of Estonia fair. Therefore, not only does the gamified solution give the visitor an exciting experience, but it also motivates them to relate more to the company’s products and services.

Coca-Cola exhibition booth gamification marketing solution to engage its visitors
Coca-Cola Demo Booth

Gaming also helps gather valuable data and insights about visitors. For example, information about visitors’ interests and preferences can be collected in this way, which can later be used to adjust future marketing campaigns. This creates stronger relationships with new customers and increases the likelihood that they will become loyal customers in the future.


Gamification is becoming an increasingly important part of modern marketing strategies. You can use it very effectively, if you are looking to create greater engagement with your target audience. You just have to come up with an idea and start creating.

In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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