Introducing new functionalities and design to Adact platform

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We are always seeking ways to improve our platform and make the most out of gamification marketing. So in order to do that, we are proud to present the new design and functionalities on Adact platform!

New Functionalities

Adact's gamification campaigns design update

New Functionalities and design

Apart from the new modern design, we believe that our platform should be as easy as it is to create gamification games. This is why we decided to bring some changes into our platform to make it more efficient and user friendly.

  • Filter draft, live and expired campaigns
  • Export analytics data that is only necessary
  • Export data graphs that are even easier to analyze for future campaigns
  • More accurate and relevant analytics view on the campaign site
Adact gamification marketing TOP players analytic view

Most active players and highest scorers

One of the biggest and most important updates is the view for most active players and highest scorers. Now you can get all the data for your TOP5 player raffles without exporting huge excel files.

Our new functionalities allow users to access the most important data even more easier. Choose between lead generation data or all inclusive analytical file export. The new “Unique leads” export file will show one single line of data for one player instead of thousands for each gameplay they have done.

Adact gamification marketing new analytic view

Daily analytic breakdown functionality

Introducing the new daily breakdown functionality. This allows you to monitor daily statistics about page visitors, games started and unique leads generated. All without downloading a big analytic file.

Adact gamification marketing campaign daily analytical breakdown