Buzzmarketing – How to increase sales and customer engagement on Black Friday using interactive marketing

Explore how Tele2's Black Friday campaign reshaped sales dynamics, merging interactive gamification and promotional prowess. Uncover the strategic fusion that propelled customer engagement to new heights, setting benchmarks in modern marketing.
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Tele2 increase sales and customer engagement during Black Friday Telecom Gamification Marketing

Every year, Black Friday ignites a frenzy of excitement in the world of retail, offering brands a stage to showcase their best deals. This case study delves into the collaboration between Adact and Tele2, highlighting an inventive approach to Black Friday marketing through the lens of gamification. It uncovers the strategic fusion of interactive gaming elements with promotional tactics that fueled Tele2’s campaign to elevate awareness and engage audiences during this iconic shopping extravaganza.

Campaign Objectives: Captivating Curiosity Before Black Friday

The primary aim of Tele2’s Black Friday campaign was to heighten awareness and anticipation surrounding their Black Friday offers in the lead-up to the campaign period. By engaging customers through interactive gamified elements, the company sought to create buzz and intrigue among their clientele.

Conceptualization: Simplifying, Accelerating, and Focusing on Device Offers

The decision for this particular campaign concept came from 3 things: its simplicity, speed, and the ability to centre attention on the range of device offerings. It provided a swift and easily comprehensible platform to spotlight Tele2’s coveted deals, aligning perfectly with their campaign objectives.

Tele2’s gamification strategy was more than just a marketing ploy—It provided a swift and easily comprehensible platform to spotlight Tele2’s coveted deals, aligning perfectly with their campaign objectives. The campaign’s success hinged on its ability to captivate customers and foster engagement. Through the gamified experience, participants were not passive observers but active players, immersing themselves in Tele2’s offerings.

Now’s your turn to be an active reader and try out their campaign below.

Analytical Metrics and Remarkable Results: A Game-Changer Despite No Paid Advertising

Despite the absence of paid advertising, the campaign’s success was evident. Over 10,000 participants engaged with the game, primarily driven through the newsletter, with an impressive 40% participation rate. The high game completion rate of 85% and an average playtime of over 40 seconds affirmed the game’s engaging nature. These metrics surpassed industry standards and affirmed the game’s efficacy in delivering a memorable and engaging experience to customers.

The Power of Newsletter Distribution: A Key Driver of Participation

The game’s distribution primarily occurred through Tele2’s newsletters, targeting both private and business clients. By granting their clientele exclusive early access to the Black Friday offers, they were able to nurture the relationship between the two parts.

A gamification strategy isn’t just about short-term engagement; it’s a catalyst for long-term brand perception and customer loyalty. When looking at participation rates like average game completion and game length, the approach proved highly effective in increasing customer engagement.

The positive and interactive experience offered by the game forged stronger connections between Tele2 and its clientele. It positioned Tele2 as a forward-thinking and customer-centric brand, fostering trust and loyalty among its audience.

Feedback and Reception: A Resounding Success among Colleagues and Agencies

The reception to the campaign was overwhelmingly positive. Colleagues found the game enjoyable, and it even drew praise from a smaller advertising agency, highlighting Tele2’s Black Friday campaign as a standout amidst various Black Friday promotions.

Conclusion: Redefining Success through Engaging Experiences

Tele2’s Black Friday campaign stands as a testament to the prowess of gamification marketing. It not only elevated awareness but also delivered a meaningful and captivating experience to its audience. By incorporating the principles of gamification, Tele2 redefined success, surpassing industry benchmarks and leaving an indelible mark on their customers’ minds.

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In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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