Product Update August 2023

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Kalev Kärpuk

Adact is constantly evolving thanks to the feedback and suggestions our users provide. In August we focused on few important updates that we want to share with you.

Improved brand visuals: default font and favicon

Default font for all texts

  • In Brand settings, you now have the option to set a default font
  • This means that when you create a campaign, this chosen font will be automatically applied to every text area

Favicon for all campaigns

  • You can now conveniently add the favicon through your brand settings
  • When you create a new campaign, the favicon will be automatically included without any extra steps

There’s a lot more to learn about those features so go ahead and learn more about it from our knowledge base article.


Including a progress bar in a trivia game keeps players informed about their progress and makes the game more engaging and organized.

We’ve made it possible for you to add a progress bar to specific types of campaigns, such as:

Trivia, Personality test, Hidden object, Word search, Multiplayer trivia.


Using a question randomizer in trivia makes the game more fair, keeps it exciting, and helps everyone stay interested by showing questions in different orders.

Randomize question selection in trivia, multiplayer trivia, picture reveal, and wordle!

If unanswered questions remain, the game uses those. If all questions are answered in multiple plays, it randomizes all questions.

A visible leaderboard gives a sense of healthy competition among participants! Why not to try it out with our new element – leaderboard?

Make your campaigns more exciting with leaderboards, perfect for games with points. No need for an extra button – it’s right on your screen!

Click here to read more about how to add and design your leaderboard!

  • Security measure update:
    We’ve improved email and name field validation in registration form to stop more fake emails from being used.
  • Campaigns now require a mandatory end date: Starting now, you’ll need to specify the campaign’s end date when publishing.
  • Advanced scoring system:For example in the Match3 game, achieving a row of 3 tiles earns you 1 point, while a row of 4 tiles scores 2 points.
  • Language Choice Simplified for Multilingual Campaigns:
    When you start a new campaign, you can pick the main language for it. This is important if you’re making a campaign in different languages because when you add a translation button later, it’ll display the right flag.
  • Possibility to add paddings to Background Content Area: You now have the ability to include paddings in the background content area. This feature allows you to improve the visual layout and spacing of your content, ensuring a more engaging and polished presentation.

If you have any suggestions regarding new functionalities – shoot us an e-mail at or book a call with us.

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