Adact Product Update – November 2023

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Kalev Kärpuk

It was only couple of weeks ago since we launched a new Prediction Game to the software and we are have already worked hard to bring new advanced features and improvements to the software. As always almost all of the updates are requested directly by our users. If you wish to submit any improvement requests then please open a support ticket when logged in and choose topic “propositions”.

Lets dive right into the new updates

1. Drag multiple files to a game at once

This quality of life update now enables you to drag several icons to the game at once. This means that building a completely branded minigame for your gamification marketing initiatives is even easier!

Can it get any more simple than that?

This feature works with all games where it is possible to use different images.

The example is from the delicious Drako Candies who has used Gamification Marketing to its full success!

2. New Integration – Salesforce

This is a long time coming for some of you but it’s finally here!

With salesforce integration you can now directly capture all of your leads to your Salesforce CRM.

You can still customize your registration from to ask any information you wish from your audience and then map each registration form field to a respective field in the salesforce contact property.

There is no development required and you would only need to login to your Salesforce account via Adact and you are good to go!

3. Prevent campaigns from deleting automatically

Couple of months ago we saved Addy some space and notified you that all campaigns which are in Draft mode and have not been edited for 90 days will automatically be deleted.

We have noticed a lot of our customers coming back to relaunch their successful gamification marketing campaigns only to discover they are nowhere to be found anymore.

When you create a campaign that you are extremely satisfied with and may want to use later in the future then head over to the Settings of that campaign and toggle on our new feature: “Lock campaign to not be deleted automatically”.

If enabled then you can come back after 10 years and the campaign will still be there in all of it’s beauty,

4. Move several campaigns to folders together.

Earlier we launched an update which enabled you to organize campaigns to different folders so you would have a better overview of all the campaigns you are creating and who is working on what. Or for example organize different language campaigns to different folders.

Now you do not have to do it one-by-one. Instead you can click “Move campaigns” right next to “New Campaign” button to start selecting which campaigns do you wish to organize to a different folder.

Mark all the desired campaigns and select which folder to move them to.

5. For Techies – new endpoints for Webhooks

Adact gamification marketing campaigns can be added to your own domains and can even be connected with your own client base!

This means no registration form is required and we will track the players User ID’s and send you back information on how well did specific user do in the game.

Before we did not have a way to let you know someone finished a game – we could only let you know if they played well enough to earn a prize.

Now we included Game End as a new endpoint so you can listen to this event as well!

More Minor updates

  • Word search game should now behave and interact better and more smoothly.
  • You can now delete the image from Marketing Preview
  • Shortcodes are now the same for both E-mails and Screens
  • Default padding for Start screen was set to 0px and was moved to each individual element so you can fine tune the elements design more conveniently out of the box

What to expect in the next update?

Next we are heavily focusing on feedback gathering, surveys and HR analytics. We have all the requirements to be the most feature rich feedback collection platform and we are working on brining all the functionalities to you so you can

  1. Compare how individuals performed in a game between 1st gameplay and last ( improvement during onboarding)
  2. Create Surveys with graphical analytics
  3. Divide people in groups based on how they answered and learn how groups compare to each other

Furthermore a HUGE upgrade is coming towards you at around January that brings the trivia campaigns to the next level. Without spoiling too much they keyword is “Trivia Game Builder” – What could that mean? More about it on the next update!

In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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