New Game Launched – Word Search

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Adact gamification marketing software catalogue is evolving with new experiences. This time let us introduce you to a requested interactive experience – the Word Maze.

The word maze is a familiar concept where you can add words that your visitors have to find from a grid of letters. You can either use it as a time based challenge or for a more relaxing experience you can also get rid of the timer entirely.

Have a look at the example below:

Here’s how you can setup your own Word Search

  1. Add the words you want to appear in your experience

Then just drag the letters to the corresponding area. You can also rotate them and even have them backwards

As you can see Adact automatically detects whether some incorrect letters overlap and lets you know. Furthermore you can customize which letters are the extra letters – in that case you can create the game even if your language does not use Latin characters.

Log in to Adact and you can find the new game under Questionnaires and Puzzles with the name “Word Search”

Happy creating!