Adact is a one-stop-shop for your entire Gamificiation Marketing lifecycle

From building, publishing, lead generation, e-mail communication, analytics to integrations – everything can be achieved without any technical knowledge.

Build your campaign using our powerful and simple to use campaign builder

Embed your campaign to anywhere digital

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Distribute via newsletters

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Physical point of sale

Publish on online banners

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Multi language campaigns with automated translation

Publish your campaigns in several different languages and let your players choose the language they want to participate in. See separate analytics for each language or view them into one combined analytics.

Integrate GDPR compliant data straight to your CRM

Get a real time overview of the statistics and manage all your collected data in Adact analytics. Automatically integrate with all the largest CRM and e-mail marketing softwares to enable your automated workflows when a player participates or wins a prize.

Adact analytics

Additional features

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Manage campaign prizes

Choose exactly what criterias are required to win prizes. Include your own unique discount codes and vouchers.

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Built in leaderboards

Choose what are the game criterias (for example time or point limits) and let people get into the competitive spirit.

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Control your campaign flow

See how popular your game is, what is the best time to play and how high is the engagement rate.

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Automatically send custom designed e-mails to winners

The purpose is to connect with your people – one of the best ways is through personalized emails. Write down your message and it will be sent to participants.

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Customisable registration form data

Gamified solutions are perfect to get to know your clients by asking their name, location or even just a preference of juice.

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Limit number of gameplays per participant

Games are fun and addictive, escpecially the ones where you might win something. You can limit the gameplays per participant so that they do not get totally addicted to your game.

Getting started

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